11 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube for Children


Jujube is a common fruit looks almost like a date. Belonging to the buckthorn family of plants, the fruit looks green and oval when unripe and wrinkled and purplish-brown when matured. In ripe condition, it has the taste and consistency of an apple; while mature it tastes like dates. Jujube comes with many benefits for children as well as for adults.

11 Health Benefits of Jujube for Children

jujube for kids

Boosts gastrointestinal health

Gastrointestinal health is boosted greatly with consumption of just 40mg of jujube per day. Exposure to toxic ammonia and other harmful components is reduced significantly with the fruit improving overall gastrointestinal environment. Chances of developing ulcers are also reduced significantly with this fruit.

Boosts immunity

Immunity boosting is a great quality of the jujube fruit. Packed with natural antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C, the fruit helps combating impact of free radical damage. With enhanced immunity, a kid is healthy. He is able to fight ailments and infections in the body successfully.

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Helps in digestive process

The process of digestion is boosted with regular intake of jujube. The nutrients of the foods are well absorbed by the body with triterpenoids and saponins in the fruit. Also the fiber content in the fruit aids smooth bowel movements. Various kinds of digestive troubles can be kept at bay successfully with this fruit.


Improves bone strength and health

Good bone health is necessary for any growing child. If you fear that your child does not have very strong bones, start including jujube in the diet right away. It will prevent the chances of osteoporosis in the future. The fruit is a rich source of phosphorus and calcium and helps in bettering overall bone health.

Helps in blood detoxification

Harmful, toxic components in the blood can cause various kinds of problems in the body and this is also applicable for a child. Jujubes contain saponins, which help in blood detoxification and removes all harmful toxic components from the body. Along with keeping the body healthy, the pressure on the immune system is reduced significantly with this.

Helps in regulating circulation in the body

With a proper blood circulation, all the organs in the body receive proper oxygen and hence their functionality is improved. Consume few jujubes daily and improve blood circulation in the body. Rich in phosphorus and iron, these help in new blood cell formation and regulates overall blood circulation in the body.

Better brain function and mental health

Along with physical growth and development, mental health and brain functioning in a child is also important. Jujube has excellent neuro-protective effects and helps in promoting learning and memory greatly. There are positive effects on various neurotransmitters in the brain with this fruit. Neuronal cells are protected against damage with the components of the fruit.

Is anti-allergic and relieves cough

Jujubes contain anti-histaminic properties. As a result, it can prevent allergic reactions and stabilizes mast cells, which modulate immune properties. The fruit also contains a special enzyme known as bromelain, which helps in reducing mucus build up and phlegm. The sinus cavities and respiratory pathways are cleared in this manner.

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Helps in liver protection

Liver is one of the major organs in the digestive system which faces an onslaught now and then from various components. Jujube offers protection to the liver caused by various oxidants. The antioxidants in jujube help in combating the effects of harmful substances on the liver and keeps it in optimal working condition.

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Helps in getting better sleep

It might sound surprising, but it is true that many children suffer from insomnia and restlessness. The exact reasons for the problem should be located to cure them. However, as a natural remedy, seeds of jujube fruit can work wonders. The organic compounds in the fruit have soothing nature and helps in getting better sleep.

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Helps in preventing cancer

This is one of the greatest benefits of jujube. It has been proved that this fruit has the amazing capacity of inducing cell death along with inhibiting growth of cancer cells in people, who have tumor cell lines. Due to cytotoxic properties, the fruit works towards protecting the body from cancer.

Include jujube in the diet of your child and see the amazing results.