21 Cooking without Fire Recipes for Kids


Cooking for your kids is possibly one of the best ways to bond with them. But when it comes to kids and their food, creating a variety and making food interesting for them can be a really difficult task for every mother out there. It is not an easy task to prepare a new tiffin for your kid everyday and you can’t repeat the same food too many times either, because that bores them very easily and the next day you will find the tiffin box intact when your child returns home from school! You also don’t get enough time in the morning to cook some extravagant dish over the fire for them, so easy and unique non-fire recipes are what actually comes to your rescue then. Well we understand your problem and have tried to make things easier for you. Following is a list of interesting and unique cooking recipes without fire that your kids are definitely going to love!

Cooking without Fire: 21 Recipes


21 Cooking without Fire Recipes for Kids

Chocolate pie

Chocolate is obviously every child’s favourite and they will never ever say no to it! So, apply chocolate pudding on the pie crust and top with the whipped cream and your chocolate pie is ready!

Mixed sprout chaat

Which kid doesn’t love chaats? Well, mommies will also love it for their kids if they are made of healthy sprouts! So, take the mixed sprouts in a bowl, add onions, green chillies, tomatoes, salt, pepper and the paneer cubes to this mixture and then add lemon juice and chaat masala to taste. The chaat is ready!

Peanut butter pizza

Pizza and that too healthy is definitely a deadly combination. So, put peanut butter on the english muffin, add toppings of your choice and drizzle honey on top of it if you want. Your kid will want it over and over again.

Strawberry ritz

Mix a spoon of strawberry jam with some cream cheese and apply the mixture on ritz crackers or any other cookies available. This is the easiest recipe yet your kid is bound to love it!


Russian eggs/eggs mimosa/stuffed eggs

Cut the boiled eggs vertically into two, scoop out the yolks and mix it with mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish. Give your kid the healthy egg in a tasty manner. They are never going to refuse it!

Milk shakes

These are of course every child’s favourite! Take some milk, yoghurt, any of your favourite fruit and sugar and blend them together. That’s it! Your yummy milk shake is ready. These shakes are very filling, nutritious, and yummy! You might also add some fruit o your choice to make it tastier and better.

Cinnamon pears

Just place the pears in a bowl and add sugar and cinnamon. You might microwave it if you want to, but it is good to go even otherwise. Whoa, your delicious tiffin is ready!

Kala khatta sorbet

Feast on these amazing, mouth-watering dishes without using any gas. This quality product will beat the craze of all the street food for your kid. This is easy to make, yet gorgeous and tasty!

Peanut butter balls

In a bowl, add honey, peanut butter and milk powder and mix well. Once the mixture is ready, make small balls and put them on waxed paper. Refrigerate it for some time and your child can enjoy yummy peanut butter balls.

Rainforest sundae

Place the bananas, mangoes and pineapples in an ice cream dish, and add a scoop of yogurt or ice cream. Top with drizzles of chocolate sauce and the sundae is ready. This doesn’t only taste heavenly, but looks delicious too!


Turkey flat bread

Spread cheese on the bread, add the sliced turkey deli meat and then roll the bread. This will quite be like the wrap your child loves, yet a healthier and tastier version of it!

Pumpkin pie

Mix the canned pumpkin and vanilla pudding together, put the mixture in small crust pie and add a topping. Your pumpkin pie is ready and your kid will simply relish it!

Chips ice cream

Take 8 cookies. Carefully poke a hole in the center of the cookies using a wooden pop stick. Keep them aside. Chop rest of the cookie and spoon out half of the chopped cookies evenly on 8 paper cups. Top with whole cookies as you press gently into the ice cream and insert a wooden pop stick to hold the cookie. Freeze for 3 hours and peel off the cups before serving.

Mini pizza

No kid ever will say no to pizzas. So, if you can make it at home, there is nothing like that! Apply pizza quick sauce on the muffin and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top. You can microwave it then if you want and your pizza is super ready!

Puffed rice peanut butter balls

This is quite interesting now! Take honey in a bowl and powdered sugar to honey. Then add peanut butter, puffed rice and raisins to it. Mix the ingredients together and make tiny balls of it. You could use icing sprinkles to top the balls and your tiffin is ready!

No bake chocolate dessert

Dissolve sugar in water to make a sugar syrup. Use the syrup to bind bread crumbles and coarsely grind the bread. Then, take chocolate sauce in a bowl, drizzle sugar syrup on the bread crumbles to keep it moist and bind it together. Pour in another layer of chocolate sauce and add a layer of fresh cream with sugar. Refrigerate for 20 minutes before serving and your kid will want it every day!


Compressed fruit salad

A lip smacking chaat, which is very simple to make, your kids will love it no matter what! It is made by tossing together fruits in hydrating, refreshing fruit juices and apply lemon juice and chaat masala to it.

Chilled cucumber soup

This is simply perfect for the summers! Enjoy the freshness of cucumber and yoghurt. For some crunch, top with parmesan coated croutons. This is healthy as well as tasty!

Almond malai kulfi

A creamy icy treat made by cooking condensed milk, saffron and dry fruits. You could set them in matkis and serve. This sweet and sour treat too is a perfect summer cooler and the pretty hue works wonders as crowd pullers.

Chicken salad

This will surely be your kid’s favourite! Blend together salt, black pepper, chopped celery stalk, yoghurt, chopped onions and roasted chicken together and add some mayonnaise for taste. Your dish is ready!

Butter toast

This is the simplest to make yet the healthiest of all the foods. Just toast slices of bread and apply butter on them. Serve it with a hot glass of milk and a boiled egg if you want. Whoa, the breakfast is ready!

So, don’t wait any further. Surprise your kid with these recipes today! Happy Cooking!