201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with A


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with A, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with A.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with A

AliceItalianTruth, gracious, reality
AndreaItalianFeminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strong
AuroraItalianA Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezy
AbereshItalianDerived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communities
AbrianaItalianFemale variant of Abraham that means father of multitude
AdalgisaItalianNoble hostage
AdeleItalianA short form of Adelaide
AdelinaItalianA form of Adeline
AdrianaItalianFrom Hadria
AdrinaItalianA short form of Adriana
AeldaItalianA warrior, one who fights war
AgataItalianOne who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle and a nature lover.
AgnesinaItalianA pure and virginal woman
AidaItalianSomething of value given in return of something good, Reward in some cases it means return
AlcinaItalianA sorceress who rules over a magical, strong-willed
AldinaItalianAn old friend who deserves the best in life
AlessandraItalianForm Of Alexandra
AlessiaItalianGreek – Defender; Defender of Men; Protector of Mankind; A form of Alexandra
AllegraItalianJoy, delight, joyfulness
AllegroItalianBrisk, sprightly; has a great sense of humour
AlonzaItalianPrompt and practical leadership qualities in personal and professional dealings.
AmadeaItalianFemale form of Amadeus, they are the one who is god’s beloved
AmaliaItalianA fertile, hard-working female who is a defender of mankind
AmantaItalianIt means to express, they are versatile and creative
AmarantaItalianA flower which is everlasting and unfading
AmataItalianThe one meant for love and is immortal just like the state of nirvana experienced by Buddha
AmbraItalianArabic – Amber; A precious Jewel; A Jewel quality fossilized Resin; Ruler Of The Jewels
AmidalaItalianCreated by George Lucas for Star Wars meaning a very beautiful flower
AnaliaItalianA combination of name Ana and Lia; A variant transcription is Analiyah
AneteItalianOld Greek – Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A variation of Agnes; Celtic – Hunger; Lamb; One
AngelaItalianAn angel sent from heaven to spread peace and love
AngelicaItalianThey are the messengers of God sent from heaven
AngelinaItalianThe holy angels of God sent from heaven
AngelitaItalianAngels of God
AninataItalianGraceful young girl
AnjiItalianThey are happy, sensitive and are like angels
AnnabellaItalianAn elegant one who is very valuable and lovable
AntonellaItalianPriceless; Invaluable; Praiseworthy; Inestimable; A variant form of name Antonia; Female Version of Anthony;
AnziaItalianBegin at; One Armed
AreannaItalianThe one who is holy and pure
AriaItalianThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody
ArianaItalianThe pure and holy one
AriannaItalianLatin – Women from Hadria; Dark One; Old Greek – Very Holy Woman; A derivative of Adriana
ArmaniItalianFaith; Persian – Desire; A variant form of name Arman
ArminaItalianNoble, warrior maiden
AryanaItalianUtterly pure; noble and pure individual
AryannaItalianMost holy; the one who is very pure
AsiaItalianDaughter of Oceanus and Tethys
AaidaFrenchAaida has many meanings in different languages like in french it means the one who is helpful, in Hebrew it means Ornament or brightness
AamberFrencha Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color
AbeliaFrenchMeaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her
AbellaFrenchVariant of Abelia that means breath that is a source of life
AbrielleFrenchA woman of God, or a woman from God
AcadiaFrenchThe land that has plenty, the land of plenty
AcelinFrenchA noble girl or a girl who born in a high-status home
AcelineFrenchA woman who is noble.
AcelynnFrenchA girl who is born in a noble home
AdalaideFrenchThe nobility or the sort of noble person
AdaleideFrenchA person’s nobility, noble person
AdaleneFrenchAn aristocrat or noble person
AdaliciaFrenchOne who is of noble nature, nobility
AdalineFrenchA noble or kind-hearted person
AddilynnFrenchDerived from Adele meaning Noble or Nobility
AdelaFrenchA short form of Adelaide
AdelaidaFrenchNoble kind, adorned
AdelaideFrenchA noble hood, or a noble person
AdeleFrenchA short form of Adelaide
AdelinaFrenchA form of Adeline
AdelineFrenchNoble or nobility
AdelleFrenchA form of Adelaide, Adeline
AdreannaFrenchThe favor or gracefulness of sea
AdriannaFrenchFrom Harida
AdyelyaFrenchBulgarian form of Alice, the meaning of the nobility.
AeliciaFrenchAn oath of God
AemelaFrenchAn admiring person, workaholic
AemeleFrenchA hard-working and persistent person
AerisFrenchAn earth full of flowers
AgaceFrenchA very sweet feminine name for a baby girl which means good in French.
AgatheFrenchA kind-natured woman.
AimeeFrenchDearly loved; Beloved
AlianoraFrenchPity; Variant of Eleonora; From the Old French form of the Occitan name Alienor
AliceFrenchTruth, gracious, reality
AliciaFrenchOf Noble Birth
AlisonFrenchOf Noble Birth
AlixFrenchof dignified kind
AlixeFrenchDerives from Alex which means Defending men
AlleseFrenchSmart and no-nonsense, one who gets the job done. Variation of English name Alison
AllisonFrenchOf Noble Birth
AllixFrenchDefender of Mankind; Female Version of Alexander
AlouetteFrenchDerived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individuals
AloysiaFrenchName of an Italian saint; a strong-willed person renowned in the battlefield
AlviaFrench“Noble war”; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts people
AlyciaFrenchAn affectionate noble individual full of nobility and responsible nature
AlydiaFrenchA little winged noble girl having a unique vision and investigative in nature
AlyssaFrenchMother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanity
AethelmaereEnglishThe virgin daughter of a noble snake
AethelredaEnglishA female counselor noble snake
AethelthrythEnglishAnglo-Saxon – Wife of King Ecgfrith; Old English name from ‘Aethel’ meaning noble and ‘thryth’ meaning strength
AettiEnglishThe female ruler of an estate
AevrynEnglishA mystical counselor
AevyrieEnglishTa counsel of mystical powers
AftanEnglishSuitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.
AftonEnglishA name of a small Scottish river
AgacieEnglishOne who is smart, pretty, poised, clever, intelligent, confident and kind-hearted.
AgapeEnglishThe Greek meaning of Agape is “Love”; loved by all or loving to everyone; spreading love; a person who is warm as love
AgaseEnglishAgase means good in Greek. A uniquely apt name for a baby girl who is obedient, not stubborn, happy, cheerful and easy-going.
AgenildaEnglishOne who is courageous, cheerful, friendly, kind and generous
AgnesEnglishA chaste woman
AgnysEnglishA variation of Agnes, meaning the pure one
AhuvaEnglishBeloved, Liked, Favorite, much loved, darling
AhzuroEnglishPotential to attain power and authority in their life
AicusaEnglishVisionary, imaginative, creative
AiessaEnglishto be obeyed
AildredaEnglishEthereal, heavenly
AiledEnglishPowerful and complete
AileveEnglishfriendly, likable
AilfledEnglishAvalee, Hazelnut
AilidEnglishsolid, enduring” in Hebrew
AilietEnglish“noble gate
AilillEnglishIrish baby name.
AilinaEnglishMessenger of God; Angel;
AilivaEnglishfriendly, likable
AiliyahEnglishA Great One and it Come Signify God
AillaEnglishoak tree
AilovaEnglishNobel, kind
AilynnEnglishPowerful and complete
AimenEnglishMost Congratulated.
AindrilaEnglishFemale star
AiniEnglishSpring. Flower. Source
AinsleighEnglishOld English – Wood; Clearing; Meadow; Hermitage; Solitary; A derivative of the name Ainsley
AintikEnglishWise and powerful
AisiaEnglishA derivation of Asia, a place name
AizlynnEnglishA girl who has the sweetest heart, beautiful, stunning
AkeldaEnglishOne who comes from the spring with healing water
AlaquaEnglishNative American – Sweet Gum Tree
AliceEnglishTruth, gracious, reality
AudreyEnglishOld word meaning divine and strength
AamberEnglisha Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color
AaralynEnglishAn American name meaning with the song; A woman with song
AbbatissaEnglishIts female form of abbās that is the feminine head of an abbey
AbbigaleEnglishIts root is Hebrew origins which means the joy of my father. Also its version of Abigail with suffix -e.
AbbreitheEnglishOne who is a lady’s maid
AbeliaEnglishMeaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her
AbelotaEnglishAn eager, able and balanced person
AbigaillEnglishThe joy of my father
AbigailleEnglishThe rejoice of my father
AbigaleEnglishThe Yahweh’s rejoice
AbigayleEnglishThe joy or happiness of Yahweh
AbsideeEnglishOne who impresses others and is elegant
AchetheEnglishA thoughtful, honorable and clever person
AdaleeEnglishA noble wood or the nobility of wood
AdamarisEnglishAn invented English-American name which is a possible combination of Ada and Maris
AddaEnglishOrnament, beautiful addition to the family
AddileighEnglishA Beautiful or pleasant wood
AddilieghEnglishThe wood which is pleasant
AddysonEnglishA form of Addison
AdlenEnglishOne with the curly hair
AdolfoEnglishNoble wolf
AdreyEnglishDerived from Audrey which means noble strength
AdutEnglishA complete and powerful person
AedidaEnglishA fairy or a nymph counselor
AedivaEnglishStrife of wealth, rich of wars
AefledEnglishA desirable and understanding person
AeileuaEnglishUnique, wonderful and energetic being
AeilgyuuEnglishA rational, individualistic and approachable being
AeldidEnglishA nymph counselor
AelfdaneEnglishOne who earn or deserve elf powers
AelfridaEnglishOne who has the mystical strength
AelfsigeEnglishThe victory of mystical powers
AelfwearEnglishA mystic power from water
AelfwoldEnglishA mystic person from the forests
AelfwynEnglishThe friend of superpowers
AelfwynnEnglishA friend of mystic power
AelgifuEnglishA gift of brightness, a bright gift
AelgythaEnglishA bright shining gift
AeluinEnglishA blue lake or pool, a mountain lake
AeluuinEnglishA mountain lake of blue color
AemberEnglishAn orange-yellow colored gemstone from fossil resin
AemyEnglishA beloved person, to love
AeriaEnglishA specie of butterfly. Type of butterfly
AerithEnglishCreated Name; A variant of the name Aeris
AerwynaEnglishOne who is a friend or companion of a sea
AethelindaEnglishA noble female snake
AethelmaerEnglishA little virgin noble snake

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