21 Unique and Funny Names for Baby Boy You Cant Stop Laughing Out Loud


Hey congratulations !!! It’s a boy !The name you decide for your kid is a standard among the most imperative endowments you can give him. Why name your kid with casual and routine one? Parents these days do not want to name their prince with boring names. If you are also thinking in the same way then you are in the right place where we have unique and funny baby boy names you can’t stop laughing out loud. Here you go!

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21 Funny Names for Your Baby Boy

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Camera: Who doesn’t use a camera these days. Let your kid click the moment with his eyes.

Puma: If you are obsessed with brand, then this will be an example of brand obsession.

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Free: Don’t worry about his name and feel free to name FREE.

Thin: You can name your boy with this name. If he is skinny, then it will be suitable. Or if he is chubby then it will be quite opposite which brings smiles.

Yoga: Are you a fitness freak? Then this will be perfect name for your boy.

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Pizza: Who doesn’t like pizza. It’s everyone’s favourite.

Lab: Lab is the place where new inventions take place. Let your kid invite something new.


Burger: Burgers are always my favourite. It’s mouth-watering one to you even.

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Friday: Friday has its unique place and is very auspicious to many people.

Audi: Who doesn’t like an Audi. It sounds and looks luxurious.

Tokyo: Tokyo is one of the largest city. Do you remember the fast and furious Tokyo drift song. Let your kid have nice groove in life.

Pilot:  Let your kid drive safe and aim high.


Apple: Who hate this? Apple is sweet and is favourite to everyone. Let the sweetness to be filled.

Moon: Moon looks amazing midst of all the stars. This will be very cool name to name your boy.

Cricket: Crazy game and lot fans around world. Make your boy a gentleman by naming with this gentleman’s game name.

Egypt: Egypt is famous for its history and wonders of the world. Let your kid be remembered like Egypt.

Buddy: A friend in need is a friend in deed. Let your kid be the best buddy to everyone.

Blue: If you are a fan of mystical things, the name your child with this magical name. Who doesn’t remember the little mystical creatures from the movie smurfs. Smurfs are cute blue coloured little creatures.


Banjo: It’s always pleasant to listen to the sound of Banjo. Let the strings of life be in tune.

Vodka: How can we complete this list without this name.

Helium: Important element

Sparrow: Sounds crazy but its still a cute name.

Facebook: The most trending trending social network. Let him always be the trending guy.

Hashtag: Trying a symbol as name is the most funniest one.


Boo: Try to scare people by calling your kid BOO.

Mafia: Don’t panic to name your kid by this name . Let him scare people by telling his name