15 Natural Birth Control Methods Everyone Should Know


Birth control is absolutely necessary when you and your spouse are not prepared to have children yet. A planned pregnancy is always better than an unplanned one both mentally and physically. In order to prevent yourself from surprises, birth control is extremely essential. When it comes to contraceptive methods and birth control, most couples think of condoms or birth control pills. However there are several birth control methods that are still left undiscovered by couples.

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Natural Birth Control Methods Everyone Should Know

Although condoms and birth control pills work for most couples, there are other birth control methods that are equally natural and safe. Listed below are some of the birth control methods everyone should know

1} Contraceptive injection

This method of contraception is one of the most effective birth control methods that is both safe and effective. It is a progesterone injection that is injected into the body by the doctor and lasts for up to 12 weeks. The advantage of contraceptive injections is that it does not interrupt sex and prevents conception.

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2} Contraceptive implant

The implant is nothing but a small rod that is placed under the skin of the arm by a doctor. This contraceptive implant releases progesterone and stops ovulation. It is 99 percent effective and restores the woman’s fertility once removed.


3} Intrauterine devices

Commonly called as the “coil”, intrauterine devices are generally made of copper and are inserted into the uterus by a health professional. This device can stay in for up to 5 years and can be replaced or removed based on personal preference.

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Birth Control Methods

4} Female condoms

Most of us are familiar with the male condoms, but there are female condoms as well that are completely safe to use. The female condom is made of a thin polyurethane film that covers the vaginal lining and prevents the sperm from entering. It has to be used only before having sex and is an effective method for preventing pregnancy.

5} Intrauterine systems

The intrauterine system is a plastic device that is inserted into the uterus of the woman.. This device slowly releases progesterone into the uterus and prevents ovulation. It is a long acting contraceptive method and can provide protection up to 5 years.

6} Contraceptive patches

Easy to use, contraceptive patches are patches that can be places on the skin of any portion of the body. This patch slowly releases progesterone and estrogen and stops ovulation thereby preventing pregnancy. It is safe to use and considered 90 percent effective on women.


7} Vaginal rings

Vaginal rings are small plastic rings that are inserted into the vagina of the woman. It releases hormones to stop ovulation naturally. It is an effective and safe birth control method than can be used by every couple. Vaginal rings can be changed every month and used for up to 3 weeks.

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8} Diaphragm

Diaphragm is yet another effective and natural birth control method. It is a soft dome made of latex which is inserted into the vagina and covers the cervix. It contains no health hazards and can be put in just before sex. The diaphragm can be removed 6 to 7 hours post sex.

9} Progesterone pills

Although there are many reservations against birth control pills, progesterone only pills are safe methods of contraception. This pill must be taken daily until a woman wants to resume her menstrual periods.

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10} Contraceptive caps

Contraceptive caps are similar to diaphragm but are made of silicone. It is inserted into the vagina and covers the cervix of the woman. During intercourse, it protects the sperms from entering the female reproductive tract. It comes in different sizes and is reusable for those who want to use more than once.


11} Male sterilisation

Male sterilisation also called vasectomy is a permanent birth control method for couples who don’t want any more children. In this method, the tubes which carry sperms to the testicles are sealed or tied up to prevent the release of sperms. It is 100 percent effective and poses no danger of pregnancy.

12} Female sterilisation

Another permanent method of female sterilisation is called tubectomy. In this method, the fallopian tubes are cut, tied or sealed. It is generally an operation done by a doctor under anaesthesia. This method is also completely effective and does not affect menstrual periods.

13} Combined pills

These are a type of birth control pills that contain both estrogen and progesterone. It is considered to be more effective than progesterone only pills and also safe to use. It is easy to take and stop taking as and when required.

14} Spermicides

Spermicides are substances that kill the sperms and stop them from fertilising the egg. It comes in the form of jellies, foam, and creams. It is inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse. Spermicides prevents the sperms from entering in by blocking the cervix. They can be used alone or in combination with other birth control methods.

15} Natural fertility awareness

Male and female fertility awareness is very essential and is more important than birth control methods. Timing the menstrual and fertility cycle of the woman, helps understand the safe and danger period to conceive and get pregnant. This mental awareness helps prevent any unplanned pregnancy. There also several fertility app that helps a woman track her menstrual and ovulation cycle.

Listed above are some of the safest and natural birth control methods everyone should know about. To understand which contraceptive method suits you and your spouse, it is important to consult your doctor before resorting to any one of them.