11 Health and Nutrition Benefits Of Persimmons


Persimmons have a lot of great health benefits such as acting as a colon cleansing mechanism, being good for the eyes, having antibacterial properties, being anti-hemorrhagic, reducing inflammation, helping in weight loss, regulating the heart and lowering blood pressure, preventing diabetes, reducing cholesterol and healing sore throat.

Persimmon has a lot of similarities with tomatoes in the respect of appearance. Though yellowish-orange in color, its physical structure is just like that of a tomato. But, do you know persimmon, morphologically, is a kind of berry? Usage and consumption of persimmons are mostly seen in East Asian countries, especially China, Japan, and Korea.

Persimmons are basically classified into two major types namely, astringent and non-astringent, where the former is bitter while the latter is a sweet one. Persimmon can be eaten raw or cooked; be it a persimmon smoothie or a persimmon salad, it can be consumed by all means. Hand in hand with great flavor, it also provides a good nutritive value. So, let us have a look at what persimmon has got to offer us.


11 Amazing Health Benefits of Persimmons

Colon cleansing mechanism

Filled with a good amount of fibers and antioxidants, persimmons help in cleansing your intestine and keeps your gut healthy. Vitamin B, present in persimmon, also helps in regulating smooth yet stable intestinal flow, thus managing a proper digestive system.

Antibacterial effects

Not known by many, persimmons also have an antimicrobial effect. This has been proved that astringent, which is a kind of persimmon, has an antibacterial effect.


Good for eyes

Persimmons contain carotenoids, Vitamin A, and some other eye friendly nutrients that help in improving your vision. You may include persimmons in your diet if you are struggling with poor vision.

Anticarcinogenic property

This fruit has a substance called beta carotene in it. Beta carotene is known for preventing cancers and some chronic diseases. Persimmons are said to resist thyroid cancers, in particular. So, make a glass of persimmon juice and have it every day in the morning.

Anti hemorrhagic

Enriched with a good amount of antioxidants, persimmons are quite effective in preventing hemorrhages i.e. they prevent blood loss that happens due to rupturing of blood vessels inside the body.

Reduce inflammation

Persimmons contain vitamins B, C, and other essential nutrients that play a vital role against inflammation. Not only does it lower inflammations, but also is quite popular for fighting infections by boosting up your immune system.

Having said that, it is needless to mention that persimmons are also good for the skin. Containing vitamins like B complex, C, and some minerals such manganese, potassium, etc., they can heal rashes, itching, and hydrate your skin. Make a fine paste of persimmons and apply it to your face on a regular basis, we can bet your skin will glow like never before!

Help in weight loss

Filled with lots of fibers, persimmon helps in improving the metabolism of your body. Eventually, you will be able to burn some fats if your metabolism gets boosted up.


Regulates heart and lower blood pressure

Persimmons consist of some antioxidants like flavonoids that keep your blood pressure in check. To be mentioned, persimmons, being low in calories and rich in dietary fibers, can also prevent atherosclerosis. This way consuming persimmons can lower the risks of heart diseases.

Prevent diabetes and help in regulating blood sugar level

Intaking persimmons help in slowing down the process of sugar absorption by the blood. Thus, it resists the normal blood sugar level to rise up. So, if you have any diabetic at your home, you gotta make that person include persimmons in his/her diet.

Reduce bad cholesterol in your body

Having tannin-rich soluble fiber content in it, persimmon serves as a fruit that helps in eliminating bad cholesterol out of your body. The rise in levels of bad cholesterol in the body indicates the chances of developing major heart diseases, even a risk of heart stroke. Thus, it is necessary to have foods that lower the levels of bad cholesterol in tour body. And when a fruit takes care of that matter, who doesn’t want to have it?

Heal sore throat & prevent viral infections

As already been stated, persimmons contain a fair amount of antioxidants in it and therefore, help in boosting up immunity. Thus, they can also prevent viral infections like common cold and cough. If you are undergoing a problem of sore throat due to seasonal infections, you may try a hot soup made of persimmons. Who knows, this can do the trick!


Having a perfect balance of vitamins, essential minerals, dietary fibers, and phytochemicals, persimmons are something you gotta include in your diet. We tried to provide you with all the possible information regarding the health benefits of persimmons. Now, it’s time for you to prepare a good diet routine, incorporating this fruit accordingly. A fruit or vegetable, whatever you call it, which is packed with so much goodness can serve you with a lot of health advantages. So, without thinking much, start your health journey right now!