21 Funny Baby Girl Names You Can’t Stop Laughing Out Loud


The first and always enduring blessing that you can give to your child is “name”. If you choose a gift a for your child, then you will investigate every possibility to pick a best one. Then what about her name? You have to look for lot of things to pick a best suitable name for her. After growing up, she should be pleased with her name. If you want to name your baby girl with a funny name which is meaningful and also holds importance, then here are suggestions for you.

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21 Unique and Funny Baby Girl Names

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Aileen: Aileen is a Scottish origin name which signifies “light”. It will be an awesome name for your baby girl.

Bluebell: For a baby girl, a name which means a flower is a beautiful thing. Bluebell is generally found in the Atlantic areas from north-western Spain to the British Isles. It is often portrayed as a blend of delicate purple and blue.

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Rose: A rose is always depicted as symbol of love. The name “Rose” became more famous with the film “Titanic”. “Rose” is a name which has all sorts of significance and beauty.

Abha: Abha is an Indian origin name which means lustrous beauty. It also signifies rays of light. Girls who are blessed with this name are tend to be extremely beautiful and elegant with charming personality.

Logan: Logan is an unisex name. If you want your little to be bold and fearless like Logan from the Wolverine, this is the perfect name for her. It signifies boldness and bravery.

Azalea: Azaleas are deciduous flowering shrubs with clusters of brightly coloured fragrant flowers. These have a lovely pink blossom that many of us have seen around us but don’t really now the name. This name will be exceptionally good for your baby girl as it is known for its lovely pink.

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Electra: The name itself has a spark in it. It is similar to electric impulse. Also this name is quite famous with Jennifer Garner starrer film Elektra.


Shabooboo: Recently people are going crazy about Pokemon. It is named after a funny character in Pokemon.

Melodie: If you like music and singing, this one is the perfect musical name for your baby girl. Melodie is a variation of Melody that has Greek roots. The name Melodie signifies music.

Vienna: Another pattern of naming people is after nations. This will be a remarkable name for your little girl.

Coriander: Coriander is often used for garnishing purpose. How good the dish may be, a little coriander on the top adds beauty to the dish. Add beauty to your baby girl’s name with this unique funny name.

Daisy: This one is very famous female name. Daisy is a delightful white blossom which is a spring plant. It can be an excellent and exquisite name for your baby girl.

Lyric: A beautiful lyric for a beautiful tune is always beautiful. Why don’t you name your girl with this name which has a musical significance?


Yoga: If you like your girl to be fit, then naming her Yoga will be a best choice. Yoga is a special art that has a lot of significance around the world.

Peanut: Often people get inspired by foods and name their child after it. After apple, burger and Nutella, this is another name that is inspired by food.

South: May be not many options are available in this segment. There are only four directions from which you can name your girl.

Vodka: Who doesn’t like the Russian vodka. If you have strong liking for Vodka, then this is best one.

Twelve: When you run of things to get inspiration, numbers are the next thing.

Speedy: This funny list won’t be complete without this name. Hope child doesn’t get speeding tickets when she grew up.


Bridge: Yes, let your child become a bridge for many things in life.

Ocean: What is greater than Ocean on Earth? It is vast and everyone gets mesmerized with its never ending beauty.

Hope you chose a name for your baby girl from the above list. But before naming anything, do a proper research because name is the thing that lasts forever.