11 Ways To Support Your Child’s Mental Health During The Pandemic


You can support your child’s mental health during the pandemic by preparing a schedule for them, playing with them, narrating stories to them, gardening with them, working out with them, letting them stay in contact with their friends, cooking with them, watching cartoons with them and most importantly, explaining the covid-19 guidelines to them.

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic was a time that drained our positive energy. While we, adults have managed to put ourselves through it, kids are unable to do that on their own. Thus, if you have got a kid at your home, it is your responsibility to take care of his or her mental health. During this pandemic situation, almost all classes are being held online. So, it’s even more difficult for your child as now neither they are getting to interact with their friends nor are they able to get the feel of their classrooms. Let’s see how we can deal with it and take care of their mental condition.

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11 Ways To Support Your Child’s Mental Health During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Prepare a daily schedule for them

It may not be possible for your kid to make a timetable of their own singlehandedly, with their daily ongoing classes. So, this is the duty you gotta take up. Prepare a productive yet easy-going schedule for them. Include the necessary tasks, homework, and all other needful.

Let them keep in contact with their friends

As mentioned before, it’s their friends whom they are missing the most during this period. So, it’s totally fine if they want to talk to their friends for an extra hour over the phone. Let them chat about how their day went, what new things did they get to learn, or anything that they want to talk about.

Explain the Covid-19 safety health guidelines to them

This is the most important point of all. Firstly, you need to make your kid understand all the precautions that should be taken by both adults and children. Then you should check if they are washing hands and using sanitizer frequently. Also, they may forget, but it’s your duty to notice if they are wearing masks properly or not. These are the basic and simple things that you need to take care of.


Play with them

Nowadays, a lot of us are working from home. So, it’s obvious that when both you and your child are getting so much free time, you need to entertain your kids by playing with them. Additionally, use this work from home opportunity to spend as much quality time with your children as you can and keep your child’s mental health positive.

Narrate stories to them

Remember the days when you were a kid and your grandma or grandpa used to narrate different kinds of stories to you? Yeah, all you have to do during bedtime is narrate stories to your kid; be it a fairytale, a story of bravery, a fantasy, or a horror one.

Do gardening together

Deforestation or cutting down trees is a major reason why we are facing so many environmental issues nowadays. So, it’ll be great to plant some nurseries in your garden or have some potted plants on your balcony. Moreover, if your kid gets to learn to protect their own planet from childhood, they may grow more conscious about the environment in near future.

Have some workouts done together

Your body needs more movement because you’re sitting at your desk with your laptop and doing your office work and your child is having online classes for hours. So, after both of your work gets over, you gotta do some stretching, jogging or any kind of exercise along with your kid. Yoga is also an excellent alternative

Sit and watch cartoons or children’s movies with them

Have a fun time with your children by sitting and chilling on the couch, watching some good animated movies, or simply a family film. It will refresh and uplift all of your moods!

Teach them a new craft/new language or anything new

With less workload, you can teach your child a new craft, a new art, or anything. Both of you, together, can even learn a new language online as there are a lot of sources available on the internet nowadays. Mark my words, there can be nothing more productive than this.


Cook together

You and your child can together get more active in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes. Moreover, they can help you by handing over utensils or chopping the veggies. This way, they’ll learn the basic household works early in their life and can do their work by themselves when they grow up. At least, they’ll be involved, active, and not feel bored.

Keep an eye on them to see if they grow anxious

In these hard times, your little one may grow anxious and feel demotivated. You need to keep an eye on them while doing other work so that they don’t feel lonely.


Now it’s your turn to follow these tips to keep your child bubbly, energetic, and full of life throughout this house-stay period. So, pull up your socks, sit with your kid and discuss how both of you can make the most of this day.