15 Top Barber Shop Games for Kids


Gaming has been an integral part of the life of the millennial generation and the various kinds of games developed today continue to enthrall a lot of people. While Candy Crush acquired a fan base spanning all age groups, most games are often developed with a target audience in mind. The simulation games are of particular interest to most young gamers, where humanoid figures are made to do a variety of things. Barber shop games are a type of simulation that shows human figures engaging in activities often in a salon. If that is of any interest to you, here is a list of barber shop games including Joe’s Barber Shop that may be of interest:

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Top 15 Most Popular Barber Shop Games

barber shop games

Barbershop hair salon cut hair cutting games 3d by giochi studios

As far as barber shop games are concerned, this game developed by giochi studios is one of the top-rated ones among users. It allows the player to take on the role of a professional hair dresser in a barber shop in new york city. If you want to test out your creativity and see how your style might look in real life, this is the app for you. In the game you run a barber shop of your own where you can experiment with a range of tools and styles on male customers. What is even better, the demand of the customers is just as nuanced as you would expect from actual locals in nyc! Good sound and great animation are some additional perks.

Barber shop simulator by romelab


If you have a soft spot about styling people, this game is the barber game shop you are looking for. It allows you to live the life of a celebrated barber through 25 levels which become increasingly more difficult. The customers in the game have very specific demands. As a barber, you are expected to use your skills and deliver them with what they want. From hair styling to crafting the perfect moustache or beard, the game tests and encourages you to develop your style virtually.

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Barbershop mustache and beard styles shaving game by giochi studios

The job of a barber does not just include just hairstyling. If you wish to virtually develop the less focused aspects of the job of a barber, this is the barber shop game for you. It helps give you a platform to develop a grounded and detailed knowledge of beards and mustaches, a skill that you can apply to impress your customers.

Barber shop hair salon beard hair cutting games by crazy games lab

This is one of the few barber shop games that has a more diverse customer base. Both men and women are going to be seated in the chair before you and you must impress them by styling their hair into braids, pigtails and the like. You will also have an array of colours at your disposal to switch things up, should you feel the need to do so. The vivid colours make for some beautiful graphics and the animation appeals to one and all.


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Barber shop beard salon & hair cutting games by apricot studio 2d games

Although this is more two-dimensional, this barber shop game more than makes up for the lack by fitting in an eye makeup section in its routine. From hair styling to beard trimming, the game offers a holistic virtual experience of what it would be like to actually be a barber.

Hair salon and barber kids games by batoki apps for toddlers and kids

If you are looking for a barber shop game to indulge the whims of your child and keep him or her busy, this is the perfect app for you. The user-friendly graphics make it perfectly usable for kids and if they have a soft-spot about experimenting with the profession of a barber, this fun game is just what they need.

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Barbershop- celebrity fashion beard salon game by tziplay

The most popular hair styles are trends set by different celebrities. Help your customers get the latest look with this app, with presentation on point as you work on them with a wide array of tools. There are different views that you can experiment with, ranging from spa, fashion, shaving and dress-up views and an additional photoshoot feature to complete the celebrity vibe.

Hair salon- fun games by 6677g.com

If you want to experiment with barber shop games, this is a fairly simple option that you can start with. It gives you a fair idea of the profession while also allowing you to come up with various hair styles and designs.

Crazy barber shop by enlightened learning llc

Another barber shop game designed to indulge your skills, you have one customer for the entirety of the game. Little anthony and his facial expressions will keep you entertained as you play and work on his hair.


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Barber chop by tony lajeune

This barber game shop offers you a fair idea on which styles go with what skin tones and physiques. There are 6 adults and one teenager on whom you can experiment your skills, encouraging your skills to develop almost on a professional scale. The special selfie mode feature is also an additional point that most players find amusing.

Barber shop beard hair salon- hair cutting games by happy family studio

This is a fairly unique barber shop game that not only gives you the provision of the best virtual tools in the business, but also prepares you to cater to a family in case you have actual aspirations in this line of work. The sound and animation provide a further impetuous for people to play the game.

The barber shop game and hair salon by art dream


This barber shop game is one that almost trains you to be a stylist in your future. If you want to see if this is something you would be comfortable doing professionally, this is the app for you!

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Stylist barber shop- beard shave & hair salon by play unlimited

With this barber shop game you can give your male customers the make over that will enable them to present themselves better. While this is a great app to play in your free time, it can also add to your professional training if styling is something that you are interested in.

Joe’s barber gentleman’s lounge by phorest

Joe’s barber gentlemen’s lounge is a great barber shop game that provides a realistic experience for it’s customers. It is a simple and interactive app that can be used by anyone.


Family salon- barber shop hair dresser sim by girl’s fashion entertainment

The progressively difficult levels of this game enable you to learn how to provide the best styles for people belonging to various age groups. The graphics and sound are added features that appeal to players.

These are some of the games you must look into, if you have any professional inclination towards styling.

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