101 Beautiful Hispanic Baby Girl Names for Your Angel


Looking for best Hispanic name for your baby girl? Here is a list of best Hispanic Baby girl names.

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101 Best Hispanic Baby Girl Names

hispanic baby girl names

Name Meaning
Abril The month April: symbolizes spring.
Acacia Honorable. Biblical: acacia wood was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle.
Adalia Of the nobility. Noble.
Adana Spanish feminine of Adam.
Adelina Noble or kind or winged
Adelita Kind or winged: Of the nobility. Noble.
Adella Of the nobility. Noble.
Adonia Beautiful lady. Feminine of Adonis.
Adoracion Adoration
Adriana Dark
Agacia Kind
Agdta Kind
Agnese Spanish form of Agnes pure
Agueda Kind
Aida Help
Aidia Help
Aintzane Glorious
Alameda Promenade
Alandra Variant of Alexandra defender of mankind.
Alanza Ready for battle. Feminine of Alonzo.
Alazne Miracle
Albertine Noble
Alda Wise. Elder. Variant of Aldo.
Aldene Wise. Elder. Variant of Aldo.
Aldona Wise. Elder. Variant of Aldo.
Aldonsa Nice
Aldonza Nice
Aleece Of the nobility.
Alegria Merry
Beatrisa Brings happiness
Beatriz Brings happiness: Brings joy.
Belen Bethlehem.
Belinda Attractive
Bella Beautiful
Benigna Kind
Calandria Lark
Calida Ardent
Calvina Feminine form of Calvino bald
Camila Attendant
Candi Variant of Candida. Bright: glowing white.
Candida Pure or white
Candie Variant of Candida. Bright: glowing white.
Cari Abbreviation of Caridad meaning dear: darling. A star in the Orion constellation.
Carilla Feminine form of Charles manly
Carisa Very dear.
Carla Feminine form of Charles manly
Carletta Feminine form of Charles manly
Dalila Delicate
Damita Little noble
Dani Feminine of Daniel God will judge.
Danita God judges
Daria Rich
Deiene Religious holiday
Deikun Religious holiday
Earlena Shield
Earlene Shield
Earlina Shield
Edenia Pleasure. From the Hebrew Eden which was the gardenlike biblical first home of Adam and Eve in the bible.
Edita Spoils of war.
Elbertina Noble
Faqueza Weakness
Fausta Lucky
Faustina Lucky
Fe Trust
Gala From Gaul
Galena Small intelligent one
Galenia Small intelligent one
Garabina Purification
Henriqua Feminine form of Henrique rules the home
Hermosa Beautiful
Honor Honor
Idoia Reference to the Virgin Mary
Idurre Reference to the Virgin Mary
Ignacia Fire
Jacenta Flower
Jacinta Hyacinth or purple
Kemina Strong
Kendi Unknown
La Reina Queen
Lala Abbreviation of Eulalie well-spoken.
Madalena Bitter: Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine.
Madalynn Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine.
Naiara Reference to the Virgin Mary
Nalda Strong
Odanda Famous land
Oihane From the forest
Pabla Little
Paciencia Patient
Querida Beloved
Quinta Born fifth
Raimunda Wise defender
Sens Sens means ‘holy’. It is sweet little name for your baby. Perfect if you want to keep it simple.
Sofia Some names never lose their charm. Sofia is one of them. It means ‘wisdom’ in Latin.
Sara Another traditional name, Sara means ‘noble lady or princess’ – a name perfect for traditional families.
Teofila Teofila means ‘God’s friends’.
Valentia A poetic name with a strong meaning! Valentia means ‘power’.
Xenia A pretty feminine name, Xenia means ‘well-born’. A great option for your little darling!
Xiomara Girls today need to be fighters. They have battles to win. Pick the name Xiomara for your daughter. It means ‘famous warrior.’
Ynez Are you looking for a religious yet trendy name? Try Ynez. It means ‘holy.’
Zarita Your daughter rules the roost at home, doesn’t she? Name her Zarita, which means ‘noble lady or princess.’
Zaneta God’s gift. A saint’s name.

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