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27 Signs You are Pregnant with a Girl Child


Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating periods of a woman’s life. The experience of carrying a baby inside one’s body and giving birth to a completely new human being is absolutely unparalleled. The expectant mother’s body undergoes tremendous changes and more often than not, these changes are permanent in nature. Childbirth, again, is an unforgettable and life-changing experience, one that completely changes a woman for better or for worse.

It is to be noted that other than the expectant mother, her partner or the father of the child also undergoes a journey of their own. More often than not, these two paths merge to give way for a mutual journey towards parenthood. In this context, it is important to know that most parents are often curious about the biological sex of the baby. They often try to find ways in which they can get to know the sex of the baby beforehand. In this article, we will discuss 11 signs which can indicate that you are about to welcome a baby girl in your life. The list is given below-

Pregnant with a Girl Child: 27 Signs You are Having a Girl

11 Signs You are Pregnant with a Girl Child

Carrying High

If you appear to carry your baby higher in the womb, then there is a possibility of birthing a girl. Also, if most of your baby’s weight is in the middle of the belly, it indicates a baby girl. Because it is said that baby boys tend to lower the mother’s abdomen, therefore, the opposite is often believed to be true. A high womb could be a strong indicator of the presence of a beautiful baby girl inside you.

Morning Sickness

Excessive morning sickness throughout the pregnancy, irrespective of the trimester, could mean a baby girl. It is associated with increased hormonal levels and low blood sugars. On the other hand, lack of morning sickness often indicates that you are about to give birth to a boy. So, the opposite might as well be considered true.

Faster Heart Rate

If your heart rate is high, i.e., 140- 160 beats per minute, you might be carrying a baby girl. Lower heart rate i.e heart rate below 140 is associated with a boy child.


Oily Skin

If blisters and rashes appear on your skin during the gestation phase, it could imply a baby girl. Again, blame this on the hormones.

Sweet Cravings

If you crave for sweet foods such as chocolates and ice-creams instead of spicy or sour foods, you are more likely to have a baby girl.

Mood Swings

If you experience extreme mood swings such as irritability, depression, and anger during your pregnancy, you are probably carrying a girl.

Hair Texture

If your hair looks thin and dull, it means that you’re carrying a girl while shiny and glossy hair indicates a boy.

Urine Color

The color of your urine could indicate your baby’s sex. Dull yellow colored urine could mean that you are carrying a girl.

Breast Size

When the left breast appears slightly bigger than the right one, or if there is a dramatic increase in your breast size, it means you’re having a girl.


Garlic Test

Garlic is known for its pungent odor. This amazing garlic test will give you a hint if you are carrying a boy or girl. If you eat a garlic clove and your body does not emit any odor and smells normal, then you are carrying a baby girl.

Linea Nigra

This is a dark line that appears on your belly during pregnancy. If the line extends beyond your belly button up to the rib cage, then it will baby boy. But if the line ends below your belly button, then you are carrying a baby girl.

Craving Sweets:

If you find yourself craving sugary treats, it’s said to be a sign of having a baby girl.

Glowing Skin:

The saying goes that girls steal their mother’s beauty. If your skin is radiant, you might be expecting a little princess.

Mood Swings:

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are common, but some believe that extreme mood swings might indicate a girl.

Pregnancy Glow:

A radiant complexion and glossy hair are often associated with expecting a baby girl.


Carrying Weight in Hips and Thighs:

Folklore suggests that gaining weight in the hips and thighs could mean you’re having a baby girl.


Many mothers claim to have a “gut feeling” about the baby’s gender, and their intuition often turns out to be correct.

Vivid Dreams:

Dreams of baby girls are thought to be a subconscious sign of your baby’s gender.

Dull Hair:

If your hair loses some luster during pregnancy, folklore suggests it could be due to a baby girl.

Cold Feet:

The belief is that if your feet are colder than usual during pregnancy, you might be carrying a girl.

Fetal Movement:

Some say that if the baby’s movements are more subtle and graceful, it might be a girl.


No Acne:

Clear skin during pregnancy is sometimes associated with expecting a baby girl.

Sweet vs. Salt Cravings:

A preference for sweet foods over salty ones is considered a sign of a baby girl.

Round Face:

If your face appears rounder during pregnancy, it’s believed to be a sign of having a girl.

Chinese Gender Chart:

The ancient Chinese Gender Chart is said to predict the baby’s gender based on the mother’s age and the month of conception.

Complexion Changes:

Some believe that if your skin becomes darker, you might be carrying a baby girl.

Pupil Dilation:

According to folklore, if your pupils dilate, you might be expecting a baby girl.


It is extremely interesting to try to guess the sex of your baby without going for the ultrasound test. However, most of these often turn out to be myths that have been passed from generations before. In case these symptoms match in your case and you are able to determine the sex of your unborn child accurately, then congratulations! But if you want a solid report on the same, then it is always advisable to consult your doctor and get an ultrasound check done. If you are indeed welcoming a baby girl you will be 100% sure of that and can arrange to welcome her accordingly!