11 Health Benefits of Yam for Kids


Yam is an uncommon and rage vegetable not eaten by all. People mostly don’t eat it as they are ignorant about the numerous health benefits it contains. Yams are starchy vegetables that initially originated and was cultivated in West Africa. Today, this vegetable is available globally catering to the entire world’s population. Today, Yam has become a popular vegetable owing to its nutrient benefits. So if you and your family haven’t included yams in your diet, you are certainly missing out on something.

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Health Benefits of Yams for Kids

Growing kids require all the essential nutrients for their healthy development. To meet the nutritional requirement for your growing children, Yams are a perfect choice. Listed below are some health benefits of yams for kids.

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1} Rich source of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a rare vitamin not found in all vegetables. Luckily, yams contain plenty of this vitamin. Vitamin B6 helps in the breakdown of a compound called homocysteine which is responsible for the damage of blood vessels. Hence consuming yams rich in vitamin B6 can prevent any kind of cardiovascular problems for your kids in the future.

2} Good source of anti-oxidants

Yams are rich in anti-oxidants and contain anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-oxidants Vitamin C and beta carotene present in yams helps reduce the damage caused due to the free radicals in the body. It also serves as an excellent food for those children suffering from wheezing and asthma.


Benefits of Yam

3} Improves digestion and bowel habits

Yams are rich in dietary fibre that helps decrease constipation and improve bowel habits. Yams are also rich in potassium that enhances muscle contraction and improves digestion. Making your kids eat yams regularly will enable him to have healthy bowel movements.

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4} Enhances nutrient absorption

Yams contain healthy enzymes that are required to maintain good health of the body. Daily consumption of yams help increase nutrient absorption due to its enzyme content. One of the best ways to make your kids consume yam is in the form of juice. It is not just healthy but also delicious for your little one’s taste buds.

5} Improves cognitive function

Children need to focus on their learning and memory capacity. Yams are the perfect food for their brains. Since, yams are rich in anti-oxidants they have the capacity to increase memory power and learning capacity in children.

6} Rich source of energy

Children need immense stamina and energy in order for them to be active throughout the day and perform their activities. Yams are rich in complex carbs that reduce the rate at which sugars are released and absorbed. It is also rich in manganese that helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates and release of energy. Additionally, yams are rich in fibre that keeps you full without adding extra calories.


7} Increases metabolism

To ensure that your kid remains energized throughout the day, it is important that his metabolism is monitored regularly. One of the best ways to improve metabolism is include yams in your child’s diet.  Yams are rich in essential vitamins like vitamin A and C that are responsible for many metabolic functions in the body. Vitamin A is responsible for healthy vision and maintenance of mucus membranes in the body. Vitamin C plays an important function in bone growth, wound healing, and strengthening the immune system.

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8} Aids in RBC Production

Red blood cells play a major role in the healthy functioning of your child. Hence, it is important to consume foods that enhances RBC production in the body. Yams are rich in minerals like copper and manganese that play crucial roles in RBC production. Copper enhances RBC production while manganese acts as a co-factor for the enzyme superoxide dismutase.

9} Increases collagen production

Children spent half the day outdoors and are constantly exposed to environmental hazards and harmful rays of the sun. Due to this, the skin loses its youth and vitality. Yams are perfect foods to improve the vitality and elasticity of the skin. Yams initiates collagen synthesis and makes your little one’s skin glow as before.

10} Promotes hair growth

If you want your children to have healthy hair, there is no better food than yams. Yams are rich in beta carotene, antocyanins, and vitamin A that is crucial for the growth of healthy hair.

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11} Hydrates the scalp

Children are often negligent about their hair and do not oil their hair regularly. This dries the scalp causing hair fall and lifeless hair. The vitamin A in hair protects and produces more oil in the scalp. This hydrates the scalp and keeps your little one’s hair healthy.

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