11 Birthday Gift Ideas For A Teenage Girl During Pandemic


Some birthday gift ideas for a teenage girl during the pandemic include craft kits, birthday cards, e-caricature, video messages, flowers, plants, books, chocolate hampers, stationery gift sets, lip balm making sets, and becoming the ‘one day chef‘.

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic is still going on in our country. Our previous normal way of life living has been destroyed. Everything around the world has been forced to change due to this devastating pandemic. But naturally, we have adapted to the new way of living. However, under lockdown-like conditions, birthday celebration is no more an easy feat. But there are still some very interesting ideas to show your loved ones your lovable efforts to make them feel special on their special day. Here we come to help you to celebrate at a distance but treat your female best friend/little sister/cousin/neighbor in unique ways.


11 Birthday Gift Ideas For A Teenage Girl During Pandemic

A craft kit

A craft kit can be an amazing gift. It will not only give them something thing to engage with during this time but also leave them with a memento of the strange time. You can gift her a good embroidery kit as well if the receiver is a fancy one. It’s always fun to create something. They can also decorate their rooms with the craft creations after completion.

Self-made birthday cards

Handcrafted birthday cards never go old when it comes to making your loved ones feel special. You consider investing in a special hand-made birthday card. You can use cute stickers to decorate your cards and write beautiful poems or messages for the birthday girl. You can draw some of her favorite cartoon characters or even stick cute photos of her. There are thousands of hand-made birthday card tutorials available online, create a beautiful one with the help of those.


Yes, it’s a new one. E-caricature is a thoughtful digital birthday gift for a teenage girl in this digital era. This new trend is fun and can bring a smile to everyone’s face. It can be an amazing social distancing gift idea in this lockdown. There are many websites available online where you can submit the recipient’s photograph and get the e-caricature specially designed by them. They also deliver the funny gift straight to the recipient if requested.


Lovely video message

Don’t make the birthday girl feel alone on her special day if you can’t be there to wish her. Physical presence is not everything, being emotionally present is more important than this. Shoot or create a beautiful video message with some of your photographs put together with a ‘happy birthday’ song or any music of your choice.

Become the ‘one-day-chef’

Who doesn’t love birthday cakes? Bake a delicious birthday cake for your loved one with the help of your mom. There are numerous cake baking tutorials available on youtube, you can get help from there also. With the contactless delivery service at the doorstep, surprise them on their birthday with a yummy self-baked cake.

Flowers at your rescue

It may be the most obvious one, but flowers are always the safest option for a gift. A beautiful flower bouquet is a nice way to bring a smile to someone’s face. They can decorate their room with your beautiful flowery present. Instead of buying, you can make a creative bouquet on your own with your garden flowers; decorate it with colorful ribbons and a hearty birthday note.


If the recipient is a nature-lover, then plants can be a great birthday gift for them. Plants have more longevity than a bouquet and are more thoughtful as well. Gift her favorite plants to brighten up her home. Make a plant hamper along with some creative lovely pots and send them as a birthday present.

Books for the book-worm

Did your friend tell you about her immense love for books and has her birthday upcoming? Gift her a set of books of her choice. These can be a great companion for her in this boring self-isolating period. Books offer the perfect escapism, indeed.

Chocolate hamper

It’s the ideal present for chocolate lovers. Create personalized chocolate hamper with the birthday girl’s favorite brand of chocolates like Dairy Milk, KitKat Milkyway, etc. Moreover, you can also decorate the hamper with little teddies, cute stickers, and ribbons; make it attractive with the extra-special touch!


Stationery gift set

This is a lovely way to treat the stationery-obsessed birthday girl. Make a set with different stationery tools such as pencils, pens, fragrant erasers, a ruler, some paintbrushes, school copies with attractive cover pages, colorful sticky notes, a watercolor palette, some crayons, a sharpener, and other school supplies. She will be more than happy to see your creative efforts to make her happy. Don’t forget to attach a cute school supplies organizer along with the personalized set.

Lip balm making kit

Different lip balm making kits are available online nowadays. The all-natural kit includes rose, lavender, peppermint, lime, and other essential oils along with tubes, color shimmers, butter, and a mixing tray. Order one online and request a contactless delivery at the recipient’s doorstep. The kit can be a great birthday gift especially for the girls who love beauty, DIY, and natural stuff.


Is your loved one’s special day coming? Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Create some thoughtful personalized gifts for the birthday girl. Don’t allow this pandemic to spoil her birthday. If you cannot be there for her on her day, then make it a special one for her. These above-mentioned lockdown birthday gift ideas for a teenage girl will help you in bringing a bright smile to your loved one’s face. Choose any of the ideas between the above ones according to the recipient’s preference and give your special creative touch to it. Don’t forget to wish her a “very happy birthday” on our behalf!