201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with S


Looking for baby names starting with S? Here is a collection of unique and modern boy names starting with S with meanings.

201 Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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ShandonAn old and wise man
ShandyA boisterous person
ShanenA person with an ancient soul
SharnovonA unique person who has wisdom and imagination
ShattuckA shad fish
SewerdGuardian of the sea
SextonA bodyguard or one who guards the church
SeymourOccupational name, means taylor
ShaddocA fish, a shad fish
ShaddockOne who is like a shad fish
Shadwelle who comes from the shed spring
ShakespeareOne who is a spearman. A surname
ShamanA religious healer, a Shaman
ShandeyA boisterous, unruly man
ShandleyA man from the loud meadow
SegarA sailor
SegodGod of the sea
SegramourAn ordinary, modern and nonchalant individual
SegwridesOne who likes individuality and independence
SeildA shallow place, one who lives near the shallow land
SeisyllA blind person, one who cannot see
SelbyVillage by the manison
SeldenHe who is from a small valley
SeldonA house on the hill
SelebyOne from the manor farm
SelisesOne who is in touch with his individuality and confidence
SelldenValley of the willow trees
SellenOne who lives by the stretch of smooth water
SelredA stretch of wisdom
SelwinOne who is a good friend
SelwineFriend at court
SelwinnOne who is a great companion
SelwynFriend from the palace
SenaculusEnglish name for Boys
SenacvsEnglish name for Boys
SenehauzOne who has restless and exploring nature
SenemagliA sensitive, youthful and glorious person
SenemaglosThe old or aged Prince
SenerA great stronghold
SennianusNurturing, noble, kind and inventive being
SenomagliA person who is brave, versatile and glorious
SenomaglosAn aged Price, a Prince who is in his old age
SenorixInvented Boy name
SentrailleA sensitive, diligent and fertile person; imaginative
SentwineA friend who is sent by the god
SeofecaA clean, observant and self satisfied person
SeptimaName given to seventh child
SequesterThe place in safe-keeping, a trustee
SetibogiusAmbitious, skillful and dignified individual
SetonA town located near the ocean
SeuareA sea passage, a passage from sea
SeuuardusA flexible and self satisfied person; grateful
SevenName meaning nuber seven
SedgewyckOne from the place where the sword grass grows
SedgleyA sword meadow
SedgwickA sword place
SedgwyckA place of swords
SedrickHe who is kind and loved by many
SeegerFighter of the sea
SeelyA very happy person
SeemanMan of the sea
SeetonFrom the town by the sea
SefareLord is gracious
SeftonA town in the rushes
ScirwodeHe who is from the bright forest
ScitucA composed, courageous and strong minded individual
ScobbaOne who has high morals and a charming personality
ScottFrom Scottish
ScottasHe who wanders
ScottieFamiliar form of scott
ScottishA place name
ScottoHe who is from Scottish
ScottyA nickname from Scotsman
ScrobbEnglish name for Boys
ScyttaThe duminitive name means to shoot
SeabertA shining sea
SeabornOne who is born of the sea
SeabrightGlory at sea
SeabrocOne who is born near the sea
SeabrookOne who is from the brook of the sea
SeabrookeA stream near the sea
SeaburtOne who is glorious at sea
SeadonOne who comes from the hill by the sea
SeagerA seaman
SealA dweller by the small wood
SealeyHe who is blessed
SeamusA supplant
SeanJehovah has been gracious
SearuA quick learner who is blessed with an active mind
SeathrúnGod’s peace
SeatonOne who is from the farm by the sea
SeaverA fierce stronghold
SeawardA sea guardian
SeaxwulfWolf of the sea
SebertGlory at sea
SebestianThe revered one
SecgA swordsman
SecgwicOne from the sword grass place
SedgeA swordsman
SedgeleyOne from the swordsman meadow
SedgewicSword grass
SedgewickFrom the sword grass place
SedgewikSurname, means sword grass
ScelftunOne from the ledge farm
SceneOne who is scenic
SceobbaA hill or a valley of a man
SceotA worthy individual who is well groomed and poised
SchaddocShad fish
SchafferA steward
SchermanMan with shears
SchermannA shear man
ScirheahA helpful, honest, rebellious and satisfied individual
ScirheardThe bright or hard person
ScirlocA man with blonde hair
SandonCame from the sandy hill
SanersoneSon of alexander
SanfordFrom the sandy ford
SansaoVariation of Samson. Sam’s son
SantA saint
SantonOne from a sandy farm
SarOne who is in pain
SargeShort from sargent, commander
SatucA diligent, strong minded and trusting individual
SaturdayA day in a week; Saturn’s day
SaundersSon of Alexander
SaundersonAlexander’s son, son of defender of men
SavenA capable, studious, detail oriented and respected being
SawalEnglish name for Boys
SawardSurname, means victory at sea
SawyerWoodcutter An Occupational name
SawyereA timber cutter
SawyersWood worker
SaxenA swordsman
SaxleueOne who has a dagger
SayerA woodcutter
SayersOne who recites
SayetsiA trusted, mature and huble natured being
SaylorA sailor
SaymundVictory of peace
ScadwiellaOne from the shed spring
ScaffeldOne from the crooked field
ScandleahHe who comes from the noisy meadow
ScandyA boisterous person
ScarletteVariation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or Red
SceafaName of the ancient Lombardic king in English legend
SceaftThe tribe famous for sheep breedng
SceaftenFrom the sheep or of the sheep
SceapleighOne who comes from sheep meadow
ScebbiOld English name for Boys
ScefBriish name meaning Elf
SceldA person who is social an amiable; reasonable
SceleyA field near the ocean
SaebeorhtOne who is the glory of the sea
SaegarA sea spear
SaegeatA bridge
SaegerA man of the sea
SaeligOne from a happy meadow
SaemannA man of the sea
SaerOccupational name, a carpenter
SaewaldAs powerful as a sea
SaewardA victory at sea, surname
SaeweardA guardian of the sea
SaewigA wise, excited and gracious person
SaewineA sensitive and congenial natured person
SaewulfA wolf of the sea
SaewynnA friend of the sea
SaffordOne from the willow ford
SaffrenA name of a flower
SagarOne who is supreme, the wisest one
SagramoreA tree, a sycamore tree
SagraniAn English Boy name, mostly used as a surname
SailorOccupational name, a man on a boat
SaindorA loving and caring individual
SaintA holy person, a saint
SalathaA variant of Salat; to salt
SalfordOne from the willow ford
SalhdeneOne from the valley of the willows
SalhfordOne from the ford where the willows grow
SalhtunA place in the willows
SaliciduniA willow town
SalicidunusOne who comes from a town of willows
SalisburySurname, means willow fortress
SalleySurname, meaning servatns in the hall
SallsburyA place name, town name
SaltonHe comes from the place of the willows
SambornThe brook that is sandy
SammFrom the name Samson, meaning the son of Sam
SammonA son of Solomon
SamsonOne who is like a Sun
SanbornFrom sandy brook
SanborneOne with nature
SanbournFrom sandy stream
SanbourneFrom a gritty brook
SanburnFrom the stream with a gritty bed
SanburneFrom the gritty stream
SandbornFrom a arenaceous stream
SandbourneFrom a gritty small river
SanderA short form of Alexander
SandersonProtector of man
SandfordA Crossing or intersection
SandfurdFrom the river crossing which is sandy
SanditonFrom the sandy town


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