11 Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans for Kids


Adzuki beans, smaller in stature, are found in the eastern parts of Asia along with the Himalayan region. Though the beans are red in colour, white or black coloured beans are also found in certain regions. It is a rich source of proteins, which means that it is an essential stepping stone for numerous vitamins or minerals. They are not only renowned for their unique flavour but it has some potential health benefits.

History is a testimony to the fact that this crop flourished in the Indus valley. Traces of origin relate to more than 4000 years. Presently this crop is found in South East Asia along with various parts of India.

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Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans for Kids

In Japan it is referred to as small seed and the name adzuki beans is a basic translation of the same. Different regions have named it conversely as Pat in Korea, whereas in India it is known as red cowpeas.

It is part of a stable diet and is consumed with rice just like lentils. Apart from the direct application, it is a vital part of various desserts or cuisines. In Japan or China it is even used as confectionary.  Some of the health benefits associated with adzuki seeds are as follows

1} Bowel movement at regular levels

Considered to be a vital source of energy with fiber content, the beans of adzuki support bowel movements. It prevents the absorption of harmful chemicals in the body and steps up the process of eradicating wastes.


2} Importance source of manganese

The potential benefits of manganese are immense as your heart beat is regulated and you can sleep better. When you supplement your diet with manganese rich foods like Adzuki seeds you counter fatigue and keep away the stress. In just ¼ of a cup close to 20 % of your magnesium needs are taken care of by these seeds.

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3} Improves digestive system

The beans are embedded with high levels of fiber content that is of importance for digestive health. It paves way for the food to make entry into the digestive tract in an easy manner. The peristaltic motion incorporated in fiber is responsible for this. It is possible to absorb nutrients from the food and conditions like bloating or constipation is prevented at the same time. In fact serious diseases in the form of colon cancer are kept at bay.

Adzuki beans


4} Loss of weight

The dietary fiber along with  protein curbs your appetite and you feel full for a long time. The best part is that the beans are high in calorie content. Ideally half a coup of Adzubi beans is around 150 calories. It would mean that you are going to maintain the essential supply of nutrients without putting on too much pounds.

5} Improvement in metabolism levels

Higher content of zinc, copper, potassium with manganese has a crucial role to play in maintaining the metabolism levels of the body.


6} Growth in combination with repair

As adzuki seeds are an important source of protein, it works out to be perfect for all vegetarians. The reason for it is that they cannot absorb the protein source from animal sources. Protein is known to segregate the amino acids for the formation of new cells, organs or tissues that aids growth and repair. In addition it boasts your energy levels because of high protein content.

7} Defects of birth is a foregone conclusion

 Being a rich source of vitamin B, the folic acid that is an integral component of Adzuki beans ensures no birth defects are found. Due to lack of folic acid in mothers, neural defects in babies are common. So increase your consumption of Adzuki seeds during pregnancy to have a healthy baby.

8} Improvement in brain health

Adzuki beans are embedded with thiamine that contributes to proper brain development in babies. It keeps various forms of brain disorders at bay. It does also improve the effective functioning of the nervous system as well.

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9} Detoxifies your body

Another major benefit associated with adzuki beans are that it goes on to detoxify your body. It does support the process of removal of toxic wastes from your body. For a considerable amount of time it is considered to be a liver tonic as well.

10} Vital source of nutrients along with vitamins

Adzuki beans are a vital source of nutrients along with vitamins. It is required for healthy functioning of the body and contributes to enhanced immunity. Due to the presence of folic acid, in Japan they are provided to nursing mothers to increase lactation. In combination with other, minerals it is an important source of molybdenum improving liver function.


11} Rich source of iron

We are aware of the potential benefits of iron in boasting energy levels, along with blood function. They work out to be a great plant based diet and in just ¼ cup close to 15 % of daily needs are taken care of. When it comes to the situation of taking care of your body do not ignore beans or seeds of any form.  In small servings a lot of iron is provided,

The healthy recipes associated with Adzuki beans

The unique flavour of the Adzuki beans is engraved in the recipes being used. Commonly it is used in ice cream, Chinese pastries, pudding or muffins. Brown rice steamed with red beans in combination with spiced vegetables tastes great. The sprouted versions of it are used in salads or boiled in hot drinks or for the matter soups. In the year 2009, Pepsi went on to experiment with cola (adzuki) because of the immense popularity of the seed.

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Where to look out for Adzuki beans

To look out for the Adzuki beans, Asian markets work out to be a viable option. It is available in powder or canned form. The red versions of Adzuki beans are soared in popularity because of the immense health benefits it provides. Being counted as a super food it, is suggested that you integrate into your dietary schedule to reap the benefits.