201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with D


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with D, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with D.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with D

DaaiyahEnglishThe one who follows Christ
DabneyEnglishJudge; one who imparts justice
DabriaEnglishAn angel of death
DacaEnglishDramatic and easy going
DaelynEnglishA very small valley
DaenerysEnglishA created name
DaesgesageEnglishEyes of day
DagianEnglishBeautiful dawn
DailynEnglishPretty flower
DainaEnglishGood-natured individual
DairricaEnglishChild of Adam
DaiseeEnglishA flower
DaiseyEnglishVariant of name Daisy
DaishaEnglishThe one who is alive
DaisiEnglishName of a flower
DaisieEnglishDay for an eye
DaisleyEnglishThe one who cannot be explained
DaisyEnglishA beautiful flower
DaleEnglishThey belong to a person
DaleeEnglishOne who lives by the valley
DalenaEnglishSmall valley
DaleneEnglishA beautiful valley
DalennaEnglishPrecious little jewel
DalindaEnglishNoble Serpent
DalleenEnglishThe educated one
DallyEnglishTo delay
DallysEnglishA resting place
DalwEnglishBeloning to a valley
DameEnglishA lady
DametaEnglishMethodical; process
DamisonaEnglishIntelligent and brave
DanahEnglishThe one from Denmark
DanaiahEnglishPeaceful nature
DanaraEnglishDetermined and confident individual
DandraEnglishA brave woman
DandretEnglishAn ethical person
DaneshaEnglishA fictional name
DanetEnglishFrom Denmark
DaneyshaEnglishOne who is at cross
DaniseEnglishLord is a judge
DanitzaEnglishA feminine Lord
DanylynnEnglishA lovely person
DaraliceEnglishVery noble
DaralisEnglishOne loved by all
DaralynEnglishDerived from Airelle
DarbeeEnglishA Deer Park
DarbeyEnglishGrazing park for Deer
DarbianaEnglishA free man
DarbieEnglishName of a place where Deer graze
DarecaEnglishVindicated one
DarnettaEnglishHidden from everyone
DarnishaEnglishA good worker; hidden
DarolynEnglishA beloved individual
DarrellynEnglishOne who is dearly loved
DarrylEnglishA beloved, talented person
DaryleneEnglishMeaning dearly loved
DaryllEnglishA devoted darling
DarylynEnglishOne who is loved by all
DaryonEnglishGood person
DashaunEnglishYahweh is great
DathaEnglishOne born with special talents; flower
DaughtryEnglishA high bank
DaunareeEnglishAn analytical, diligent person
DavalynEnglishA beautiful and loving person
DavaneeEnglishA merciful, gentle and the name of Puritans
DaviaEnglishFeminine of David; One who has strong spiritual powers
DaviannaEnglishBeloved and lovely person
DavineEnglishA lovely and brave individual who rules
DavineeEnglishA bright and brilliant Finn
DawanaEnglishA daybreak; one who needs to be avenged
DawnEnglishDaybreak time
DawnaEnglishDuring daybreak
DawneEnglishA serious-minded, energetic individual
DawnelleEnglishThe sunrise; spiritual
DawnetteEnglishRefreshing daybreak
DawnielleEnglishProtective by nature; emerging daylight
DawnikaEnglishA romantic individual
DawnitaEnglishAn inspiring and leading personality; daybreak
DawnnaEnglishA wholesome and diplomatic person
DawnyaEnglishDaybreak; they seek freedom
DawnysiaEnglishTime when light appears
DayamiEnglishOne from the friend
DayleeEnglishA dale; sensitive and emotional
DaylofEnglishAn idealist; a youthful and lonely being
DaynaEnglishVariant of Dana; from Denmark
DaynanEnglishKindhearted being; variant of Dana
DaytonEnglishName of a dairy town
DeanaEnglishOne who is excellent in philosophy
DeandaEnglishOne who has deep truths hidden inside
DeandraEnglishOne who is a perfect blend of divinity and power
DeandreaEnglishOne who has a passion for creativity
DeandriaEnglishThey are the guardians who protect
DeangelaEnglishAn angel or a messenger of God
DeanndraEnglishA divine being who is beautiful of all
DebeccaEnglishA balanced and daring person
DeboronEnglishOne who is in search of something new
DebyanneEnglishFate; One who is certain of the future
DecemberEnglishTenth month of the calendar; pure one
DedreEnglishMost powerful woman; a tragic character
DeeanaEnglishOne who has fulfilled the desires and is divine
DagnaGermanA special day
DalindaGermanNoble Serpent
DameGermanA lady
DelainaGermanOne who protects; gentle being
DelanaGermanOne from humid place
DelinaGermanThey are one of a kind
DelindaGermanA soft-spoken person; flower
DellaGermanA bright and noble personality
DelliGermanOne who is a born genius and kind
DellyGermanA noble and kind person
DelmaGermanA person who came out of the sea
DeloiseGermanThey are loud, mighty and famous warrior
DenicaGermanA stable and broadminded person
DidrikaGermanPlace where the folk rules; harmony
DolfGermanNoble wolf; they are responsible and kind people
DueGermanOne who belongs to a tribe; wolf power
DustanGermanA brave warrior
DaejaFrenchAlready; strong person
DaijaFrenchAlready in making
DaijahFrenchThe one in progress; remember
DamhnaitFrenchOne who cannot be tamed
DanielleFrenchA Biblical name
DaniqueFrenchGod Judges
DarcelleFrenchDark; determined
DarceyFrenchGirl from Archy
DarciaFrenchThe dark one
DarcieFrenchDark one
DarcusFrenchStrong , dark one
DarcyFrenchDark haired
DarelFrenchOne from the Airelle; Lovely
DarellFrenchWord for huckleberry; beloved
DarielaFrenchThe near and dear one
DariellFrenchOpen one
DarlaFrenchVery dear one
DarleaneFrenchLovely person
DarleenFrenchOne who has charming personality
DarleenaFrenchOne who is brilliant
DarlenaFrenchLovely individual
DarleneFrenchA child loved by all
DarlettaFrenchA beloved child
DarlinaFrenchA sweet, innocent child
DarlineFrenchDarling baby
DarrelleFrenchA darling person
DavignonFrenchDearly loved person
DeanneFrenchThey are swift and beautiful
DejahFrenchA fun loving person; pleasant one
DelacroixFrenchWho lives near the cross
DelanaFrenchOne from humid place
DelaynieFrenchA dark challenger from the woods
DelphineFrenchPlace where oracle of Apollo appeared; Dolphin
DeneseFrenchA follower of God; an amazing being
DeniFrenchOne who born of two places; energetic
DeniseFrenchA devoted person; God of fertility
DenishaFrenchA stable and fun loving person
DenisseFrenchOne who is intelligent; a creative and excellent being
DenizeFrenchA devoted being; who can make significant change
DenniseFrenchA follower; graceful being
DenyceFrenchA wise and majestic follower
DeorFrenchA beloved baby; golden one
DesireeFrenchDesired or Wished
DiahannFrenchDiana; a divine woman
DiamantaFrenchOne who shines and is strong as Diamond
DiandraFrenchGoddess of hunting and childbirth
DaishaAfricanThe one who is alive
DalilaAfricanA desired individual
DalilahAfricanLanguish; weak
DalmaAfricanMade of metal
DayoAfricanArrival of joy
DebelahAfricanA friendly and charming person
DekaAfricanA messenger sent from heaven; a pleasing personality
DeluAfricanThe one and only beautiful girl
DembeAfricanA peace loving individual
DhakiyaAfricanShe who is smart.
DiataAfricanOne who is as brave as a Lion
DikelediAfricanOne who is filled with a lot of tears
DubakuAfricanEleventh Born Child; very fortunate
DuchaAfricanSmall or humble.
DumiAfricanOne who inspires others; they are powerful
DumisaniAfricanGive praise; an honorable and well praised
DurraAfricanA variant of Durah, meaning pearl.
DahleaLatinOne living in the valley
DahliaLatinDwells in the valley
DaianaLatinA goddess
DalmatiaLatinA woman
DamariLatinGentle and kind
DarianaLatinRoyal name
DarikLatinPersian royal name
DaryaLatinOne who is good
DavidaLatinAdopted from Hebrew; beloved person
DeaLatinA Goddess; one who rules
DeannLatinA church leader who resides in a valley
DeannaLatinGirl who resides in a valley
DecimaLatinTenth in number; a talented individual
DelfinaLatinName of a Saint; one from Delphi
DelfineLatinA beautiful and active Dolphin
DeliahLatinOne of Delos; respectable
DeliciaLatinDelightful one; a person who gives pleasure
DeloresLatinVirgin Mary; one who is filled with pain
DelphiaLatinOne who can predict the future; womb
DelphiniumLatinOpen to emotions; a woman from Delphi

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