Is Cloudy Urine A sign of Pregnancy?


When the urine is not the standard yellow in color it is referred to as cloudy urine. Cloudy urine is foamy and a little darkish in color.  It can be caused by various factors. One of them is pregnancy. Cloudy urine can be a sign of early pregnancy. Apart from other pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness, nausea and abdominal cramps, cloudy urine can also be one symptom.

However, there are other factors too that can cause cloudy urine. Being dehydrated and urinary tract infections also result in cloudy urine. Kidney problems, hypertension, excess protein in the blood can also turn your urine cloudy.

Can Cloudy Urine Mean You Are Pregnant?

Most of the women notice a change in the color and texture of their urine in pregnancy.  The change in color of urine can be an indication of pregnancy. It is because there is a high amount of protein present in the urine during pregnancy.

Cloudy urine can be a sign of pregnancy. It is actually a common symptom of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body releases a particular hormone HCG. This hormone is at its highest in your first trimester. When you urinate, this hormone comes out through your urine. HCG is responsible for making your urine appear turbid and cloudy. Generally cloudy urine lasts till the second trimester and then becomes normal. However this may persist for the entire term of pregnancy.  Doctors are of the opinion that cloudy urine is nothing to panic about.  However if you are worried about it, best consult with a doctor and get it checked. Sometimes cloudy urine can be caused by other medical conditions as well.

What are the other causes of cloudy urine?

  • Urinary tract infections are the most common cause of cloudy urine. The bacteria make the urine turbid and foamy. It is usually accompanied by a foul smell. Check with your doctor in case your urine appears cloudy and also smells foul.
  • Dehydration is another cause of cloudy looking urine. Lack of water makes the urine cloudy as well as darker in color.
  • A sudden change in your diet can also result in cloudy urine. Certain dairy products and foods like asparagus can make the urine cloudy. These foods contain phosphate that turns the urine cloudy.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea can result in cloudy urine. This is a serious illness and needs immediate medical attention.
  • Sometimes yeast infections in the vagina can also turn the urine cloudy.
  • Excess consumption of Vitamins B and C are also responsible for your urine turning cloudy.
  • Certain antibiotics are also known to cause cloudy urine as side effect. This stops once you stop taking the medicines.
  • Kidney stones can cause cloudy urine as a symptom. The kidney stone results in the release of pus through your urine. This pus can make the urine appear milky or cloudy. Kidney stones can become serious and painful if left untreated. Check with your doctor to err on the safe side if you have cloudy urine.

What are the other signs of pregnancy?

Apart from cloudy urine, there are several other signs that indicate early pregnancy. They are:

  • Nausea and vomiting is the most common sign of pregnancy. It starts as early as the second week of conceiving. Check with a doctor or get a home test kit.
  • Feeling fatigued can also mean that you might be pregnant. Consult with your doctor to be sure.
  • If you feel bloated it can indicate that you have conceived. It is a major sign of pregnancy. Notify your doctor to know for sure.
  • Breast tenderness is also a common symptom of pregnancy. Your breasts will start feeling tender to the touch once you have conceived.
  • Pain in your lower back can also mean that you are with child.
  • Abdominal cramp is fairly common as a symptom of pregnancy.
  • If you are pregnant you might experience a loss of appetite. This is an important sign of pregnancy. Consult a doctor and get checked for pregnancy.
  • Sometimes even having intense dreams can indicate pregnancy. Though this is not a very reliable symptom.
  • Having mood swings can also indicate pregnancy. Better get checked for pregnancy to be sure.
  • Dizziness, headache and anxiety are also probable symptoms.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge is a significant symptom of pregnancy.
  • Leg cramps, pelvic pain and joint pain are all indicators.
  • Often feeling short of breath can mean you are pregnant.
  • Excessive thirst and having dry mouth are possible signs. Even experiencing a metallic tang in the mouth can indicate pregnancy.
  • Itchy nipples can indicate pregnancy at times. Sometimes the nipples can feel sore too. Both are symptoms.
  • Heartburn, acidity and excessive burping are signs too. Also having flu like symptoms can indicate early stages of pregnancy.
  • Sweating at night, having sore throat all these are probable signs of pregnancy. Get yourself checked to make sure.
  • If you notice an excess in saliva production it might also be a sign of pregnancy. Bring a home test kit to be sure.


Pregnancy can have several indicators.  One of them is cloudy urine. The excessive protein in your body due to pregnancy can cause your urine to appear murky. It also happens due to the release of hormones. These hormones are released when you are with child.  You can have cloudy urine up until the second trimester. Then the urine turns normal naturally. But sometimes cloudy urine can last for the entire term of your pregnancy. Cloudy urine is not something to worry about generally if it is because of pregnancy. However, there can be other underlying medical conditions responsible also. Problems like urinary tract infections, gonorrhea and kidney stones are serious complications and need immediate treatment.  Cloudy urine is therefore not always a sign of pregnancy. It is better to check yourself with a pregnancy kit at home. Always consult a doctor if you feel any discomfort accompanying your cloudy urine.


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