11 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado Oil


In recent times the fruit of Avocado has soared up the popularity charts. It is an integral aspect of the diet in many English households. Because of the buttery texture it finds its way into a variety of dishes.

In reality avocado is a berry, which replicates a fruit and not a vegetable. As it is rich in healthy fats, it is sort out among people who opt for a high fat diet.

The popularity of the fruit is turning a new leaf over with the oil being not far behind. There are potential benefits of this oil and let us hereby discuss the numerous health benefits with Avocado oil.

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The definition of Avocado oil

Avocado oil is extracted from the avocado fruit. From the flesh of the fruit it is taken and then distilled. This is in complete contrast to other oils which is extracted from the seeds or nuts. The best part is that this oil is easy to produce in comparison to other oils like olive. Avocado oil is considered to be vital source of health food.

The process of processing the oil is different and it is dependent on the intended use. Extraction along with processing the oil would involve bleaching along with deodorizing making it ineligible for cooking purposes. On the other hand cooking oil is pure in form and can be used for cooking and cosmetic purposes.


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Amazing Benefits of Avocado Oil

1} Improves your immune health

Avocado oil is considered to be a catalyst and carrier in terms of biological use with numerous vitamins. It contributes to the improvement in absorption levels of Vitamin E and vitamin A. Both of them have a vital role in ensuring proper functioning of your immune system. Increase in the intake of Avocado oil can improve resistance to any form of infections and contributes to the wellbeing of your health.

2} Keeps serious diseases along with ageing at bay

The antioxidant features of avocado, prevents the occurrence of any form of cell damage. This is one of the major negative effects with the process of ageing. When you make a switch from simple to avocado oil you reduce the viable signs associated with ageing. This has positive connotations especially avocado oil is delicious in taste.

3} Keeps arthritis at bay

Research points to the fact that consumption of avocado oil is going to reduce the pain or stiffness in the joints or muscles. This could be one of the major problems with ageing making you uncomfortable. It would indicate that benefits from avocado oil can be derived for someone at an early stage of arthritis. Studies do indicate the benefits of avocado oil, but it is still open to debate.

Avocado Oil

4} Reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer

Phytosterols (plant foods) resembling cholesterol, do contribute to the wellbeing and overall health of the body. They keep various forms of cancer at bay. Avocado oil is rich in phytosterols that drastically reduce the chances of prostate cancer.


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5} Regulates metabolism

The ingredients of avocado oil works wonders for your health. The main ingredient of it is monosaturatedfats that keeps a tab on the blood sugar levels with secretion of insulin in a healthy manner. For individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes this works out is a huge benefit. In fact low levels of Omega 3 and 6 oil are found in avocado oil as well.

6} As we age, dental health is maintained

For severity of dental health, reduction in the magnitude levels of arthritis are  needed. Research points to the fact that avocado oil acts as a preventive mechanism to degrade tooth or bone minerals. This ensures better maintenance of enamel along with dentin. If potassium or calcium levels in various parts of the body are maintained, so one can take care of their gums or teeth.

7} Repairs the dry hair

Just as with skin health, avocado oil has immense health and cosmetic properties with hair. This can be part of your diet or you could apply it directly on the hair. The direct application on the hair maintains a balance of essential oils and paves way for damaging dry hair. It is commonly used to treat hair damage with extreme climatic conditions.

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8} Skin health improves

Avocado oil is beneficial for the skin, no matter if you are using it as a cooking oil or applying on the skin directly. Vitamin E shares a close relation with healthy hair and skin. When we apply avocado oil to the skin it acts as an UV protector and a moisturizing agent.


9} Prevents heart disease

Avocado is embedded with oleic acid found in Omega 9 which is an integral component of the Omega group. It can be produced in the body to a large extent, but consumption of Oleic acid is going to ensure you have a long life, particularly in reference to your heart. Considering the fact that heart is the number one killer disease.

10} Speeds up wound healing process

Any wound evolves three phases, inflammation, and proliferation in combination of remodelling. Avocado Oil aids in healing of wounds faster because of fatty acids in it. Linoleic, oleic and Linolenic are pretty active in healing.

11} Improves Eye Health

Since avocado is incorporated from the pulp of the fruit it is rich in antioxidants. Compared to the seeds of other plants it contains a lot of phytochemicals. They are chemicals modelled on plants which do provide the same benefits as nutrients. An example in this regard is lutein which has some excellent benefits on the eyes.

In the market place, avocado oil is widely available, but it is suggested that you avoid avocado based products. The prime reason for it is that it is incorporated with unnecessary deodorants or bleaches. The Avocado oil (cold pressed) is a lucrative option, as this oil works out to be beneficial. You can use it for cosmetic along with cooking purposes. The cost is the bracket of $ 10 to $ 25 and it is spread across various domains.

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