7 Reasons Why Your Kids Might Not Be Growing Right


Are you worries that your baby is not growing right? While most children grow at different rates, stunted growth can indeed be worrisome. Listed below are 7 reasons why your child may not be growing at a normal pace. If you think your child has a health condition that is curbing his normal growth, consult a paediatrician without delay.

You might find that your kids are not growing at the rate you expected them to be. This might be a symptom of growth disorder. Slow growth in children is caused due to a variety of reasons. From genetic issues to food deficiencies, a wide variety of reasons can lead to slow growth in children. However, it is necessary to determine the cause of slow growth in kids and provide the necessary treatment, considering that growth in humans is limited only up to 20 years of age. Besides, the limbs and head of the child may not be in the right proportion to the body, as you expect them to be. In any case, you should consult the doctors and seek the necessary advice to ensure proper growth in your child.

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How is normal growth determined?

The babies are measured and weighed from the time of its birth. As the child keeps growing, the doctors keep on assessing their height in comparison to a standard chart. In case the child is in the 50th percentile, it indicated that half of the kids of his age are taller than him and half are shorter. Kids who are between the 3rd and 97th percentiles are considered to be growing steadily. However, kids below the 3rd percentile are considered to be growing too slowly. They are shorter than most of the kids of his age, or even who are a couple of years younger than him.

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Causes of slow growth in children you should know

Genetic problems

Children inherit the genes of his parents. In case the family of either the father or the mother has a history of slow growth, the child may inherit the same. In these cases, the doctors evaluate the estimated height of the kids when they grow up and prescribe the necessary treatments to stimulate their growth.


Smaller foetal weight

Often, the problems lie in the foetal weight of the child. Pre-time delivery may lead to slow growth in children. In other cases, underweight kids develop symptoms of slow growth. The proportion of height and weight are determined at the time of birth. From the very beginning, these children experience slow growth, as the size and weight of the foetus were low.

growth in kids

Low thyroxine levels

Hormonal disorders may also lead to slow growth in children. During puberty, most of the children show faster growth. However, the deficit of thyroxin may lead to slow growth in the kids. Thyroxine is responsible for the increment in height in children. Hormonal disorders or low production of thyroxine is responsible for the slow growth in children.

Poor nutrition

Doctors recommend food for kids that stimulates growth from a very early age. Poor nutrition may lead to slow growth and development of the child. It is necessary to provide enough quantities of nutritious food to the babies right from the beginning. In case the child suffers from the deficit of good nutrition, it may lead to slow growth.

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Severe stress

Severe stress and anxiety are associated with neurological issues. These may cause interfere with the growth mechanism of the child. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the child with necessary counselling in case you find he is depressed or under stress.


Digestive issues

At times, children face problems with digestion an absorption of food. As a result, the nutrients that take in fail to perform their duties. Their system gets deprived of the necessary nutrients that stimulate growth. Even if they take the necessary food along with the meals, a weak digestive system may lead to slow growth in kids.

Increased metabolism

If you find that your child is not growing as per the expected rate of his age, it is necessary to consult a doctor. High rates of metabolism in the body may lead to slow growth. The nutrients consumed by the body are used up to generate energy. As a result, the body does not get sufficient nutrients to grow.

Other factors, too, can lead to slow growth in children. It is important to keep a track on the height of your child, especially during puberty. Provide the prescribed diets to your children to ensure proper growth in your kids.