500 Most Popular Baby Girl Names with Meanings


Baby girl is a wonderful gift. One feels so blessed to have a baby girl and it’s often very difficult to choose a baby girl name for your precious and gorgeous angel. People get confused in picking up a name for their child.

How to select a baby girl name?

There is no right way and wrong way in choosing a baby girl name. But there are some things which need to be considered.

  1. Consider how it sounds. Think how the name sound when you call your child. Is it nice to harsh to hear? Does it go well with your last name?
  2. Having a unique name is also good. But sometimes rare and unique name will have mispronunciations and unwanted attention.
  3. A name which has a significance or meaning will be more appreciable.
  4. Make sure that the initials go well; otherwise it will end up in an unfortunate nickname at school.
  5. Pick a name that ages well and which sounds professional & good in future.
  6. To make it easier for you, our team has put together a list of unique baby girl names with meaning to choose from. So what are you waiting for !!!

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500 Most Popular Baby Girl Names with Meanings and Originality 




Alia High. Exalted. Lofty. Sublimity American
Amira Well populated American
Abbie Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy American
Abedabun Sight of day American
Abequa Stays at home American
Abigail The father’s joy American
Abril The month April; symbolizes spring American
Adah First daughter American
Adaline noble American
Adella Of the nobility. Noble American
Adele Good humor; Of the nobility. Noble American
Adoette Large tree American
Adria From Adria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark American
Adsila Blossom American
Agatha Good. St. Agatha was a 3rd century Christian martyr American
Aggie Poor, poor, or chaste. American
Aida Wealthy American
Aileen Light. From the name Eibhlin, derived from Evelyn or Evelina American
Ainsley Derived from the British Nottinghamshire (Annesley) American

baby girl names

Babette A French , a Hewbrew name meaning ‘My God is plentiful’ American
Bambi Little child; bambino. Pet name American
Barbara Traveler from a foreign land American
Barbie Dry. A flower name American
Barney Comfort American
Bartholomew Son of a farmer. Both surname and given name American
Beatrice Blesses American
Beau Handsome American
Becky Rebecca American
Bedrosian Descended from Peter American
Bee F: A meaning bringer of joy American
Belen Bethlehem American
Bemidii river by a lake American
Bena Pheasant American
Benedict blessed. From Benedictus meaning blessed American
Benita Blessed. Feminine of Benedict American
Berenice One who brings victory American
Bernita Feminine of Bernard, meaning strong as a bear, or bear hard American
Bertha Sparkling American
Bertie Intelligent; Glorious raven. French form of the German Bertram American
Beshiltheeni metalworker American


Cade Small battle; spirit of the battle American
Caden Spirit of battle. See also Kade American
Cadence meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds American
Caitlin meaning pure American
Cale Bold; Surname derived from Charles American
Calista Most beautiful. Calista was a Mythological Arcadian American
Calla The most beautiful American
Camila Free-born; noble American
Candace Who possesses contrition American
Candi Bright; glowing white American


Candida Dazzling white. Bright, glowing white American
Cara Friend American
Carey Carol and Caroline from the masculine Charles meaning manly American
Carina Pure American
Carisa Very dear American
Carla Manly American
Carlene Germanic form of Charles, meaning: a man American
Carleton Peasants’ settlement, based on Old English.Free men’s town American
Carlo Strong American
Carma Fate American
Carmela Golden American
Dagmar Famous day. Derived from a compound of two German words American
Daisey Day’s eye. A flower name American
Dakota Friend; ally American
Dale Lives in the valley. Small valley. Surname American
Dadgayadoh gambling men American
Dallas Wise American
Dallin Proud American
Dalton From the farm in the dale American
Dameon Tame. Saint Damian was the patron saint of hairdressers American
Damon Gentle. To tame. American
Dana Wise. Intelligent American
Danelle God is my judge American
Danette God has judged, or God is judge. American
Danica Morning star American
Daniela God is my judge American
Danita God has judged, or God is judge American
Danna Feminine God will judge American
Daphne Victory American
Dara Oak tree American
Darby Deer Park, ‘Without envy American
Earlina Noble woman American
Eartha Worldly. Earth, from the Old English eorthe. Famous bearer: American
Ebba Strong American
Eben Stone American
Eber One that passes, anger American
Ebony Black American
Echo Sound. A mythological nymph American
Eda Wealthy American
Edgar Fortunate and powerful American
Edna Fire American
Edsel Noble; bright American
Eduardo Prosperous guardian American
Edwina Rich in friendship, or wealthy friend.  rich or happy American
Edyth Joyous American
Efrain Fertile American
Einar Warrior chief American
Elaskolatat Nez Perce name meaning animal running into the ground American
Elayne Mother of Lancelot American
Elda warrior American
Eldred Wise advisor American


Fabiola Femininefrom the Roman family name Fabius. Bean American
Fala crow American
Fannie Free American
Farrah Happy American
Farrell Brave American
Felipe loves horses American
Felisha Happy. Feminine of Felix American
Felix Name of a saint American
Fern A green plant that loves shade American
Fernanda Adventuresome American
Fernando Brave traveler American
Filomena Lover of man. Beloved American
Fiona Fair American
Fleta Swift American
Flora Flower American
Flossie The mythological Roman goddess of flowers American
Fran From France or ‘free one.’ Feminine of Francis American
Francesco Derived from the Latin Francis meaning French or free one American
Francine Free American
Frazier French town American
Freda Elf strength, good counselor. American
Freddie Old German name Frithuric, meaning peaceful ruler American
Frederic Peaceful ruler American
Frida Beautiful American
Fronia Wise American
Gabe God’s able-bodied one American
Gabriela God’s able-bodied one. Feminine of Gabriel American
Gael Stranger American
Gaetano From Gaete American
Gale Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy American
Garnett Armed with a spear American
Garrick Spear king American
Genevieve White wave American
Georgia Farmer American
Gerardo Spear hard American
Giana God is gracious American
Giovani God has shown favor.’ See also Jovan American
Giuseppe He shall add American
Gonzalo The Tempest’ An honest old counsellor American
Gracie Grace American
Griselda  ‘grey battle’ or ‘Christian battle’ American
Gustavo Royal staff American
Gwendolyn Fair. Blessed. White browed. White circle American
Gabriel The name Gabriel is a baby boy name American
Gaby God is My Strength; God’s Able-bodied One; British
Gayla Lively; Festive Party; Joyous; Father of Exaltation British
Gemma Jewel; Precious Stone; Gem British
Gilda Golden; Covered with a Thin Layer of Gold; Offering; Sacrifice; God’s Servant British
Goldi Gold British
Galena Healer; Festive Party; Calm; Small Intelligent One British
Hadley of heather. Surname. The name of Hemingway’s first wife American
Hahkethomemah Little robe American
Hahnee Beggar American
Haig From the hedged enclosure American
Hali Sickness, a beginning, a precious stone American
Halona Of happy fortune American
Hamza Lion. Sour leaves American
Hania Spirit warrior American
Hank Rules an estate American
Hanna Grace American
Hardy Daring American
Harkahome Little robe American
Harlan From the hare’s land American
Harley From Old English hare wood (or meadow) American
Haroutyoun Resurrection American
Harper Harpist; minstrel American
Harriet Ruler of the home American
Hausisse Old woman American
Hawiovi Going down the ladder American
He lush ka Fighter American
Hale Hero; Army Ruler British
Hely Waves British
Hida Present; Gift; Warrior; Friendly British
Harva Female Version of Harvey; Army Warrior British
Hazal Tree Name British
Idella Bountiful American
Igasho Wanders American
Ignacio Fiery American
Illanipi Amazing American
Ilona Shining light. The bright one American
Imelda Powerful fighter. American
Immanuel God with us American
Imogene Image. Blameless; innocent American
Inez Poor, pure, or chaste. American
Inga Hero’s daughter American
Ingrid Hero’s daughter American
Inteus Has no shame American
Iola Violet-colored dawn. Sister of Iphitus American
Irena Peace American
Irene Peace American
Irma noble American
Irving White American
Isa Devoted to God American
Isabela My God is bountiful;God of plenty American
Isaias God’s helper American
Isidore Strong Gift. Gift of Isis American
Isidro Gifted with many ideas American
Israel Who prevails with God American
Istas Snow American
Ituha Sturdy oak American


Jabari Brave American
Jacalyn Feminine of Jacques derived from James and Jacob. American
Jacey Based on the initials J. C. or an abbreviation of Jacinda American
Jaci derived from John: God is gracious. American
Jacqueline Supplanter. He grasps the heel. American
Jade Jewel American
Jaden Jehovah has heard. A Biblical name American
Jagger Carter American
Jaida The gemstone jade; the color green American
Jaime used as a woman’s name American
Jair My light, who diffuses light American
Jairo Hebrew Jairus ‘Jehovah enlightens American
Jamaal Handsome American
Jamia used as a woman’s name American
Jamila Chaste American
Janae  based on Jane or Jean or Janai meaning ‘God has answered American
Janice Gift from God American
Jasmine From the name of the flower, jasmine American
Jaylene Feminine American
Jeana God is gracious American
Jeanetta Little Jean. God is gracious American
Jemima Little dove. most beautiful women American
Jenifer Fair one. Guinevere was King Arthur’s mythological queen American
Jerrell Strong; open-minded. Blend of Jerold and Darell American
Jerry A feminine form of Gerald, meaning ruling spear American
Kacey Form of the Irish name Casey; American
Kade From the wetlands American
Kadin Companion American
Kaelyn keeper of the keys; pure American
Kaia The sea American
Kaitlin Pure American
Kalani The sky; chieftain American
Kaleb Dog; brave. American
Kamden Winding Valley. Form of Camden American
Kami Lord American
Kamron Form of Cameron ‘crooked nose American
Kandace ancient hereditary title used by Ethiopian queens American
Kanoa The free one American
Kara Pure American
Karina Pure American
Karissa Very dear American
Karlee Womanly; strength. Feminine of Karl American
Karol Femininemeaning manly American
Kasandra Unheeded prophetess American
Kathryne Pure American
Kaya Adds a place of resting American
Kaylynn Keeper of the keys; pure American
Keagan A thinker; fiery. Form of Hugh American
Kecia Great joy American
Keely Beautiful American
Lacey Derived from Lacey which is a French Nobleman’s surname American
Lafayette Surname.  French nobleman Marquis de Lafayette American
Lakesha  Joyful; happy American
Lamar Of the sea American
Lambert Bright land. Can be used as both a surname and first name American
Lamont Lawyer American
Lana Light American
Lanette Fair; good-looking American
Laney Path; roadway.Lane and Laine American
Langundo Peaceful American
Lanie Path; roadway.Lane and Laine American
Lansa lance American
Laraine meaning from Lorraine American
Larissa Protection American
Larry Laurel American
Latasha Based on Natasha meaning birthday American
Latonia Named for Latium American
Latoya Victorious one. Derived from Victoria. Singer LaToya Jackson American
Laura Crowned with laurels American
Laureen Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory) American
Laurel Laurel American
Lauren Of Laurentum. From the place of the laurel leaves. American
Lauryn the place of the laurel trees; place of honor and victory. American
Laverna Born in the spring American
Lavina Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus and the wife of Trojan American
Mabelle Lovable American
Macie Derived from medieval male form of Matthew American
Madalyn From the tower American
Maddox Son of Maddock American
Madge Child of light. Famous Bearer: American
Madie Tower American
Madonna My lady. Respectful address similar to the French ‘madame American
Mae Bitter American
Maegan pearl – based on the abbreviation Meg American
Maeve A mythical queen American
Magdalen From the tower American
Maggie Pearl American
Magnolia Flower American
Mahala Woman American
Mahina Moon; moonlight American
Maida Maiden American
Malachi My messenger, my angel American
Malinda Gentle American
Mallory Army counselor American
Mamie Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. American
Mandy Abbreviation of Amanda, meaning worthy of being loved American
Manley Manly. Masculine. From the hero’s meadow American
Manuela God is with us; god is among us American
Marcelino Form of the Latin Marcellus meaning hammer American
Marcella Warring American


Nadia Hope American
Naia A nymph American
Nanci meaning favor; grace American
Nanette Grace American
Nannie Grace American
Naomi pleasant American
Natalee Birthday; especially the birthday of Christ American
Natalia Born at Christmas American
Natasha Born at Christmas American
Nathanael The gift of God American
Nealie Ruler American
Nedra Feminine of Ned American
Nehemiah Consolation, repentance of the Lord American
Natalia The name Natalia comes from the Spanish origin American
Nelia Horn American
Natalya Birthday; especially the birthday of Christ. American
Neoma New moon American
Neta Grace American
Nevada Snowy American
Nicky People’s victory American
Nikita From the mythological Greek Nike – goddess of victory American
Nila From the Nile American
Noelani Mist of heaven American
Noemi pleasantness American
Noma Fate American
Pablo Little; small. American
Paige Attendant. American
Palma Palm tree. American
Palmer Pilgrim; bearing a palm branch. American
Paloma Dove. American
Parrish Lives near the church. American
Pansy Flower. American
Paola Small. American
Parthenia Virgin; chaste. American
Pasquale Born on Easter. American
Patsy Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples. American
Pattie Lady American
Pauletta Small American
Peggy Pearl American
Phoebe The shining one. Mother of Leto. Greek moon goddess American
Priscilla Ancient American
Pam All Sweetness; Form of Pamela; All Honey British
Pat Patrician; Noble; Lady; Female Version of Patrick British
Posy Palm Tree; Palm Bearing Pilgrim; City of Palms British
Pammy All-honey; With New Leaves British
Pathy Nice British
Pavia Female Version of Paul; Little; Small British
Polly Bitterness; Rebelliousness; The Perfect One; British
Pagent A Beautiful Girl British
Panima Mother of God British
Saba Early Morning Breeze; Zephyr; Morning; A Gentle Breeze; Islam
Sabi Young; Teen; Intelligence; Grace; Purity Islam
Sada Pure One; Always; Form of Sarah; Princess; Shining Always Islam
Safa Pureness; Clarity; Purity; Serenity; Innocent; Purity of Mind Islam
Sahi Cute; Beautiful; Faith; Innocent Islam
Saja Right Islam
Sama Weather; Of a Peaceful Nature; Similarity; A Year Islam
Sana Prayer; Resplendence; Brilliance; Mountain Top; Brightness; Islam
Sara Pure; Lady; Excellent; Form of Sarah; Queen; Islam
Siba Variant of Siba’; The Queen of Sheba Islam
Siha Pretty Islam
Sima Border; Listener; Precious Thing; Treasure; Boundary; Islam
Simi Limit; To Behold; Gracious Islam
Soha Sunrise; A Star; Princess Islam
Suda Happy; Lucky Islam
Suha Rejoicing; A Raga; Name of a Star; Forgotten; Overlooked Islam
Suni Believer Islam
Saaim Fasting Islam
Saara Nobel Princess Islam
Sabat Stability; Firmness; Certainty; Boldness; Truth; Endurance Islam
Sabia Beautiful; 7th Sky in Arabic; Pretty Woman; Very Pretty; Islam
Sabra Patient; Enduring; Cactus Fruit; Thorny Cactus; To Rest Islam
Sadaf Pearl; Sea Shell; Lord Ram’s Devotees; Oyster Islam
Sadah Happiness Islam
Sadat Happiness; Bliss; Felicity; Success Islam
Sadia Lucky; Simple; Fortunate Islam
Sadra Shining Like Star Islam
Safia Chaste; Lion’s Share; Pure; Best Friend; Islam
Safun Breezing Islam
Safya Nice; Best Friend; Lovely Islam
Rafael God has healed. America
Ralph Strong. America
Ramon Wise protector. America
Randal Wise power. America
Randi Lovely goddess. America
Rashad Thinker; counselor. America
Rashida Righteous. America
Raul Strong. America
Reba Fourth born. America
Regina Queen. America
Reina Clean. America
Rena Peaceful. America
Renata Rebirth. America
Renita Dignified. America
Reta Speaker. America
Rhoda Rose. America
Rich Wealthy. America
Ricky Hard ruler. America
Rikki Feminine form of Eric: Forever strong. America
Rita Pearl. America


T’iis Cottonwood America
Taabish Warmth. Brilliance America
Tabitha Gazelle.  symbol of graceful beauty America
Tay Form of Tea; Tailor British
Tacy Silence; An Abbreviation of Anastacia British
Tait Pleasant and Bright; Brings Joy; Cheerful; Happy British
Tami Palm Tree; Twin; Spice; Tamara; Let People See Benefit; Night; British
Tara Hill; Tower; Crag; Star; Rocky Hill; The Pupil of the Eye; British
Taya Form of Tea; Taylor; Valley Field; One who is Young British
Teal Greenish Blue Colour; Duck; The Blue-green Colour British
Teja Radiant; Lighting of Moon British
Tena Follower of Christ; Anointed; Strong; Healthy; British
Tess Harvester; Guardian; Woman from Therasia; Hunter; Theresa; British
Tina River; Clay; War Like; Constant; Christian Woman; Holy; Pure; British
Tofu Food British
Tony Flourishing;  Triumphant; Twin;  Invaluable British
Tory Victory; Derived from Victoria Triumphant; Conqueror British
Tova The Lord is Good; Good; Pleasing British
Tria Earth Mother British
Tyna River; Anointed; An Instrument; Christ’s Follower British
Tabby Gazelle British
Taite Pleasant and Bright; Cheerful British
Talia Dew from Heaven; Blooming; Near Water;  Dew of God; British
Talor Light Dew British
Tania Fairy Princess;Worthy of Praises; Music British
Tanis Spanish Abbreviation of Estanislao; Serpent Lady; Fairy Queen British
Tarin Of the Earth; Blend of Tara and Erin; From Ireland; Rocky Hill British
Tassa Born at Christmas; Abbreviation of Natasha; British
Tatum Light Hearted; Bringer of Joy; Cheerful; Tate’s Homestead British
Taura Bull; An Astrological Name; Feminine Form of Taurus; British
Val To be Healthy and Strong; Strong; Vigorous; Healthy; Power British
Vail Dweller in the Valley British
Vale Valley; Usually with a Stream; Strong British
Vena Vineyard; Lute Player; Vein; Elf Friend; Pet Form of Lavina British
Vera Truth; Victory; One who Brings Victory;  Trustworthy; British
Vania Butterfly;  God’s Gracious Gift; Brings Good News British
Vanna Butterfly; Diminutive of Vanessa; God is Gracious; Merciful British
Vanya The Lord is Gracious; Flute; Gracious Gift of God; British
Venus Goddess of Love / Beauty British
Vikki Victorious; Conqueror; Diminutive of Victoria; Triumphant British
Vinny Noble Friend British
Viola Form of Violet; Violet Flower; Purple; Twelfth Night; Musical; British
Vannah Good; Attractive British
Vanora White Wavess; White Wave British
Vasvee Earth British
Vaughn Small British
Velvet Soft-napped Fabric British
Venice From Venetia British
Verlee Beaver-stream British
Verona Bearer of Victory; True Image; Truth; Faith British
Valeksa Beautiful British
Vanessa Genus of Butterfly; Star; Coined from British
Velonia Mother of Jesus British
Venetia Woman of Venice British
Virgena Pure; Chaste; Virginal; Maid British
Victoria Victorious; Conqueror; Victory; Conquer; Goddess of Victory British
Vivianna Full of Life; Variant of Vivien;  Lively British
Vaagdevi Goddess of learning Vaanika Hindu
Vachya Sita Hindu
Vagisha Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Sahar Awakening; Dawn; Early Morning Islam
Sahba Wine; Beer Islam
Sahna Form; Figure; Complexion Islam
Sahra Princess; Desert Islam
Saiba Straight; Pertinent Islam
Saiha Useful Islam
Saima Mother of Flowers; Lightening; Fasting Woman Islam
Saiqa Lightning Islam
Sajia Princess Islam
Sajni Beloved Islam
Sakhi True Friend; Story; Life Partner Islam
Salma Peaceful; Safe; Whole; To be Safe; Beautiful Woman; Islam
Salva Wise Prayer Islam
Samah Beautiful Sky; Generosity; Forgiveness Islam
Samia Nice; One who can Hear; High-class; Islam
Samya Fasting Islam
Sanai Beautiful Islam
Sania Brilliant; Moment; Happy; First in Whatever She want Islam
Sanya Fortunate; Splendid; Radiant; Born on Saturday; Islam
Sasha Defending Men; .molody Feminine of Alexander; Islam
Patton Warrior’s Town British
Pechel Cute or Small British
Piyona Beloved Loveing British
Poojan Worship British
Palmyra Palm Tree British
Pandora All-gifts British
Primula First Rose British
Penelope Wife of Odysseys; White Shoulder; Fionnula; Dream Weaver; British
Placencia Pleasant Woman British
Periwinkle Flower British
Petronella Stone; Rock British
Primaveira Loveable British
Prudeciana Crazy; Psycotic; Psyco British
Padma Lotus Hindu
Padmagriha who resides in a lotus Hindu
Padmakshi one with lotus-like eyes Hindu
Padmalaya house of lotuses Hindu
Pankaja Lotus Hindu
Pankhadi Petal Hindu
Panna Emerald Hindu

So, make a list of your favorite names from the above and keep in mind the meaning of the names. Whatever you do, think twice before you name your baby girl, because it’s a name and it will last for a lifetime.

If you are still confused about your baby girl’s name, dig into our Baby Name Generator and choose your baby girl name.


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