11 Health Benefits of Spelt in Your Baby’s Diet


Did you know that there are several cereals and grains that you can give your child to improve his health? Spelt a cereal similar to wheat is one such super food that you can incorporate in your child’s daily diet. Read on to know the many benefits of giving your child Spelt.

Perhaps one of the oldest cultivated crops in the history of man, spelt was first used as food about  8,000 years ago. It is a grain close to wheat, and in fact is a product of wild goat grass and emmer wheat. It is now regarded as a health food for its many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and organic compounds. Together, they work as a powerhouse of good health that give children, adults and long-ranging health benefits.

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Here are 11 chief benefits of spelt that kids can harvest:

Benefits of Spelt for Kids

1. Helps blood circulation

Speltflour contains iron and copper, which help with blood circulation. Iron transports oxygen through blood, thereby preventing anemia. Iron also helps to metabolize proteins and helps produce haemoglobin and red blood cells, making it a natural anemia treatment.

2. Regulates hormones and improves functioning

Vitamin B3 orNiacin is an important part of the Vitamin B family, which keeps the many functions of the body operating at peak capacity. Spelt flour also regulates hormones. When it interacts with the adrenal glands, these glands can produce sex hormones.


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3. Builds strong bones

Spelt flour contains several essential minerals that play a stellar role in strengthening bones. These include phosphorus and calcium that bind together to make up crystals that in turn form teeth and bones. Together, these two minerals strengthen bones and keep them strong for the rest of a child’s life.

Spelt flour also contains zinc, selenium, copper and magnesium that aid bone health. They create bone tissue and strengthen them. By having healthy bones, kids can prevent osteoporosis and any other age-related conditions.

4. Boosts immunity

The minerals and vitamins contained in spelt flour can ensure children have a strong immune system, with minimal inflammation. Thiamine contained in spelt flour also contributes to activating the immune system. Besides, the B Vitamin family helps convert carbs into energy and keeps the brain, nerves and muscles ticking well, while also strengthening the body against disease.

Benefits of Spelt

5. Lowers cholesterol

Spelt contains soluble fibre that keeps HDL and LDL levels in fine balance. It prevents blood from absorbing LDL cholesterol. This keeps plaque that causes heart attacks and stroke.


6. Aids digestion

Smooth digestion is possible if a child has a high-fibre diet. Spelt flour has a high-fibre content with zero calories. Fibre passes through the digestive system without absorbing digestive enzymes present in the stomach, due mainly to fibre’s structure and the inability of humans to absorb it. This helps digestion and prevents digestive diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer and diverticulitis.

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7.Increases energy

By eating spelt regularly, children can have a lot more energy. It contains complex carbs that are digested far more slowly than refined carbs. Therefore, the former provide kids with more energy that can be sustained over a much longer period, while refined carbs cause energy spikes and often crashes too.

8. Stimulates growth and development

High phosphorous levels, combined with protein, makes spelt develop new tissues, bones, organs, muscles and blood vessels. Due to phosphorous, a child’s body is able to create new proteins and build DNA for new cells. The proteins a child’s body receives from spelt are broken down into amino acids and are rebuilt again for better functioning.

9. Helps weight loss

Since spelt is low in calories, it helps obese kids lose weight. As well, since spelt contains complex carbs, it does not cause the same insulin spikes that are linked to obesity and weight gain.

10. Prevents gallstones

Spelt is so rich in insoluble fibre that it can conveniently prevent gallstones in kids. This enables the food to pass through the body faster. It also helps reduce the quantum of bile acids manufactured in the intestines, since an excess of bile acid causes gallstones.


11. Controls migraine headaches

If teens complain of migraine headaches, they can be reduces both in intensity and frequency by incorporating spelt flour into their diet. This is possible due to the presence of riboflavin in this flour.

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Spelt flour has proved to be a powerhouse of benefits for growing kids and adults alike. The above-mentioned benefits are just a sampling of all that it can do to us, if we eat it on a daily basis. By including it in your diet, you’re sure to see more such benefits.