101 Amazing Gender Neutral Names for Your Baby


Unisex names or gender neutral names are used for both boys and girls. If you are planning to name your baby with a unique gender neutral name, then here is a compilation of 101 gender neutral names for your baby.

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101 Top Gender Neutral Names for Your Baby

gender neutral names

Names Meaning Origin
Adolfo Noble wolf English
Aftan Suitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive. English
Afton A name of a small Scottish river English
Ammerie They are divine rulers of the universe who are noble, inoffensive and beloved English
Andy Prince Andrew; They are brave, unique and manly English
Aschton A tree settlement; East town English
Ashleay The one who loves their neighbor; a meadow English
Asitanga One who has expressive and optimistic being English
Avery Confirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sage English
Avree One who is a wise ruler English
Bailey An administrator or a manager; a Goddess English
Banks Edge of the River English
Bellingham A surname that means people from the homestead of bears English
Belvine A place of fens that belong to the burg. A surname English
Berrin Bear English
Birdee birdlike, a child’s term for a bird, a score of one stroke under par at a hole in Golf English
Braelin A person who is intelligent, bright and wise English
Branxton The town of Bracca English
Bregan Responsible and able individual; level headed English
Briar One who is like a shrub or a small tree English
Bridge A word name, a bridge English
Bridgeley A person who is from the meadow near the bridge English
Brilane One who is from the Brigham Lane English
Brilee A noble man from the woodland meadow English
Briley One who is like a briar wood English
Brill He is from the land of hills. A surname English
Brilliant A shining and glowing appereance English
Brinkley One who comes from the Brinca’s Field English
Britain A place name. One who is from Britain English
Brittain A place name, an island of Britain English
Bronze A coppery-brown color English
Brook One who lives near a brook or a stream English
Brylee A strong one from the woodland meadow English
Bun To tie hair int a knot English
Bunny To be like a little rabbit English
Elian A passionate and loving human being Spanish
Santiago Saint James Spanish
Acha The holly bushes or plants Spanish
Alta A exalted and elevated majestic grace of Mary, the mother of Jesus Spanish
Balea It means to be carefee, happy and free sprited Spanish
Challen Shining Moon Spanish
Cheche A small thing Spanish
Dali Drawn towards God Spanish
Ermenhilda a word meaning huge treasure. Spanish
Fargo A person who comes from the fenced pasture Spanish
Lorca A place name of the region Navarre in Spain Spanish
Madrid A place name, Madrid in Spain Spanish
Maquinna Spanidh word meaning machine Spanish
Montana The mountain or the country of mountains Spanish
Pirro One with a flame-coloured hair Spanish
Reyes Spanish word meaning kings Spanish
Sanche Blessed one Spanish
Santana A saint-ly man Spanish
Santos Saints Spanish
Savanna From the open grassy plain Spanish
Savannah From the open grassy plain Spanish
Sierra From the jagged mountain range Spanish
Tierra Earth Spanish
Tuli Refers to a brush which uses to paint anything. Spanish
Cezanne Name of an artist seeking freedom French
Chandell A candle French
Chandelle Everlasting candle French
Chandler A candle-maker and seller French
Chayce A huntsman French
Cheney Growing from the Oak grove French
Chevis A thick bodied Fish French
Coeur The most vital organ of the human body; the heart French
Coty Helpful; Shield; Protective individual French
Courtenay Literally means “From the court”; When translated into French, it refers to “Short nosed”; From Courtenay in Northern France. French
Creasy Graceful; Pleasant; Kind French
Crescent A variant of Crescens, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon; Derived from the Latin word “Crescere” French
Darel One from the Airelle; Lovely French
Darell Word for huckleberry; beloved French
Davignon Dearly loved person French
Baby Infant English
Bailey Administrator French
Billy Resolute protector German
Blaine Slender or thin Irish
Blair Dweller on the plain Scottish
Brett From Britain Irish
Brice Swift Irish
Addison Son of Adam English
Adrian Dark Latin
Alex Defender of mankind Greek
Alexis Defender of mankind Greek
Andy Manly Greek
Angel Messenger Latin
Ariel Lion of God Hebrew
Arron Enlightened Hebrew
Ashley Meadow of ash trees Old English
Ashton Ash tree enclosure Old English
Aubrey Bearlike or blond ruler French
Avery Elf ruler English
Caden Barrel English
Cameron Crooked nose Scottish
Carmen Song Latin
Carmine Song Latin
Carson Son of Carr Old English
Cary Descendant of the dark one Welsh
Casey Brave Irish
Cassidy Clever or curly headed Irish
Cecil Dim sighted or blind Latin
Chandler Maker of candles Old English
Christian Follower of Christ or anointed Greek
Cody Cushion Old English
Connor Exalted/wise/constant Irish/Scottish/Latin
Corey Dweller near a hollow Irish
Cullen Handsome Irish