11 Must Know Foods That Help Sharpen The Memory of Your Child


Almonds, apple, asafoetida, brahmi, cumin seeds, lemon balm, pepper, rosemary, sage and walnut are some of the foods that sharpen your child’s memory.

Children are a bunch of rapidly growing human beings, who have this brilliant combination of high energy, sharp and curious minds and an innocent soul. Of course, everything is associated with their age. Both their bodies and their minds are rapidly developing, and it is of no doubt that certain foods and lifestyle habits help them immensely in this process.

It is very important to take care of their physical as well as mental needs because their entire life depends on the proper care and nourishment that they receive in their childhood. Brain development is one such thing that needs to be taken care of during this face. The way their mental and cognitive functions develop in childhood determine how they are going to deal with their memory and other mental functions in later life. It also determines their probability of suffering from memory-related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s in old age.

In this article, we will talk about 11 foods that will help in sharpening the memory of your child. This option is not only harmless compared to the pills available in the market, but it is also nutritious. Below is the list of these foods-

11 Foods to Sharpen Your Child’s Memory

foods that sharpen memory of your child
foods that sharpen memory of your child


Almonds are the most beneficial food when it comes to sharpening one’s memory as it helps in preventing loss of memory through brain weakness. It is probably the most recommended food for sharpening the memory by Indians in particular. You can have almonds in whichever way you want, blanched or otherwise. But if you want your child to love almonds, you could probably give him or her almond milk which is basically a preparation of milk and almond paste, with a tinge of saffron.


Apple is another beneficial food in regard of preventing the loss of memory and the onset of amnesia. It helps in sharpening the memory because of how it helps in the wear and tear process of the nerve cells inside the brain. These nerve cells or neurons are responsible for transmitting information from one place to another and thus helps in maintaining the memory and sharpening it. So the old saying that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ isn’t wrong at all! Your child will definitely love this delicious fruit.



This is a common spice used in numerous Indian households because it is known to add a distinctive flavor to the food. What many people don’t know is that it also helps in rejuvenating the brain and the nervous system, which ultimately helps in sharpening the memory. You can include it in your child’s favorite dishes, which will flavor his food as well.


Brahmi, also known as Indian pennyworts, is a remarkable food for enhancing the memory. It is mostly consumed in the form of a cooked preparation of the leaves with the spices, known as Brahmi saag preparation, but the leaves can also be dried and made into powder, which can be consumed by mixing it with milk. In any way, this superfood is known for its remarkable properties with regards to the sharpening of the memory.

Cumin Seeds:

This popular spice is a brain food. Its use has been found beneficial in the treatment of dullness of memory. You can definitely increase the usage of this spice in your child’s meal in order to give him or her benefits of this wonderful spice.

Lemon Balm:

This important culinary herb is regarded as a memory-enhancing food. It is said to be very valuable for brain and for strengthening the memory. It relieves brain fatigue, sharpens comprehension, lifts the heart from depression and raises the spirits. A cold infusion of the balm can be taken freely for this purpose. It is prepared by infusing about 30 grams of the herb in half a liter of cold water for 12 hours and then strained. It should be taken in small doses throughout the day. Lemon balm can also be used in the form of herbal tea made from its heart-shaped leaves. Your child might be too young to have tea, but you can feed him the infusion in small doses, so that should definitely help.


Pepper is one of the oldest and most important of all memory-enhancing foods. Ground pepper, mixed with honey, should be taken for this purpose of sharpening the memory. It should be taken both in the morning and evening by your child.


Phosphorous Rich Fruits:

All the fruits, rich in phosphorus are valuable foods to sharpen your child’s memory.  Such fruits invigorate the brain cells and tissues. The fruits rich in this important mineral are figs, grapes, dates, orange, almond, walnut and apple. Their use is of special value in loss of memory due to brain weakness. Try to include all these fruits in the diet of your child.


Rosemary is a sweet-scented evergreen plant, which grows up to two meters high. It has long been regarded as the herb for the remembrance. It was once believed to strengthen the heart as well as the memory. Rosemary is considered as an antidote to mental fatigue and forgetfulness.  A tea made from the herb has been found highly beneficial for people who will find it refreshing and a good natural remedy for bringing added mental agility.


This popular culinary herb is considered a useful remedy for failing memory. It has been found to have an action on the cortex of the brain, which is said to be beneficial in mental exhaustion, strengthening the ability to concentrate A tea made from the leaves should be taken to sharpen memory. Your child will definitely benefit from these herbal beverages, instead of the empty calorie loaded soft drinks and juices with preservatives.


Walnut is a unique dry fruit valuable in failing memory due to brain weakness. Its value will be enhanced if it is taken with figs or raisins. If it is intended to be consumed alone, about 20 grams of walnuts should be taken every day.

To conclude, a diet rich with fresh fruits, dry fruits, herbs, and spices will help in sharpening the memory of your child. Remember that diet plays an extremely important role in developing the mental and cognitive functions of your child’s brain, so it should be given its due importance.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!