12 Exciting Cleaning Games for Kids


Games are for fun, but along with fun they are also meant to teach kids some basic skills and values. Cleanliness is one of the basic qualities for a healthy and happy life ahead,  and it needs to be instilled in your kids at an early age so that it turns out to be a part of their life later on and they do not have to put in an extra effort to stay clean and keep their environment clean. Cleaning games do not sound interesting,  but they can be really exciting if you put in a little effort to make them fun,  or use some reasoning or set something as a reward for your kid.

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cleaning games for kids

Reasoning can help in a great way as it involves using the kids needs to direct him to do some cleaning. For example,  if he wants to watch TV,  he better do some cleaning before that. This could also be seen as a reward,  or maybe you can let him eat his favorite ice cream after the work is done. Out of all the tricks that can help your kid learn some cleaning,  here are some games that can be fun as well as teach cleaning to your kids.

12 Fun Games to Get the Kids Cleaning

Clean to the Music

Cleaning can be made really interesting by adding some energetic music,  probably your kids favorite songs. It’s a simple activity wherein your kid needs to stop cleaning when the music stops and then he needs to freeze at his place unless you resume the music and he needs to resume cleaning. This activity can be real fun when done with a group and the music makes the game interesting instead of boring.

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Make an Advertisement

Change your home into a little advertisement set and be the director and cameraman while your kid plays the role of an actor. Give him a situation to perform wherein cleaning is involved. You can even feature different ways of cleaning and the important part is to make your kid feel happy about cleaning.

Dress Up and Clean

Is fancy dress your kids favourite event at school? Well,  get them into a role they like and make a game that eventually does the cleaning. For example,  a kid acts as a police officer and he arrests all the toys which are spread in the room and keep them into the toy box,  which could he considered as a jail otherwise. Fun?

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Cleaning Jenga

With a little twist into the game Jenga, you can get your little one into doing some clean up. With a pencil write some household work to be done on the sticks and assemble the Jenga blocks to make the tower. So,  now let your kid remove one block after another without disturbing the tower and complete the task written on it.

Laundry Race

What could be better than motivating your kids to clean their own clothes! You can place a challenge between them to separate the colored and white clothes and bring them to the washing machine as a challenge or folding their own clothes neatly as a challenge to be completed in a certain time limit. Play some music to motivate your child.

Roll your Chore

It will be really exciting to change a board game into a cleaning expedition. Mark the board with some cleaning activities and as the dice is rolled and they move forward into the game after completing each task,  they also end up doing some cleaning.


Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt can turn out to be more exciting with a little twist in the plot. You can hide candies and sweets all around the house and as the kid completes a task,  which necessarily involves some cleaning,  they can find the clue and move to the next level and slowly reach the treasure, i.e. their reward. The treasure hunt game was my favorite game,  I’m sure your kid will enjoy it.

Kid into a Robot

Kids may not like to be ordered around,  but when you turn it into a game,  they may actually like it. Tell your child to transform into a robot and give him instructions,  such as turn left,  sit down,  turn right,  which may also involve pick up the toy,  take 6 steps, turn right and place it in the box.

Safe Zone

It will be easier to have all the stuff gathered at one place and then sort it out and keep it at their own place. You can simply cook up a story of rats roaming around the house and tell them about a safe area where they need to gather all the stuff scattered in the room,  then when all the stuff is at one place, you can easily sort it out.

Play I Spy

You just need to play this game in a smarter way. Ask your kid to stand in a corner of the room and play ‘I spy’. For example,  you can say ‘I spy on the towel’ and the kid runs to the towel and comes and gives it to you. This game can help you gather the scattered clothes, toys, books or plates.

Cleaning Set

Yes,  instead of giving your kid a kitchen set,  why not give him a cleaning set. If your kid loves to do what you do,  this can be helpful. Make a small cleaning set for them,  where they can do small cleaning jobs such as dusting with their small dusting cloth.

Bull’s Eye

This can be really interesting. You can mark an area in the room as the bullseye,  where your kid needs to place all garbage or sweep all the crums present in his room to that point.



So,  these are some exciting ways to let your kid learn cleaning, the most boring of all works,  but essential at the same time. These are some easy ways to complete the challenge of getting your kid to help you in cleaning.  Happy Parenting!



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