11 Surprising Benefits of Orange Peel That No One Told You About


Orange peel helps in preventing cancer, improvement of lung health, strengthens heart, enhances digestive health, fights inflammations, good for skin and hair, improve oral health and can be used as a deodorizer.

If you enjoy eating citrus fruits then it is a pretty easy guess that you would enjoy oranges too. After you’ve had the fresh, citrusy pulp of the orange fruit you would just dispose off the peel in the trash. Well, that was an utter waste. There are several ways to employ the orange peels to your benefit.

According to certain researches, it is believed that the orange peel is the healthiest part of the fruit. This is owing to the fact that the orange peel is rich in flavonoids and several other important phytochemicals thus conferring you various health benefits. Moreover, the peel also contains quite a large amount of copper, magnesium, calcium, folate, Vitamin A, dietary fiber, and several other vitamins.

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11 Must Know Health Benefits of Orange Peel

orange peel

Orange peels help in prevention of cancer

According to certain studies, it is found that due to the abundance of flavonoids in the orange peel would inhibit a protein – RLIP76, which is linked to cancer. Also, the peels contains limoloene, which is another compound that can reduce the risk of cancer incidence.


Orange peels help in improvement of lung health

Due to the abundance of Vitamin C in the peels, they help to break down congestion in the lungs and thus help in cleansing it. Vitamin C is an essential compound required by the body to boost immunity. This is especially necessary as it would help in fighting off the infections and providing strength to the body.

The peels can also be used to expel phlegm as it helps in cleansing of the lungs.

Orange peels aid in diabetes control

The peels contain a fiber, pectin which is known to have the property to regulate blood sugar levels.  This can be employed in people with diabetes.

According to certain studies that have been carried out, it is found that treatment with orange peel extract can help in prevention of diabetic neuropathy. Thus, increasing the standard of living of people with diabetes. Also, as the orange peel inhibits the protein – RLIP76, it helps in preventing diabetes.

Orange peels help in strengthening of the heart

It is known from above that orange peels are rich in flavonoid compounds such as hesperidin. Hespiridin is believed to help in lowering of blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels in the body. Moreover, the orange peels are rich in anti – inflammatory substances. This helps a great deal for preventing heart diseases as they are usually caused due to inflammation.

Also, orange peels contain polymethoxylated flavones which are more efficient in lowering blood cholesterol levels than certain prescription drugs.


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Orange peels enhance your digestive health

Orange peels contain good amounts of fiber. Fiber aids in digestion and promotes regularity in defecation. It’s not just now but since ancient times, orange peels have been used to treat digestive disorders. Orange peel helps in preventing constipation, nausea, heartburn and acidity too.

Orange peels help in fighting off inflammations

According to a New York study, orange peel has excellent anti – inflammatory properties. The flavonoids found abundantly in orange peels have the ability to permeate membranes and helps in healing inflammation. According to certain researches that have been carried out, its found that orange peels are highly effective in suppressing inflammation, quite similar to indomethacin, an anti – inflammatory drug.

Orange peel for making your skin glow

Orange peel is a major boon for your skin to treat many of your skin problems such as blackheads, acne, blemishes, and dead cells. This would in turn help brighten your face.

You can also use orange peel to remove tan or add extra glow by mixing with curd or milk.

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Orange peel helps in improving oral health

Orange peels have anti – bacterial properties to it which would then help in protection from dental caries.

You can get maximum benefit out of orange peel for your oral health by rubbing the orange peel against the inside of your mouth and teeth to freshen up your breath, whiten your teeth and can also help in reducing sensitivity.

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Orange peel as a bath oil

You can extract oil from orange peels by grinding up the peels and fermenting them with alcohol or vodka for about 3 days. After this, strain the oil and add few drops to your bath. Orange peel owing to its excellent anti – inflammatory properties also helps in improving skin tone and texture.

Orange peels for hair care

You can help rid your hair off dandruff by using this simple home remedy prepared using orange peel. Add the crushed orange peel to some water and let it stay for overnight. Then the next day, add this mixture to your hair and at the same time keep cleaning and conditioning. This is an excellent way to rid your hair off dandruff.

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The citrusy smell of oranges provide a refreshing aroma to your room and you can use this to your benefit. Place the peels at the bottom of your trash can or just hang them on a string in your bathroom for the fresh scent.


Orange peels are not something to be just thrown in the trash after you enjoy its pulp. Orange peels have several benefits to it that many are unaware of. Due to it’s anti – inflammatory, anti – bacterial properties and also due to the abundance of Vitamin C, fibers, etc. it can be used to your benefit for – improving lung health, boosting immunity, preventing cancers, for strengthening the heart, regulating diabetes, lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels, aiding in digestion, for oral health, for ridding your hair off dandruff, for skin care, as a deodorizer.




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