101 Amazing Gender Neutral Names for Your Baby


Unisex names or gender neutral names are used for both boys and girls. If you are planning to name your baby with a unique gender neutral name, then here is a compilation of 101 gender neutral names for your baby.

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101 Top Gender Neutral Names for Your Baby

gender neutral names

AdolfoNoble wolfEnglish
AftanSuitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.English
AftonA name of a small Scottish riverEnglish
AmmerieThey are divine rulers of the universe who are noble, inoffensive and belovedEnglish
AndyPrince Andrew; They are brave, unique and manlyEnglish
AschtonA tree settlement; East townEnglish
AshleayThe one who loves their neighbor; a meadowEnglish
AsitangaOne who has expressive and optimistic beingEnglish
AveryConfirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sageEnglish
AvreeOne who is a wise rulerEnglish
BaileyAn administrator or a manager; a GoddessEnglish
BanksEdge of the RiverEnglish
BellinghamA surname that means people from the homestead of bearsEnglish
BelvineA place of fens that belong to the burg. A surnameEnglish
Birdeebirdlike, a child’s term for a bird, a score of one stroke under par at a hole in GolfEnglish
BraelinA person who is intelligent, bright and wiseEnglish
BranxtonThe town of BraccaEnglish
BreganResponsible and able individual; level headedEnglish
BriarOne who is like a shrub or a small treeEnglish
BridgeA word name, a bridgeEnglish
BridgeleyA person who is from the meadow near the bridgeEnglish
BrilaneOne who is from the Brigham LaneEnglish
BrileeA noble man from the woodland meadowEnglish
BrileyOne who is like a briar woodEnglish
BrillHe is from the land of hills. A surnameEnglish
BrilliantA shining and glowing appereanceEnglish
BrinkleyOne who comes from the Brinca’s FieldEnglish
BritainA place name. One who is from BritainEnglish
BrittainA place name, an island of BritainEnglish
BronzeA coppery-brown colorEnglish
BrookOne who lives near a brook or a streamEnglish
BryleeA strong one from the woodland meadowEnglish
BunTo tie hair int a knotEnglish
BunnyTo be like a little rabbitEnglish
ElianA passionate and loving human beingSpanish
SantiagoSaint JamesSpanish
AchaThe holly bushes or plantsSpanish
AltaA exalted and elevated majestic grace of Mary, the mother of JesusSpanish
BaleaIt means to be carefee, happy and free spritedSpanish
ChallenShining MoonSpanish
ChecheA small thingSpanish
DaliDrawn towards GodSpanish
Ermenhildaa word meaning huge treasure.Spanish
FargoA person who comes from the fenced pastureSpanish
LorcaA place name of the region Navarre in SpainSpanish
MadridA place name, Madrid in SpainSpanish
MaquinnaSpanidh word meaning machineSpanish
MontanaThe mountain or the country of mountainsSpanish
PirroOne with a flame-coloured hairSpanish
ReyesSpanish word meaning kingsSpanish
SancheBlessed oneSpanish
SantanaA saint-ly manSpanish
SavannaFrom the open grassy plainSpanish
SavannahFrom the open grassy plainSpanish
SierraFrom the jagged mountain rangeSpanish
TuliRefers to a brush which uses to paint anything.Spanish
CezanneName of an artist seeking freedomFrench
ChandellA candleFrench
ChandelleEverlasting candleFrench
ChandlerA candle-maker and sellerFrench
ChayceA huntsmanFrench
CheneyGrowing from the Oak groveFrench
ChevisA thick bodied FishFrench
CoeurThe most vital organ of the human body; the heartFrench
CotyHelpful; Shield; Protective individualFrench
CourtenayLiterally means “From the court”; When translated into French, it refers to “Short nosed”; From Courtenay in Northern France.French
CreasyGraceful; Pleasant; KindFrench
CrescentA variant of Crescens, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon; Derived from the Latin word “Crescere”French
DarelOne from the Airelle; LovelyFrench
DarellWord for huckleberry; belovedFrench
DavignonDearly loved personFrench
BillyResolute protectorGerman
BlaineSlender or thinIrish
BlairDweller on the plainScottish
BrettFrom BritainIrish
AddisonSon of AdamEnglish
AlexDefender of mankindGreek
AlexisDefender of mankindGreek
ArielLion of GodHebrew
AshleyMeadow of ash treesOld English
AshtonAsh tree enclosureOld English
AubreyBearlike or blond rulerFrench
AveryElf rulerEnglish
CameronCrooked noseScottish
CarsonSon of CarrOld English
CaryDescendant of the dark oneWelsh
CassidyClever or curly headedIrish
CecilDim sighted or blindLatin
ChandlerMaker of candlesOld English
ChristianFollower of Christ or anointedGreek
CodyCushionOld English
CoreyDweller near a hollowIrish