201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with E


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with E, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with E.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with E

EllaEnglishOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys life
EabaeEnglishA versatile and very creative person.
EadaEnglishIt means Wealthy.
EadburhEnglishA person who loves to help the less-fortunate.
EaddaEnglishIt means Wealthy.
EadgyfuEnglishEthical and good natured person
EadidaEnglishA reserved nature person.
EadildEnglishA fortunate and precious person
EaditaEnglishAmusing and diligent person
EadithEnglishOne who is blessed with riches and prizes
EadreaEnglishA brave and manly bearer
EaduEnglishIt means Wealth or Richness.
EadwinaEnglishFeminine form of Edwin it means ‘Rich Friend’.
EadwynnEnglishIt means ‘Rich Friend’ .
EaldburgaEnglishOne who has a heart of gold
EaldgifuEnglishAn encouraging, alert and honest being
EalhburgEnglishA lonely, bright and wonderful being
EalhhildEnglishOne who has a lot of strength
EalhswuthEnglishThey are a wish come true
EallisonEnglishThe son of Alice
EamaEnglishOne who comprises of the whole universe
EanaEnglishAn expressive and good-natured women.
EanburgEnglishOne who loves to share and care
EanflaedEnglishA compassionate and passionate being
EanfleadEnglishA happy, straight and positive person
EanfledEnglishOne who is worthy to be proud of
EanfridEnglishA frank, lonesome and experienced being
EanswidaEnglishOne who is very rigid and determined
EanswithEnglishEnergetic, noble and high spirited person
EanswithaEnglishAn amusing, forward and high honoured individual
EanswythEnglishA self maintained and happy individual
EanwinEnglishAn imaginative, warm and neat being
EardleyEnglishA habitational name; clearing
EarlaEnglishIt means a noble warrior.
EarleenEnglishIt means Princess; it also means Noble Warrior in Old English
EarlenaEnglishThe name Earlena means a very noble women.
EarleneEnglishNoble Women; It means shield in spanish.
EarleyEnglishIt means eagle wood.
EarlineEnglishIt is feminine form of Earl meaning Noble Women.
EarnestineEnglishOne who has vigor and is serious minded
EarnestynaEnglishA serious and loving individual
EarricEnglishOne who has a powerful mind
EarthaEnglishThe mother Earth
EarthelindaEnglishAmbitious, thrifty and honest being
EarwynaEnglishA friend of sea
EastorhildEnglishA self contented; hard working and daring
EathelinEnglishIt means a noble waterfall
EddenEnglishDelight; joy; One who has great ambition and strength
EddivaEnglishpowerful divine person
EddusaEnglishOne who has strong spirit and is idealistic
EddyeEnglishAn independent; protector and saviour; wealthy friend
EdedEnglishOne who is full of joy and is a delight
EdeeEnglishStrive for wealth; to get good profit after a deal or winning a war
EdeenaEnglishAn uncertain person;pleasing; divine; like a god
EdelinaEnglishGod is gracious; one who is rich or blessed
EdeuaEnglishOne who is born to live and prosper
EdevaEnglishAn expensive gift
EdhivaEnglishA happy song which is very sweet
EdietEnglishOne who is known to bring success in every area
EdildEnglishOne who can bring success
EdildaEnglishOne who has fought the war; found victory
EdithEnglishProsperous in War
EditheEnglishOne who is striving for wealth
EdiuaEnglishAggressive and encouraging human being
EdivaEnglishWork hard for wealth and health
EdlenEnglishOne who is like a high waterfall
EdmandaEnglishRich helper; one who helps the needy
EdmoniaEnglishA wealthy person who is like a queen
EdomaEnglishBelongng to God; they are the one who are faithful
EdoneaEnglishA kind hearted person; generous
EdrieEnglishA blessed guardian
EdwardeenEnglishWealthy protector and filled with conciousness
EdwardeneEnglishRich defender; one who is like a wealthy guard
EdwardinaEnglishGuardian of riches; one who has great desire
EdwardineEnglishWealthy defender; they are guarding the property
EdwardyneEnglishOne who is wealthy defender
EdweenaEnglishRich in friendship; one who has aged like wine
EdwenaEnglishWealthy friend; one who has a rich heart
EdwienaEnglishRich in friendship; onw who cares a lot
EdwinnaEnglishGood friend; one who is rich in friendship
EdwynaEnglishA valuable and wealthy friend
EdyEnglishWho can strife for wealth
EdyeEnglishOne who is attractive and well mannered
EdytheEnglishThe gifts or possessions won after the war
EdyvaEnglishLuxirious and costly presents
EleenaEnglishThe one who shines even during darkness
ElenorEnglishA bright individual; they are special
ElenoraEnglishBright light; thoughtful person
ElesaEnglishThe one who is elegant and traditional
EleseaEnglishAn independent person who takes God as his oath
ElestrenEnglishA trusted person; they are unique
ElethaEnglishA gracious person who is very much lovable
EletheaEnglishOne who is joyous and happy person
ElethiaEnglishThey are healer who cures people
ElettraEnglishA healer who really likes to cure people
EleutheriusEnglishThe shining Sun; they are the ones who share light
ElewysEnglishThe one who is the most beautiful of all
EleynEnglishA hazelnut; they are passionate
ElfedaEnglishThey are very powerful and have strength
ElfieEnglishA good Elf; they are compassionate
ElfildaEnglishA rigid, stable and hard working person
ElfledEnglishThey are beautiful people
ElfledaEnglishA noble person; they are born beautiful
ElfletEnglishA lovable person; beautiful and full of passion
ElfletaEnglishA tender and logical person; amusing
ElfreEnglishThey are peaceful and loves peace
ElfriedaEnglishStrong as an Elf
ElfrydahEnglishOne who knows magic like an Elf
ElfswithaEnglishA loyal and friendly person
ElgaEnglishElfin Spear; Holy
EliamarEnglishOne who has deep faith in destiny
EliarysEnglishThey have got the amazing imaginative powers
ElidaEnglishA beautiful winged creature
EliisabetEnglishOne who takes God as Oath; helpful person
ElilenEnglishA hazelnut; they are compassionate
ElisaEnglishOne who is consecrated to god
EsmeraldaEnglisha Spanish word meaning emerald.
EarlinaEnglishIt means a very strong and noble women.
EchaEnglishTo give blessings; to give good things
EdelmiraEnglishPrincess; one who is great and famous person
EdgidaEnglishMade of goat skin shield
EdgidiaEnglishWarrior using goat skin shield
EdgythEnglishA brave and powerful warrior
EditaEnglishThey are sucessful in warfare
EiderEnglishBeautiful and pretty haired lady
EillivaEnglishIndependent, noble and faithful being
EkisaEnglishOne who is consecrated to God
ElbertinaEnglishOne who has a noble heart and mind
EldoraEnglishThe name given to many saints
EleanoraEnglishLight which is shining and bright
EleeshaEnglishA shining and bright individual form of Helen
ElenaEnglishGreek name Helen; bright one
EliaEnglishThey have a feeling good feeling about the lord
ElianEnglishA passionate and loving human being
ElodiaEnglishOne who is prospeous and rich
EloisaEnglishAnother form of Louise; healthy and wide individual
ElsaEnglishGod who provides satisfaction; truth
ElsiEnglishthis means my god is a vow.
ElveraEnglishthis name means white or truth.
ElviraEnglishthis name means white.
ElvisaEnglishthis name means healthy and safe.
ElvitaEnglishthis name means truth.
ElvivaEnglishthis name means trustworthy or alert or white.
EmaEnglishthis means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.
EmeldaEnglishthis name literally means an entire battle.
EmelianaEnglishthis name means to continually strive or excel against a rival.
EmelothEnglishKing Arthur’s castle during the medieval ages was described by using this name.
EmeraldEnglishthis is a precious gemstone with the same name.
EmeraudeEnglishFrench word for emerald.
EmiliaEnglishthis name means to rival or emulate or excel.
EmilianaEnglishthis name means someone who wants to excel or be excellent.
EmilynEnglishthis name means someone who is striving and works hard.
EmilynneEnglisha person who is industrious and strives extremely hard to excel.
EmmaEnglishthe meaning of this name is universal whole.
EmmanuelaEnglishthis is the feminine form of the Biblical name for the Messiah and also has the meaning that god should be with us.
EmmanuellaEnglishmeans god with us from the old testament in Biblical verses.
EmmieEnglishqualities like delicate, soft and friendly.
EncarnacionEnglishreference to the incarnation.
EnedeliaEnglishnobility or a noble person.
EnricuaEnglishFemale form of Enrique, meaning all powerful ruler.
EnriquetaEnglisha feminized version of the word enrique meaning ruler of the home.
EoduinEnglisha famous character from a novel; the darkangel trilogy.
EolandeEnglishviolet flower.
ErciliaEnglisha character from Roman mythological legends.
EmiliaGermanthis name means to rival or emulate or excel.
EmmaGermanthe meaning of this name is universal whole.
EadaionGermanIt means Friendship in German
EagleGermanEducated and noble person; attentive
EammaGermanIts derived from germanic name emen meaning universal.
EarnestineGermanOne who has vigor and is serious minded
EarthaGermanThe mother Earth
EattaGermanIn german it means little one
EbbaGermanIt means strong .
EbertaGermanIntelligent; Bright; Brilliant
EdaGermanA wealthy guardian angel who is well mannered; to strive for wealth
EddaGermanOne with clear vision; great grandmother inheritance
EdelinaGermanGod is gracious; one who is rich or blessed
EdelineGermanAn honorable person; ornament
EdelleGermanA superior person; has excellent taste
EdelmarGermanOne who is famous for noble personality
EdelotGermanA reputed, intelligent and ethical being
EdeltraudGermanOne who is born of noble and hard
EdeltrautGermanOne who belongs to a noble family
EdeltrudeGermanOne who is born with fighting spirit; strength
EdiGermanThe one who is rich in war
EdidGermanThe one who has a habit of being joyful
EdidaGermanA joyous and prosperous worker
EdieGermanBringing wealth and success from the war
EdiedGermanA rich and famous person
EdiheGermanOne who has been flourishing financially
EdithGermanProsperous in War
EdithaGermanBlessed to be successful person or individual
EdonyGermanNordic Goddess of immorality
EdvigGermanBattle; fight for Contention
EdvigeGermanContention and strife
EevonneGermanYew; a coniferous tree which has red berry-like fruits
EgelinaGermanOne who has the power of an Eagle
EhrenGermanA honourable and kind hearted individual
EidelGermanGentle one; noble and kind person
EidithGermanRich or blessed; the one who is secure
EihGermanUncountable; an oak tree who loves free detailed
EiichiGermanA notable and powerful ruler who is bright
EilieuaGermanBright and beautiful
EilieueGermanA happy go lucky, spontaneous person
EilikaGermanSword tip; a serious minded and diplomatic person
EinildaGermanBattle; an idealistic and powerful natured person
ElberthinaGermanA bright and famous person
ElenaGermanGreek name Helen; bright one
EleonoraGermanShining bright light coming from above
EleonoreGermanA shining bright ray of light
ElfreedaGermanOne who has the power of an Elf
ElfridaGermanOne who can threaten an Elf
ElfriedeGermanOne who has the strength of an Elf
ElicaGermanA noble person; they are filled with gratitude

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