17 DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas


Halloween calls for a time of decoration. Some spend a considerable amount of time, whereas others a small fortune in making their homes funny and scary. But the truth is that spending a fortune in making your home Halloween savvy is not a worthwhile idea at all.

Great pieces can be incorporated on display for your holiday. As it is a fall, it works out to be great as far as color is concerned. This is flanked by the times of Halloween to Christmas whereby some DIY projects is worth forwarding to the season of Christmas. So many ideas are worth mentioning for Halloween decoration and it is easy to make as well.

diy halloween decoration ideas

Merely spooking your home or giving an autumn look for decoration can present you with a plethora of options. This is by providing the perfect Halloween look with a control on your budget. The projects are exemplary and can help the neighbors spruce up when it comes to their decoration time.

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17 Best Halloween Decorating Ideas

1} Hanging Ghosts

When it comes to Halloween decorating can you avoid ghosts? Certainly no! Pretty ease to make. With cheesecloth, Styrofoam balls along with a black marker, thousands of little wonders can be created which can be kept in your home or porch as per you wishes. If the cheesecloth is shred towards the bottom it gives the ghosts a scary look. All this can be done at a fraction of a price as well.


Hanging Ghosts

2} Crafty pumpkins

Yes they are an integral aspect of your Halloween décor! Do not crave on them and adopt strategies on decorating them in various ways. For your holiday it can be a great décor and the inside of it can be kept for thanksgiving. The Halloween pumpkin is decorated with buttons, ribbons or whatever things you wish for. The creativity element is brought to the core! Isn’t it!

Crafty pumpkins

3} Cat Pumpkins

Works out tobe agreat home décor idea that is pretty easy to make. Once again you would need pumpkins as usual! Styrofoam balls with some supplies of adorable cats that works out to be best for decorating Halloween. They can be made in different sizes and you can spread them all over your home. If you have a liking for Halloween decorating or cats, then this is the one for you!

Cat pumpkins

4} Stencilled Pumpkins

Pretty well on its path of being popular! Craving along with cutting is a strict no and put stencils in the design to give it a great look. It provides you with numerous options to be creative and preserves the pumpkin for a longer time. Stencils could be found in just about any type of design and you will have to go on and put them on the pumpkins. It is a really creative project.


Stencilled pumpkins

5} Flying Bats

For a spooky Halloween look, add flying bats to the wall of your home. What you need to do is to cut bats into different sizes incorporated of black cardstock. Then  stick them on to a wall with tape. It can be done in the exteriors or interiors of your home if you have a party. There will be bats flying from one room to another and it is easy to make

Flying bats

6} Bird Decorating

If you are an avid follower of Poe, then the bird decorating appeal would seem appealing.  Ensure that the entry is filled with ravens and with the help of pumpkins. You could go on to hold barren branches and spooky black birds could be perched on them.

Bird decorating

7} Scary and Bright Stairs

On your porch if stairs are there, then it presents the perfect opportunity for Halloween decoration. Opt for Jack – o – Lanterns on each step of the stair and should be of varied sizes on each of the step. When one is placed on a step the moment it is lit, the porch will be illuminated and give a scary feeling. This is not the case as they will look really great. For a cool look add in a few dried gourds or leaves. If it is possible incorporate the pumpkins with small leaves.


Scary and bright stairs

8} Spooky Interior

Jugs modelled on ghosts are easy. Paint the face of a ghost on a large sized gallon jug. On one side it should be clear and light should be there on the other side. The Halloween is going to look all the great if Pumpkin is there towards the base. In addition to this trifle candy containers could be hung from it,

Spooky interior

9} House- O – Lantern

If you are on top of your creativity skills, it is pretty easy to turn your home into the house – o- Lantern. A corrugated cardboard is the need  to craft the face and a window where Jack- o – Lantern can reside. Do make it a point that the cardboard goes on to fit in a tight manner on the window and the face should be cut so that the light shines through. In fact it works out to be one of the easiest ways to decorate your home on Halloween .Trust me it is not going to cost you a single penny.

house o lantern

10} Windows Silhouettes

Rather than spending money on brought decorations, you can cut a few silhouettes form a cardboard or a black card stock, paint it black and keep it on your windows. Just create cats, ghosts or anything you want with them. With the help of a little scotch tape you can hang them out, and since they come off easily do not expect them to be there for the coming year.


Windows Silhouettes

11} Halloween Wreath

Wreath is a vital clog in the wheel for each and every holiday and since it is easy to make, ensure you have one for Halloween. From your local supply store, buy a Grape wine wreath and then add whatever you feel to it for decoration. Have bats, spiders or mummies and end it with a sporty Halloween ribbon. Hang it on the front door or wherever you feel like.

Halloween wreath

12} The Family of Pumpkins

It has got to be the centre of attraction for the Halloween table. Opt for some real pumpkins or from your local store a few craft pumpkins. Ensure that you go on to purchase different pumpkins so that you can have each one for the member of your family and ensure that one pumpkin for each family member is there. Kids have their own skills sets when it comes to decorating pumpkins and you can do it with ribbons, balloons or anything which appeals to you.

The family of Pumpkins

13} Ghostly Balloons

Blow up white balloons to create the ghost’s body. Cut out three ovals from black card stock for the ghost’s eyes and mouth. Attach the ovals to the white balloon with dots of glue. Tape white streamers to the base of the balloon to create the ghost’s tail.


ghostly balloons

14} Spidery Mason Jars

Paint mason jars black to create the base. Glue on plastic spiders to the outside of the jar. Place a tea light inside the jar to create a spooky effect.

spider mason jars

15} Candy Corn Vases

Fill clear vases with candy corn to create the base.Tie a ribbon around the vase to add a decorative touch.

candy corn vases

16} Creepy Crawly Hand Soap

Fill a clear soap dispenser with clear hand soap to create the base. Add plastic spiders or bugs inside the soap dispenser to create a creepy effect.


creepy crawly hand soap

17} Ping Pong Eyeball Wreath

Glue ping pong balls together in a wreath shape to create the base. Paint the ping pong balls to look like eyeballs. Hang the wreath on your front door to create a creepy welcome.

Ping Pong Eyeball Wreath

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