21 Best Couple Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is all about those crazy and fancy costumes. I am very much aware of how confused you guys might be on what costume you both will be wearing this Halloween. After all, there are so many options available but very few of them are interesting when it is about a couple costume. Don’t you worry because we have solved one of your major problems. Yes! We have listed 21 best couples Halloween costume ideas. Find more below:

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Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas: 21 Best Ideas

couples halloween costume ideas

1. Magician and white rabbit



For this duo look, one of you has to dress in complete black and the other one in white. For the guy, he can add on a white shirt so as to create a match with his partner in white. Make sure you carry your hat and the magic stick to complete the magician look.

2. Jack Daniel’s and coca cola



I will be your coca cola and you be my Jack Daniel’s. LOL! This outfit is pretty easy to carry for both of you. You can just get on some printed tee-shirts and the most fun part is that you can customise your look as per your choice.

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3. The skeletons



For this look, it’s all about the makeup. Both of you can get done with your look in just black costumes but the twist comes with the skeleton look. You can either directly purchase these costumes or can get the print on your black clothes in case you fail to get the prior one.

4. Elegant king and queen



If you want something different from the rest of the couples, then this one is for you. You can get the king and queen crowns and dress as per your choice. However, you can also carry out the costumes shown above.

5. Angry birds



This angry bird look is pretty simple. You can dress as any of your favourite angry bird and can order the costumes online. Make your sure you carry the hair band and the wagging tail to complete the look.

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6. The safari couple



Now this one would be pretty uncommon. You must already be having this colour in your wardrobe, so now lesser worries to search for the costume. Carry your little kitty (if it’s allowed).

7. The gangster look



To complete this look, you can carry a hot black dress of your choice and the man can carry a black suit. After all, black is all about curiosity and yes, do not forget to carry your gun along!

8. The Minnie and mickey



Why not go back to the childhood days? The mickey and Minnie mouse are everyone’s favourite and so will you be in the Halloween party! Dress the bottoms in red and the upper in black. Regarding the bow, you can get that from the nearby store.

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9. Scary Halloween look



I know this may seem a bit difficult but it’s more about the makeup that plays the role. So, get the best makeup artist you can and rock the party!

10. Superman and Supergirl



The superman and Supergirl look can never get out of trend. In fact, the costumes as well are so easily available that almost anyone can get them.

11. The clown



Even until now, I am so scared of clowns that I literally freak out every time I see them. Carry those white tee shirts and some colourful bottoms so as to match them with your hair.

12. The playboy couple



Isn’t this the hottest look amongst the listed ones?

13. The robbers



So if you haven’t yet planned anything on what you are going to wear this Halloween, then this last minute costume can majorly help you solve your problem. Just carry black trousers with white and black strap tees and of course the gloves. You can cover your eyes with black glasses or apply black makeup around your eyes and you are done!

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14. The hilarious couple



This casual look will stand out differently amongst all other costumes. Just pair up your cargos with some tee and sneakers of your choice and be the most fun-loving couple in the party.

15. Tacky traveller couple



For this duo look, get a floral shrug or overcoat and pair the same with cool shorts. Remember to carry the hat, drinks throughout the party and the cool look is created!

16. Bugs bunny and lola bunny



We all love bunnies. In fact, they are my favourite! The costume can be easily created with a complete white tee and shorts and of course the bunny ears. To finish the look, do create the moustache and the little black nose.

17. Tooth fairy and dentist couple



this one is my personal favourite. The girl can carry any white dress, hold the magical toothpaste wand and carry a pretty hair band whereas the boy will have to carry a dentist costume and yes, don’t forget the mask!

18. White rabbit and Alice



We all know how pretty ‘the Alice look’ is! Remember to carry the essentials, for instance the clock in hand.

19. The firefighter and his dalmatian



For the dalmatian look, you can get any polka dotted tee shirts and socks and pair it up with black shorts or jeans. Give your eyes the same dotted look and you are done! On the other side, your man must be having the same coloured trouser and a red hat, so it’s a DIY look for him!

20. The soap and scrub couple



While getting the soap costume may be a bit difficult so the best DIY would be to get it written on a cardboard and attach some balloons to it. For the girl, you can easily get some costume like this. You will just have to explore a little bit!

21. Hershey’s Halloween couple



You guys can wear some long tee with Hershey’s written on it and for a more finished look, try to dress up in all brown!

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Aren’t these couple Halloween costumes unique and interesting at the same time? Well, you can find many couple Halloween costumes on the internet but we have tried to select the best ones for you!