201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with N


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with N, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with N.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with N

Names Origin Meaning
Noah German Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
Nadette German Having the brave as a bear.
Nadina German Grounds for feeling hopeful.
Nadine German A trustful relationship.
Nadja German The person who will not give up easily.
Nanetta German A graceful queen or empress
Nanina German A graceful person, a charming one
Nastassja German Alive again, Daughter of Czar
Nedra German Dissident, concealed, covert, secretive.
Nele German Laying eggs in the sand
Nina German The precious talent from the most high God.
Nixie German A small sprite of water
Nora German The person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.
Nyx German The one who is charming and fascinating. Also the of Hindu deity Lord Krishna
Nacelle English In English it means a Shell. In French, it means a small boat
Nadalyn English From the prosperous man’s peak.
Nadalyne English From the high peak of a wealthy man
Naisbit English The nose-bend of the river
Naisbitt English The nose-bend of a piece of ground
Nalyssa English Beloved child of light, a lantern
Natavia English A pleasant gift from God
Naydi English An adorable, loving and independent person
Necessity English unavoidable or extremely requisite
Nedjelko English The one who’s birth day is Sunday.
Nedo English Protector of snow or protector of wealth.
Neeli English The one who is winning the competition.
Neko English The butter made from the Sheep’s milk.
Nelda English The grain of the fenugreek shrub.
Nell English The glittering pearl.
Nellie English The most good looking and attractive woman in the world.
Nellwyn English The one who is very close to Nellie’s heart.
Nelly English The most stunning and gorgeous woman.
Nelta English Woman who came from near the sea
Nelwin English The joyful or delightful mate.
Nelwina English Positive and lively buddy.
Nelwyn English Daughter of the winner.
Nelwyna English Merry and smiling friend.
Nennia English Who belongs to the northern areas
Nequoyah English A serious, independent and wonderful being
Nerute English A polite, easy-going and fun-loving person
Nevaeh English The backward spelling of Heaven.
Nevila English The newly established town
Newlyn English From the shrine of Saint Newelina.
Niawbrawaka English A truthful and kind human being
Niccole English The success of the nation.
Nichele English Blend of Nichole (victory of people) and Michelle (gift from God)
Nichola English The people’s hero.
Nightingale English A bird that sings melodiously
Nikeisha English Resembling the cinnamon tree.
Niketa English Failed, Unproductive, Vain, Ineffective.
Nikkie English The people of triumph.
Nirmanyu English The soldier at the northern entrance.
Noelle English Birthday of Christ Jesus.
Nogga English Poised and graceful individual
Nogge English A person who is quick-minded and fertile
Nolene English Beautiful and fairer in color.
Norabel English The person who is graceful and moral.
Noralyn English The person who is wonderful and decency.
Norella English The lady who is possessing integrity and honesty.
Norene English The person who is entitled to honor and admiration.
Norla English A person who is poised and reserved
Norwood English The soldier at the northern entrance.
Notekyn English Name of a stated; snow glass and filled with light
Nud English A generous and expressive human being
Nuen English An individual who has high standards
Nuwaira English The petal of the beautiful flowers.
Nyaja English An inspired and a guardian angel
Nymeria English A warrior queen
Nynyue English An entertaining, noble and kind person
Nareena Celtic Refraining from acting.
Neely Celtic The great champion of the nation.
Nevanthi Celtic A spiritual lady, holy lady
Nevina Celtic The one who praises the saint.
Nia Celtic Illumination, Prettiness, Determination
Naaila African the person with the record of victories.
Naataanii African A poetess who writes the praise of the prophet
Nafula African One who was born during the rainy season.
Nafuna African The one who is carried his feet first.
Nailah African The accomplisher or the achiever
Naiser African One who is a founder of belief
Naja African A person indifferent to pleasure and pain
Nakato African The twins or doubles whom were born as the second in the family.
Nakeisha African The lifetime of woman or girl or lady or damsel.
Naki African The girl who was born first in the family or eldest daughter.
Nakimera African The talent or present of skills from God.
Nala African Lioness or Lots of Water
Nalo African The most lovable person
Nalorie African Lovable goddess of earth
Naserian African The lucky one. A fateful person
Nasha African In Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge
Nataki African One who took birth as a royal
Nathaara African Tiny pieces scattered all over
Nathifa African Clean, wholesome, unpolluted.
Natine African The person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.
Natoya African Dance, or the one who can dance
Nduta African Teach me
Neela African Bluish shaded color.
Neema African The one who was born in richness.
Neliah African The gift or present from the town
Neo African The talented one or skilled one.
Netta African Gate, shrubberies, trees, wilds, planting.
Ngendo African A traveler
Ngina African One who serves
Ngozi African Dedication, benediction, dedication, consecration.
Niana African Name of an African city in Mali
Nichelle African The great champion among the women.
Nimeesha African The dearest angel of God
Nisar African One who is passive and diplomatic.
Njeri African Daughter of a warrior.
Njoki African She who returned.
Nkechi African The precious treasure from God.
Nkechinyere African God’s pleasure which came to this world.
Nkiru African Once more God will provide an excellent gift.
Nkiruka African God will give me something ever best once again.
Nnenia African The one who looks same as her grandmother.
Nnenna African The one who is fond of her dad’s mum.
Noma African Cultivator or farmer or sample or model.
Nomalanga African Brilliant or sunshine light.
Nomasonto African Who was delivered or received on Sunday
Nombeko African Regard, respect, admiration.
Nomuula African Who is like unto Yahweh (Unchanging God)
Nontle African The ruler of the deep sea.
Noxolo African One who is passive and diplomatic.
Nsombi African Full of happiness or complete gladness.
Noah Hawaiian Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
Nalani Hawaiian The Head, or the chief or the heavens
Nalanie Hawaiian The calm sky
Nana Hawaiian In Hawaiian, it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese, it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa, it signifies the status of a monarch.
Nanea Hawaiian Land of heaven
Nani Hawaiian In Hawaiian it meant beauty or splendor. In Japanese it too means beauty.
Napua Hawaiian It resembles floras or flowers.
Noelani Hawaiian Fog from paradise.
Nohealani Hawaiian The prettiest woman from paradise.
Nastya Russian Act of resurrection
Nikita Russian Unbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.
Nada Russian The one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.
Nadege Russian Being full of hopes.
Nadejda Russian Believing in the honesty and reliability of others.
Nadette Russian Having the brave as a bear.
Nadezhda Russian A general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.
Nadia Russian The person who is full promises.
Nadiahope Russian A hopeful promise to others
Nadie Russian Prompted by wisdom or judgment.
Nadine Russian A trustful relationship.
Nadja Russian The person who will not give up easily.
Nadya Russian The specific instance of feeling hopeful.
Nastashia Russian A variant of Anastasia. It means resurrection.
Nastasia Russian A martyred saint. Also the name of the daughter of Russian king Czar
Nastasya Russian A saint who was a martyr and came alive
Nastenka Russian A form of Natasha, meaning resurrection.
Nastia Russian Arise from the dead
Nata Russian The one who is an expert in giving a speech.
Natalia Russian Newcomer to this world on Christ’s born day.
Nataliya Russian A woman who is blessed by God.
Nataly Russian Christmas child.
Natalya Russian Christ’s birthday child.
Natalyah Russian one who born on Christmas day
Natascha Russian Same birthday on Christmas day.
Natasha Russian The day who came to this world.
Natasia Russian Canadian version of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.
Natesha Russian Celebration of date of birth.
Nessa Russian Peninsulas, outcrop, point, cliff.
Nika Russian The one who is for God’s purpose.
Nina Russian The precious talent from the highest God.
Naazima Arabic The person who writes poems. lady poet.
Naazira Arabic The one who looks on over the activities.
Nabeeha Arabic The person who is standing above others in quality or position.
Nabeela Arabic The one who is adhering to ethical and moral principles.
Nabeelah Arabic The one who is impressive in appearance.
Nabeele Arabic The person who is generous, understanding and tolerant.
Nabighah Arabic The person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.
Nabiha Arabic The person who is worthy of being depended on.
Nabihah Arabic The person who is possessing excellent knowledge.
Nabijah Arabic The person who is motivating and bold guider.
Nabila Arabic Worthy, elegant, celebrated.
Nabilah Arabic The person who was born for goodness.
Nabilia Arabic A noble person, always carry good deeds
Nabra Arabic A lofty peak, especially valued for its uncommonness.
Nacima Arabic Not widely distributed.
Nada Arabic The one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.
Nadaa Arabic Condensation, bigheartedness, broadmindedness, nobility
Nadda Arabic The person who is willing to give and share unstintingly.
Nadeeda Arabic The contestant you hope to defeat.
Nadeemah Arabic A friend who is always in the company of another.
Nadeen Arabic The specific instance of feeling hopeful.
Nadheema Arabic Having mutual interests or affections.
Nadhirah Arabic The one who is good looking and glowing.
Nadhiyah Arabic The one who is animated or beautiful.
Nadida Arabic Remains in the same quantity.
Nadima Arabic The mate of the drinking person.
Nadimah Arabic The person who is very closer to your heart.
Nadin Arabic Slightly wet, care, trust, subtle.
Nadina Arabic Grounds for feeling hopeful.
Nadira Arabic The one who is uncommon and tough to search.
Nadirah Arabic The one who is occasional and valuable.
Nadiyah Arabic Easily broken or damaged or destroyed.
Nadiyya Arabic The one who is soggy, affectionate and gentle.
Nadra Arabic The one who is specific to a person or thing or category.
Nadrah Arabic A specified person, highly recognizable
Nadwa Arabic The body serving in an administrative capacity.
Nadwah Arabic The one who gives sensible advice.
Nadyne Arabic Flower head, bud, blossom, floret.
Nadzieja Arabic The person who is mild, saturated and affectionate.

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