How Dosa Maker By Kent Served The South Indian


Here’s How Dosa Maker By Kent Served The South Indian In Me Well

Living in a new city alone, doing things on your own, and tasting the bliss of freedom was always an exciting and alluring thought for me. Luckily, I received a job offer from an MNC situated in the happening city of Delhi and then began my new journey filled with new responsibilities and adventures of handling the daily struggles alone.

From the cuisine to the language and the fashion, everything was new and vibrant. The experience was fantastic. As a fanatic food lover, I was also keen to try new dishes from every famous outlet, so I just step out of my flat and embark on a gastronomic adventure every weekend.

However, there were times when I used to crave the flavors of my hometown’s dishes such as idli, sambhar, and dosa, which is my favorite dish. While eating out on a regular basis did not prove to be a feasible option to me, both financially and hygienically, I started looking for ways to recreate the magic of my dosa dish at home.

The hectic schedule again came on my way to cherish my love for dosa. It was a Sunday morning when I read a post on the internet about the brand-new dosa maker by KENTwhich seemed to be a convenient option. I read about the product and found it the perfect companion for my morning delights of dosa.I bought it and then began the happy, tasty, and healthy mornings when I could make my yummy and delicious breakfast with an impressive ease and perfection. All the credit goes to KENT Chilla&Dosa Maker.

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If you too want to know its benefits, here’s how dosa maker by KENT served the South Indian in me well!


MakingDosa in Minutes

Yes! With the help of this amazing product, I can make my dosa quickly without messing up with the batter. I just have to make the batter, plug the machine and let it do its magic. In no time, one canmake perfectly round dosa. I could make any dosa I wanted to it. Be it a plain dosa, Ravadosa or even a pizza dosa, this dosa maker by KENT fulfilled all my culinary delight desires. A good treat, isn’t it?

Healthy Breakfast

Another advantage is the non-stick base of this dosa maker that does not require much oil making your dosa healthier. I also do not have to worry about the hygiene of my meal as the process of making dosa on KENT’s dosa maker is safe and dirt-free.

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A Convenient Kitchen Accessory

As I was living in a small flat as compared to my spacious home back in Chennai, I did not have the space for bulky appliances. However, this dosa maker’s sleek, plain, and light-weighted design proved to be of great convenience to me. I face no difficulty in finding a place to store it as it could fit anywhere comfortably.

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Not Just a Dosa Maker

Though I love South Indian platter which is quite obvious looking at the fact that I am a South Indian myself, I never hesitate to try other cuisines. Hence, I tried making other dishes with the dosa maker and guess what, the experience was amazing. Now, I am able to make other dishes such as omelet and chilla too.


Now, after using the dosa maker by KENT for more than a month, I don’t have to worry while deciding what to make for the breakfast. My colleaguesalso appreciate me every time they try my dosa. Well, they don’t know my secret that you know now and that is one and only KENT Chilla&Dosa Maker.