11 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast


Are you suffering from love handles? Well rest assured! There is no love lost or depression here. Many of us may not be very familiar with the term “Love Handles”. Love handles are nothing but stubborn zones of fat in your body. Love Handles refer to the fat in the front and sides of the belly. These are pockets of fat in the body that does not go away too easily. Most of us suffer from love handles and feel utterly helpless.

11 Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

get rid of love handles

The first place in the body to gain fat is your belly and hips. Unfortunately, it is the most stubborn areas to lose weight too. Love handles affect men and women equally. If you know how to target and get rid of love handles, then you no longer need to suffer from it. Listed below are some proven ways to get rid of love handles fast.

1} Do not ignore carbs

While you cut down on rice, it is also important to note that cutting down complex carbs entirely does not help you get rid of love handles. Complex and healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, oats, and black rice keeps your metabolism in check and provides long time energy. When you deprive your body of energy, the body returns to a starvation mode, and losing fat around the belly area becomes the last priority.

2} Go organic

Organic food is the most talked about food on the planet and almost everyone raves about it. Although organic food is more expensive, it has more benefits than the normal food.  Organic milk and meat is said to have more omega fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, which is known to accelerate belly fat loss.

3} Add spices

If you are looking out for an easy way to get rid of love handles fast, adding spices like turmeric and ginger will help you achieve your objective. Inflammation is a common reason for the body to hold on to unwanted fat. Ginger and turmeric help fight inflammation in the body and aids in faster weight loss.


4} Plan your meals properly

Crash diets are not going to help you lose love handles easily. To lose fat in an effective manner, plan your meals in a systematic manner. Eat complex carbs before and after workout so that your body will help utilise the energy instead of storing them as fat. Try to keep meals small and consistent throughout the day to keep hunger at bay and avoid unhealthy cravings.

5} Reduce caffeine intake

Most of us are addicted to caffeine as they are stress killers. One or two cups a day is fine, but addiction can prove very dangerous to your love handles. Limit caffeine intake and artificial sweeteners to a minimum in the day. Try resorting to green tea instead which is loaded with nutritional benefits and aids in faster fat loss.

6} Limit dairy products

Dairy products are rich in fats that add on in your body and make losing love handles nearly impossible. Avoiding the use of dairy products and switch to almond or agave milk for your coffee and tea. Use coconut oil and olive oil instead of cheese and butter.

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7} Sneak in plenty of green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals that meet all the nutritional requirements in the body. Eating healthy is the most essential criteria when you are trying to lose stubborn fat.

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8} Limit alcohol

All of us like a glass of beer or wine to beat the stress of the entire week. But did you know that alcohol nearly contains an excess of 100 calories? Unwinding after work or partying every weekend with alcohol is going to add a lot of unnecessary calories and make you put on more weight. Limiting alcohol intake can make a huge difference in losing love handles.

9} Drink plenty of water

Water is known to be the best drink in the world. It is ideally recommended to drink water more than any other beverage or fruit juices. Water keeps the body well hydrated and controls your brain’s hunger and thirst mechanisms to keep unhealthy hunger and cravings at bay.

10} Avoid artificial sweeteners

Although artificial sweeteners claim to have zero calories, they are unhealthy and make your body hold on to fat. Research indicates artificial sweeteners trigger appetite, stimulate cravings for carbs and makes you accumulate more weight.

11} Concentrate on healthy fats

Although it may sound counter-productive, you may be surprised to know that to lose fat you have to eat fat. Yes eating healthy fats is known to reduce belly fat. Healthy fats like seeds, nuts, avocados, fatty fish, and olive oil helps you lose love handles in a more efficient manner.

Lifestyle Modifications and Exercises to Lose Love Handles

In addition to a nutritious diet, lifestyle and training also play a major role in losing love handles fast. Some of lifestyle and exercise tips are as follows

1} Adequate sleep: Sleep well for at least a minimum of 8 to 9 hours at night as adequate sleep help burn fat and lose love handles.


2} Avoid Stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies when you aim to lose love handles. Try to limit stress and anxiety in your daily lifestyle to keep your body fit and healthy.

3} Kick start metabolism: Keeping your body metabolism active throughout the day is one of the best ways to lose love handles fast. Drinking water and lemon juice every morning before any meal will help you kick start your body metabolism and aid in weight loss.

4} Exercise regularly: Exercise is vital for a healthy mind and body. Try to incorporate some exercises in your daily routine to lose fat and stay fit. If you cannot hit the gym regularly, you can adopt lighter exercises like jogging, walking, aerobic and cardio exercises.

The above mentioned tips and proven ways are a viable way to get rid of love handles and live life healthier. If you incorporate them in your daily life, love handles will definitely become the past and never take over your body again.


How To Get Rid of Love Handles Fast and Naturally