Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts for Children


Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts for KidsBrussels sprouts are voted as the most-hated vegetable in both Britain and also in the United States. It is mostly due to the obnoxious smell it carries. However, it is also true that this offensive odour only is being produced when these nutritious super-foods are being overcooked and that also ruins the nutritious value of the vegetable. This most hated vegetable can be a in the “not to eat” list of your child but it is true that the horrendous smell of the veggie comes from the type glucosinolate present in the vegetable, which is a highly nutritious sulphur-containing compound with numerous health benefits including cancer-fighting prowess. So the next time when your child is turning his/her nose at these much loathed vegetables, please do remember the range of magical wonders that these vegetables can offer for a healthy future of your child.

Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts for Kids

Low Calories & Nutrition Packed: Brussels sprouts are ideal food for your child as they are low in calorie and yet packed with nutrition, covering almost half of the daily requirement of your child. It is being said that one cup of Brussels sprouts contain 56 calorie and it also contains 240 percent of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin K1 and almost 60 percent of the recommended amount of Vitamin C.

Apart from that Brussels sprouts are also a good source of fibre, manganese, potassium, choline along with B Vitamins. Due to its richness in Vitamin C, Brussels sprouts act as powerful anti-oxidants and thus helping your child’s organs to function properly thereby eradicating any chance of diseases caused by the accumulation of unnecessary fat around the critical organs. Brussels sprouts are also rich in protein which again makes it a natural choice for the parents as you rarely get good plant sources of protein. Plant sources of protein are easily digestible and tend to produce fewer side effects as far your child’s digestive system is concerned.

Great Detoxifier: : Your child’s body needs to be detoxified on a regular basis, especially considering the amount of junk food his/her body is exposed to. Brussels sprouts, just like other cruciferous vegetable, are rich in that sulphur containing compound which help in the process of activating enzymes in your child’s cell and detoxifies any sort of disease formation in around the vital organs of the body.

Foods like Brussels sprouts which help in the process of detoxification breaks down the toxins, in your child’s body, into smaller particles thereby making it easier for your child to excrete.

Lowers Risk of Cancer: It is being said that Brussels, sprouts are more effective than broccolis in lowering the risk of cancer, in your child’s body. On regularly fed with Brussels sprouts, your child’s body will use the glucosinolate present in the vegetable and make isothiocyanates, which are very active cancer fighting enzymes. Also the enzyme created from the consumption of Brussels sprouts will get involved in the cell cycle of your child’s body and will sure that only cancer causing cells are killed while the normal cells grow to give your child a healthy life. Brussels sprouts are known to prevent several forms of cancer including colon cancer, ovarian cancer among others. A recent study has also revealed that Brussels sprouts can also cause the pre-cancer cells to commit suicide thereby proving the point that adding this super-food in your child’s regular diet will be a great anti-cancer strategy.


Improves Heart Health: The glucosinolate obtained from Brussels sprouts has tremendous anti-inflammatory property and it prevent inflammatory responses at very early stage of your child’s initial growth and development. Since chronic inflammation is the root to many problems including obesity, heart diseases and cancer, Brussels sprouts, anti-inflammatory qualities does wonder for your child.

In the early growth and developmental stage of your child, sometimes there are instances where the immune system mistakenly triggers an inflammatory response causing your child to suffer badly from diseases like asthma, allergies and even the critical autoimmune disease. The regular consumption of Brussels sprouts will make sure that your child is covered from the risk of the sudden inflammations and also from the consequent diseases and problems.

Final Words of Advice

Adding Brussels sprouts in your child’s regular diet chart is definitely a good idea and since the vegetable has no known side-effects it is perhaps a safe choice. However, you have to make effort to work on the likability of the vegetable as far as your child is concerned and for that reason that you yourself start having the sprouts so that your child also gets interested. Considering the smell of the vegetable, you have to put in this extra effort in order to make sure that both you and your child are safe from the harmful diseases.