201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with D

If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with D, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with D.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with D

Names Origin Meaning
Daaiyah English The one who follows Christ
Dabney English Judge; one who imparts justice
Dabria English An angel of death
Daca English Dramatic and easy going
Daelyn English A very small valley
Daenerys English A created name
Daesgesage English Eyes of day
Dagian English Beautiful dawn
Dailyn English Pretty flower
Daina English Good-natured individual
Dairrica English Child of Adam
Daisee English A flower
Daisey English Variant of name Daisy
Daisha English The one who is alive
Daisi English Name of a flower
Daisie English Day for an eye
Daisley English The one who cannot be explained
Daisy English A beautiful flower
Dale English They belong to a person
Dalee English One who lives by the valley
Dalena English Small valley
Dalene English A beautiful valley
Dalenna English Precious little jewel
Dalinda English Noble Serpent
Dalleen English The educated one
Dally English To delay
Dallys English A resting place
Dalw English Beloning to a valley
Dame English A lady
Dameta English Methodical; process
Damisona English Intelligent and brave
Danah English The one from Denmark
Danaiah English Peaceful nature
Danara English Determined and confident individual
Dandra English A brave woman
Dandret English An ethical person
Danesha English A fictional name
Danet English From Denmark
Daneysha English One who is at cross
Danise English Lord is a judge
Danitza English A feminine Lord
Danylynn English A lovely person
Daralice English Very noble
Daralis English One loved by all
Daralyn English Derived from Airelle
Darbee English A Deer Park
Darbey English Grazing park for Deer
Darbiana English A free man
Darbie English Name of a place where Deer graze
Dareca English Vindicated one
Darnetta English Hidden from everyone
Darnisha English A good worker; hidden
Darolyn English A beloved individual
Darrellyn English One who is dearly loved
Darryl English A beloved, talented person
Darylene English Meaning dearly loved
Daryll English A devoted darling
Darylyn English One who is loved by all
Daryon English Good person
Dashaun English Yahweh is great
Datha English One born with special talents; flower
Daughtry English A high bank
Daunaree English An analytical, diligent person
Davalyn English A beautiful and loving person
Davanee English A merciful, gentle and the name of Puritans
Davia English Feminine of David; One who has strong spiritual powers
Davianna English Beloved and lovely person
Davine English A lovely and brave individual who rules
Davinee English A bright and brilliant Finn
Dawana English A daybreak; one who needs to be avenged
Dawn English Daybreak time
Dawna English During daybreak
Dawne English A serious-minded, energetic individual
Dawnelle English The sunrise; spiritual
Dawnette English Refreshing daybreak
Dawnielle English Protective by nature; emerging daylight
Dawnika English A romantic individual
Dawnita English An inspiring and leading personality; daybreak
Dawnna English A wholesome and diplomatic person
Dawnya English Daybreak; they seek freedom
Dawnysia English Time when light appears
Dayami English One from the friend
Daylee English A dale; sensitive and emotional
Daylof English An idealist; a youthful and lonely being
Dayna English Variant of Dana; from Denmark
Daynan English Kindhearted being; variant of Dana
Dayton English Name of a dairy town
Deana English One who is excellent in philosophy
Deanda English One who has deep truths hidden inside
Deandra English One who is a perfect blend of divinity and power
Deandrea English One who has a passion for creativity
Deandria English They are the guardians who protect
Deangela English An angel or a messenger of God
Deanndra English A divine being who is beautiful of all
Debecca English A balanced and daring person
Deboron English One who is in search of something new
Debyanne English Fate; One who is certain of the future
December English Tenth month of the calendar; pure one
Dedre English Most powerful woman; a tragic character
Deeana English One who has fulfilled the desires and is divine
Dagna German A special day
Dalinda German Noble Serpent
Dame German A lady
Delaina German One who protects; gentle being
Delana German One from humid place
Delina German They are one of a kind
Delinda German A soft-spoken person; flower
Della German A bright and noble personality
Delli German One who is a born genius and kind
Delly German A noble and kind person
Delma German A person who came out of the sea
Deloise German They are loud, mighty and famous warrior
Denica German A stable and broadminded person
Didrika German Place where the folk rules; harmony
Dolf German Noble wolf; they are responsible and kind people
Due German One who belongs to a tribe; wolf power
Dustan German A brave warrior
Daeja French Already; strong person
Daija French Already in making
Daijah French The one in progress; remember
Daja French Exist
Damhnait French One who cannot be tamed
Danielle French A Biblical name
Danique French God Judges
Darcelle French Dark; determined
Darcey French Girl from Archy
Darcia French The dark one
Darcie French Dark one
Darcus French Strong , dark one
Darcy French Dark haired
Darel French One from the Airelle; Lovely
Darell French Word for huckleberry; beloved
Dariela French The near and dear one
Dariell French Open one
Darla French Very dear one
Darleane French Lovely person
Darleen French One who has charming personality
Darleena French One who is brilliant
Darlena French Lovely individual
Darlene French A child loved by all
Darletta French A beloved child
Darlina French A sweet, innocent child
Darline French Darling baby
Darrelle French A darling person
Davignon French Dearly loved person
Deanne French They are swift and beautiful
Dejah French A fun loving person; pleasant one
Delacroix French Who lives near the cross
Delana French One from humid place
Delaynie French A dark challenger from the woods
Delphine French Place where oracle of Apollo appeared; Dolphin
Denese French A follower of God; an amazing being
Deni French One who born of two places; energetic
Denise French A devoted person; God of fertility
Denisha French A stable and fun loving person
Denisse French One who is intelligent; a creative and excellent being
Denize French A devoted being; who can make significant change
Dennise French A follower; graceful being
Denyce French A wise and majestic follower
Deor French A beloved baby; golden one
Desiree French Desired or Wished
Diahann French Diana; a divine woman
Diamanta French One who shines and is strong as Diamond
Diandra French Goddess of hunting and childbirth
Dabiku African Offering
Daisha African The one who is alive
Dalila African A desired individual
Dalilah African Languish; weak
Dalma African Made of metal
Dayo African Arrival of joy
Debelah African A friendly and charming person
Deka African A messenger sent from heaven; a pleasing personality
Delu African The one and only beautiful girl
Dembe African A peace loving individual
Dhakiya African She who is smart.
Diata African One who is as brave as a Lion
Dikeledi African One who is filled with a lot of tears
Dubaku African Eleventh Born Child; very fortunate
Ducha African Small or humble.
Dumi African One who inspires others; they are powerful
Dumisani African Give praise; an honorable and well praised
Duni African Small
Durah African Pearl
Durra African A variant of Durah, meaning pearl.
Dahlea Latin One living in the valley
Dahlia Latin Dwells in the valley
Daiana Latin A goddess
Dalmatia Latin A woman
Damari Latin Gentle and kind
Dariana Latin Royal name
Darik Latin Persian royal name
Darya Latin One who is good
Davida Latin Adopted from Hebrew; beloved person
Dea Latin A Goddess; one who rules
Deann Latin A church leader who resides in a valley
Deanna Latin Girl who resides in a valley
Decima Latin Tenth in number; a talented individual
Delfina Latin Name of a Saint; one from Delphi
Delfine Latin A beautiful and active Dolphin
Deliah Latin One of Delos; respectable
Delicia Latin Delightful one; a person who gives pleasure
Delores Latin Virgin Mary; one who is filled with pain
Delphia Latin One who can predict the future; womb
Delphinium Latin Open to emotions; a woman from Delphi

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