Cute Infant Halloween Costumes for your Angel


It is the time of the first Halloween for your little wonder? No better way that dressing up your kid in the cutest of Halloween costumes, that you can lay hands on. The market is flooded with numerous options and you can choose as per your preferences. Halloween is a time where each one loves to dress, and your little angel is no exception!

Whatever decision you make, at the forefront, the clothes should keep your little one warm. On a cold night, bunting costumes which cover your baby from head to toe would be a good option as your baby is kept warm. While buying clothes do keep in mind that you should never go on to purchase any cloth that is going to restrict the movement or cover the face of the baby. A strict no to any form of Halloween costume that comes with face paint over the mouth or eyes. You do not want them to touch or lick anything which is going to be a cause of concern. Hereby are mentioned some cute infant Halloween costumes for your angel.

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Amazing Halloween costumes for your angel

1} Baby Hat

The Spooky element of Halloween is missing if there are no frightening elements to it. For this season you can scare by dressing up in a bat winged costume. Normally these costumes are in purple or black color with a tinge of orange in between. Bat wings the additional accessories could be incorporated from draped fabric or wing shapes flapping up and down.

Baby Hat

2} Baby devil

There is no sweeter sight than seeing a little one decked up in the form of little devil. This is what most moms or dads would have done when they were woken up midnight for milks. Hold on! You can dress your little one in the same old way and complete it with a cute little tail and tender ears.


baby devil

3} Baby pumpkin patch

There is no popular costume than a baby pumpkin patch. It is popular for Halloween as it is pretty much in trend. You might have by now decorated your home with craved out pumpkins and now is the time to let your little one decked up with an adorable pumpkin. Since they are available in a host of sizes it can go on to suit your little one.

Baby pumpkin patch

4} Lobster costume

The last thing on your mind would be to dress up your little one in a lobster costume! But these outfits are so cute, with antennas along with Google eyes! So you can pretty much understand on why they are in demand. The eyes coupled with the antennas will stick above the ear of the baby.

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Lobster costume


5} Witch

If you have in mind a traditional costume, with a cute element attached to it, then the witch outfit would suit the bill on all counts. With a pointed and a cup hat, your kid is going to send the entire neighborhood into a tizzy.


6} Red Riding hood

Though this outfit has its traces of origin in the earlier part of the 17th century, the Bad wolf is still fresh in our memories. You can pretty much revive this twisted tale with the help of an outfit from the same times.

Red Riding hood

7} Birds

Is your child inclined towards flying birds or visuals of Donald Duck? If yes, then dress up your kid in this costume. They are easily available in the market, and if you have an admiration for stitching clothes, then this could be one among the easiest homemade Halloween costumes that you can stick to.



8} Baby skeleton

Skeleton is a classical Halloween costume for girls and boys. Single piece jump suits, they have hoods in them that glow in the dark. You can go on to choose the traditional attire, the black one with a white line that depicts a skeleton though the blue or pink versions are also popular.

Baby skeleton

9} Flora

One of the popular Halloween costume ideas for kids. If you desire to make it at your home, then dress up your kid in a green burning attire. Attach a cloth ring that can be embedded to the head of the kid and it will resemble petals. Floral costumes look colourful on kids of all age groups.


10} Animals

Another great option of dressing up your baby this Halloween is animal outfits. From cats, pigs or rabbits you are spoilt in terms of choices when it comes to what to opt. it would be a worthwhile idea to prepare one at your home if you have the time and the resources available.



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11} Fashionsta

If you are fashion savvy mother, then this trait is going to rub on your daughter as well. Do dress up your little ones of the latest fashion trends in the making. It presents a welcome change rather than sticking to the traditional stereotype Halloween costumes.


12} Insects

Some of the charming Halloween costumes come from being dressed as baby bugs. This is all the more so when your child has just started crawling and opt for caterpillar costumes that are available in the market. It is one of the easiest Halloween costumes to opt from one in the market.


13}Little go Beep

Little go Beep might cut a sorry figure as she has lost her sheep! But love is pretty much active in her and being simple, it is pretty easy to recreate the magical nursing rhyme. Imagine how cute your little one will look in ruffled trousers, frilly bonnet coupled with an apron.


To conclude, these are some among the Halloween costumes which you can choose for your little one. They are definitely worth choosing and invariably you may end up choosing more than a single one as all of them is so cute. Do dress up your little one in the most adorable of costumes and see people being dumb stuck at the sight!

Little go Beep