201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with R


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with R, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with R with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with R

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RaedwolfA red haired wolf
RaelanAn essence
RaffA red wolf
RahereA strong counselor
RahshoneEnglish name for Boys
RaingerA gamekeeper
RainholdA smart protector
RalahA man with success
RaleahOne from the meadow of roe deer
RaleghA meadow of roe deer
RaleichOne from the deer meadow
RaleighOld English – From the deer meadow; A variant form is Railey
RaleyA place name, deer meadow
RallyOne from the roe deer meadow
RalstonSurname meaninig Ralph’s town
RammA male sheep, ram
RamondOne who guards wisely
RamsayA variant of name Ramsey; Derived from a place name meaning Wild-garlic Island in Old English
RamsdenValley of ram
RamseyA variant of name Ramsay; Derived from a place name meaning Wild-garlic Island in Old English
RamzeyRam’s island
RanceEnglish – Son of the shield; Latin – Laurel; Bay; A short form of Ransom
RandaleA shield-wolf
RandelA surname variant of Randolph, means wolf’s shield
RandkinOne who has a little shield
RandolfA house wolf, protector
RandollSurname, means wolf shield
RandonVariant of Randolph, means shield with a wolf emblem
RandsonSon of Rand
RandulphusA shield with a wolf emblem
RaneA mighty counselor
RanfieldOne from the raven’s field
RangeyOne from raven’s island
RangfordHe who is from raven’s ford
RangleyOne from the raven’s meadow
RangyOne from raven’s island
RanielA variant of Ranielle which is a variant transcription of the name Danielle
RankinA small shield
RanlynEnglish name for Boys
RanndyA house wolf
RannochGaelic name meaning fern
RansfordA raven’s ford
RansleighA raven’s field
RansleyA raven’s meadow
RanslyOne who lives near the raven’s field
RansomA son of a shield maker
RansomeSon of Rand
RanulfusEnglish name meaning a shield with the emblem of a wolf
RaoOne who is auspicious
RaoulA red wolf
ReadmanA counselor with red hair
ReasonA word name, meaning a reasonable one
ReaveOne who works as a steward
ReavesThe steward’s son
RebelEnglish – Rebellious; Defiant Person
RedOne of red skin or red hair
RedamannA counselor of red hair
RedbournA person from the place where the reeds grow
RedbourneOne who comes from the redds growing place
RedcliffOne who comes from the red cliff
RedcliffeA person whose home is on the red sliff
ReddOne who has a red hear or a ruddy complexion
ReddingThe son of a redheaded man
RedeemerOne who redeems for his sins
RedfersTo have red fur
RedfordOne who comes from the red ford. Mostly used as a surname
RedleaOne who is from the red field
RedleighA person who is from the red fields
RedleyRed fields are his home
RedlyOne whose home is in the red fields
RedmanA man of red hair or skin
RedmundA protector of red hair
RedversAn old English surname from the medieval period
RedwaldOne who strongly counsels others
ReedA person who lives in the red clearing in the woods
ReedeOne who comes from the cleared lands, from the reeds
ReedingA redhaired man’s son
ReefA reef, or an underwater or partly submerged ledge
ReefordA place name of the medieval castle
ReeveEnglish – Steward; Bailiff; A variant spelling is Reave
ReevesA person whose job is being a steward
RegOne who is mighty caunselor of the ruler
RegenbaldOne who is a chancellor
RegenfrithAn old english surname meaning a calm raven
RegenfrithuOne who can be comapared to a peaceful raven
RegengarA very old british family name, refers to a raven
RegenhereA family name, the meaning loosly tied to raven
RegenmaerA surname of english origins
RegenwealdA strong and powerful man
ReginalOne who rules with his advices
ReginaldA ruler od advices
ReginaltOne who advices the ruler
ReginauldA ruler’s advisor
ReginaultAn advisor who the rulers trusts
RegnauldThe power of the counsel
RegnaultThe ruler’s counsel
RegnheahHe who knows the power of the advise
RegnhereA person who gives ruling advices
ReideA red man that comes from the cleared land
ReidingA male child of the red-haired person
RichmanA powerful, strong, mighty man
RichyAn elderly but very powerful and wise ruler
RickOne who is a strict ruler
RickardA powerful and strict ruler of men
RickerOne who has a very strong army at his side
RickertA powerful, hard rule. Mainly used as a surname
RickeyA ruler who is kind, loved and powerful. One who is a complete ruler
RickieTo rule strongly and with great power
RickmanMainly used as an English surname, means a powerful ruler
RickwardA firm, strong, determined guardian
RickwerdA mighty, determined one who guards
RickwoodA powerful and mighty guardian
RickyA tough, strong, hard ruler
RicsigA name of the Northumbrian king
RicsigeKing of the Northumbria, an old Northern English Kingdom
RicweardA firm and strong man who protects and guards
RiddleyOne who comes from the cleared woods
RiderOne who is a horsman, a rider of the horse
RidereA man who acts like a true Knight
RidgeOne who comes from the hill, from the ridge
RidgeieyOne who lives at the meadow ridge
RidgeleighOne who dwells at the meadow near a ridge
RidgeleyA man who is from the meadow near a ridge
RidgelyA person whose home is at the meadow near the ridge
RidgewayTo be on the ridge road
RidgleaTo be from the ridge meadow
RidgleeOne who lives at the meadow near the hill
RidgleighA meadow that is near the raised part of solid ground
RidgleyOne who lives by the meadow’s edge
RidleaOne who lives in the cleared part of the woods
RidleighOne who comes from the clearing, a meadow
RidleyEnglish Habitational Surname from the name Reed which means Wood Clearing
RidlyA person who lives in the wood, clearing or a meadow
RidpathA person who lives next to the red path
RiedA red haired man who lives in the cleared land
RiedenEnglish Habitational Surname from the name Reed which means Wood Clearing
RiehardA strong, hard red-haired man
RigbyA man who comes from ridge farm
RiggOne who lives near the rigde or a hill
RiggsSon of a man who lives near the ridge
RigoFrom the Ridge; A variant transcription of Ridge
RihoithilA man’s name
RikildOne who is powerful in battle
RikkeyRiky is Estonian form of Rick and means powerful, strong ruler.
RikmaiA servant of power
RiksRiks is a short form of Riky and means powerful and strong ruler.
RikwardOne who guards the ruler and his power
RikyRiky is Estonian form of Rick. It means powerful, strong ruler.
RileyA man who comes from the rye meadow
RilieA courageous and brave individual
RocatiBattle; Warfield
RocatosBattle; Warfield
RocelinusA rock-like person
RochesterEnglish – Fortress; From a roofed Roman fort
RockerA stone-like person
RocklandOne who comes from a rocky land
RockleeHe who comes from a rocky meadow
RockleighEnglish – Rook’s wood; The wood of Rook; A derivative of the English Rockley
RockleyEnglish – Rook’s wood; The wood of Rook; A derivative of the English Rockleigh
RocklyA man whose fome is near a rocky meadow
RockneAnglicized from the Norwegian farm name Rokne, which means strong rock
RockwellTo be like a stone, like a rock
RockyOne who is stony, rocky
RodHe who is from the reed island
RodanFertile or productive; Fertile Earth; A variant form of name Rodin
RoddA ruler who is well-known and renown
RoddricA renewn, famous ruler of men
RoddrickA ruler who is famous among people
RoddyA well-know, acclamied leader of people
RodericA legendary ruler of men
RoderickHe is a ruler who will become legendary
RodesA person whose home is near a crucifixion
RodgeOne who has a famous spear
RodgerOne who is a legendary spear
RodneeOne who lives on the island near a clearing
RodneyA person who comes from the island that is near a valley
RodnieHe who lives on the island near the clearing
RodwellA person whose home is by the spring near the road
RoeHe who has red hair
RoeyA reddish person
RogerA legendary, famous warrior
RogersA holder of a renown spear
RogueAn unpredictable and dishonest man
RoickHe who is hard like a stone
RoleyOne who comes from the legendary lands
RollandOne famous for his legendary lands
RolleA man who is notable for his lands
RollieA person who is famous for his lands
RollinA wolfy legendary man
RolloA notable, acclaimed wolf
RolyAn owner of famous lands
RomelloA Roman person
RominArrow Fish; An English Surname with Russian Origin
RonalHe who rules by the counsel
RonaldOne who is famous for his legendary lands
RondellTo go around in circle
RonnHe who will rule with his counsel
RonsonThe male child of the one who owns the famous lands
RookHe who is like a raven
RoperAn occupational name for a rope maker
RykenHe who is widely famous
RylanA meadow on an island
RylenHe who is from the rye clearing
RyleyA place name meaning an Island meadow
RylinA field of rye

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