201 Unique and Beautiful Hawaiian Girl names


Whenever you hear the word Hawaii, the picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture will come to your mind. There is an inseparable connection to the universe, land, and sea for Hawaiians. And that reflects in the unique meanings of their names. Just like the place itself, Hawaiian names are also beautiful and exotic. If you are looking for some exotic and meaningful girl names for your little angel, here are 201 beautiful Hawaiian girl names.

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Top 201 Cute Hawaiian Girl Names

AidenLittle fire
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystem
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shoot
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oath
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dear
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.
SophiaShe who possesses great knowledge and wisdom
AelanA flower, a beautiful flower
Ahesoftly blowing breeze
AheaheAheahe is a variant of Ahe.
AilanaStrength of God The Memory of the Lord
AkamaiSmart, Intelligent and wisdom
Alekadefender of mankind
AlikaeHawaiian – Protector; A Hawaiian form of Alex; It has a meaning as most beautiful also; Combination of Alice and Kay
AllannaSerenity, Calmness, tranquility
AlohaLoving, Kind-Hearted
Alohibrilliant, shining
AulaniKing’s messenger
AuliiSomething which is very delicious
EleThe black, shining one
HaliaRemembrance of a loved one; Memorial
HonaleiNamed after Hanalei, Hawaii; meaning heavenly land
KahaleThe name Kahale means House
KahealaniThe name means The Call of Heaven, The Heavenly Mist
KahiauKahiau name means Selfless Generosity
KahliKahili menas Rainbow part, Ginger
KahliaKahlia means Keeper of the Keys
KahokuKahoku means The Star
KaholoThe name means Nimble
KahoniKahoni means The Kiss
KahuaKahua means Base, Fondation
KahunaThe name Kahuna means The Hidden Secret
KaiaKaia name means The Sea
KaiholoKaiholo means Moving Sea, Running Current
KaikoKaiko name means Sea With Strong Current
KailaniKailani means Sea and Sky
Kail�The name means Hawaiian Deity
KaileahKaileah name means Clear and Bright
KaimanaKaimana means Power of the Ocean and Diamond
KainaluThe name means Sea Wave
KainoaKainoa means The Free Flowing Ocean
KainonaKainona means Sea with No Restrictions
KaipoKaipo means The Sweetheart
KaiulaniKaiulani means Royal Sacred One
KalaniKalani name means The Heavens
KaleaKalea name mans Joy and Happiness
KalehoThe name means The Cowry Shell
KaleiThe name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf
KaleiaCurled flower or twisted flower
KaleighiaHappiness or a bliss, flowers
KaleoKaleo means The Voice
KalonaHawaiian meaning is The Sky, Hwbrew meaning of the name is Singer, Plain
KaloniKaloni means The Sky, The Royal One
KamaleiKamelei means Beloved Child
KamayaKamaya means Precious One
KameaKamea means The One and Only
KaleaKalea name mans Joy and Happiness
KalehoThe name means The Cowry Shell
KaleiThe name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf
KaleiaCurled flower or twisted flower
KaleighiaHappiness or a bliss, flowers
KaleoKaleo means The Voice
KalonaHawaiian meaning is The Sky, Hwbrew meaning of the name is Singer, Plain
KaloniKaloni means The Sky, The Royal One
KamaleiKamelei means Beloved Child
KamayaKamaya means Precious One
KameaKamea means The One and Only
KananiKanani means The one who is Beautiful
KaniKani means Sound
KapenaKapena means Captain
KaponoKapono means Righteous
KapueoKapueo name means Owl in Hawaiian
KapulaThe meaning of the name Kapula is Prayer
KapuniKapuni name means Favorite One
KawenaKawena means The Rosy Glow in the Sky
KeahiThe meaning of the name is Fire
KeahilaniThe name means Heaven’s Fire
KealaKeala means The Path, The Road
KealaniThe name means The Clear and White Heaven
KealiiKealii means Chief
KealohaKealoha means The One Who is Loved
KealohiKealohi means The One Who Shines
KealohilaniThe name means The Shine of the Heaven
KeaniKeani means Breeze or Wave
KeanuKeanu name means Coolness, the Cool Breeze
KehauKehau means Heavenly dew
KehlaniSea and Sky
KeikiKeiki means Child
KeikilaniKeiklani means Heaven’s Child
KeilaniKeilani means Skies and the Sea
KekaKeka means Chosen, Selected, Appointed
KekalaKekala means She is Chosen
KekepaniaThe name means Crowned in Victory
KelaniKelani means Heaven
KeliiThe name means The Chief
KeoneKeona means God’s Gracious Gift
KianaKiana means Divine and Heavenly
KieleKiele means Fragnant Blossom
KielleThe name means Gardenia
KielyKiely name means Garden of Flowers
KilohanaKilohana means Superior, Best
KinaKina means Vindicated in Hawaiian
KinipelaKinipela means Wave
LahelaLahela means Innocent Lamb
LaiaLaia means Sweet-Speaking
LailaniThe name means Heavenly Flower
LainiLaini means Heaven, Sky
LanaiTerrace; Veranda; Floating boat
LanniHeavenly one, the Sky
LeiA garland of the heavenly flowers
LeiaHeavanly child
LeialohaA Child who is cherised and loved
LeikoA pettite flower
LeilanaA flower that grows in the heaven
LeilaniA child that is of royal blood
LenaiHawaiian name that means porch, a patio
LeolaniHeavelny woman
LilihaDescribing someone who is angry and disregarded
LiloPerson who is generous and giving
LoeHawaiian word for king
LoniA sky in Hawaiian, a Light in Latin or Solitary in English
LouannHawaiian name meaning enjoyment
LouanneThe one who is enjoying life
LuaA contended, relaxes and joyful individual
LuannDelight and amusemen
LuannaEnjoyment, Happiness and Bliss
MahinaMoon; Moonlight
MaileHawaiian nature name refers to a vine or a shrub
MaileeA vine plant
MakaA favorite, most loved one
MakaioOne who was a God’s gift
MakanaA girl who is a gift to the world
MakelinaFrom Magdelene
MalanaLight; Buoyant
MalaniShe who is from the sky
MaleaHawaiian name describing something that is possible, probable
MalianaShe who is beautiful
MalinaA calming, southing person
MalluOne who exudes peacefulness
MaluOne who brings peace
ManaOne who is full of spirit
MayleeShe who resembles a wild flower
MekaThe most important and precious part of the body, which give light to our path; eyes
MilaniA soft and gentle affectionate touch
MilianiHawaiian – Gentle Caress
MililaniA gentle touch from the heaven
MoanaHawaiian – Ocean; A variant transcription is Moanna
MoannaHawaiian – Ocean; A variant form of Moana
NalaniThe Head, or the chief or the heavens
NalanieThe calm sky
NanaIn Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch.
NaneaA land of the heaven
NaniIn Hawaiian it meant beauty or splendour. In Japanese it too means beauty.
NapuaResembles floras or flowers.
NoelaniFog from paradise.
NohealaniPrettiest woman from paradise.
OhanaA person who rules or guides or inspires others.
OhannaA man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength
OkelaniA Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.
OlianaA ornamental poisonous shrub
OlinaHappiness, delightful, blissful, cheerful
OlineJoyful or jovial or merry or jolly
PalapalaLatin – Foreign Women; Hawaiian variant of Barbara.
PalilaA rare and small bird
PazhaniA free and independent being
PeleHawaiian – From the volcano
PilialohaHawaiian – Beloved; Loving
PualaniHawaiian – Heavenly Flower; Royal Offspring; Flower; Offspring
PunaA water spring
TangiTo cry with great sadness
ZariahName of a flower or God has favored
ZariyahName of a flower or God has favored
ElikapekaA Hawaiian version of Elizabeth, this name means “Promise of God.”
IolanaThe initial “I” is pronounced with a long e sound, and it means “soaring like a hawk.”
LeilaniA lovely, traditional Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flower.”
KaenaThis name means “praised” and is also the name of the westernmost point of the island of Oahu.
KakalinaA derivative of Katherine that means “chaste and pure.”
KulaniKulani has its origins in the Hawaiian language and means “rising towards heaven.”
HaliaThis name means “remembrance of a loved one.”
LeimomiStemming from Hawaiian language meaning “daughter of pearls.”
MalanaHaving Polynesian roots, this name means “calming, relaxing.”
MahaelaniOriginating from the Hawaiian language, this name means “dive mist.”
NoelaniMeaning “heavenly mist” the root of this name is Noel, which is Latin for “born on Christmas.”
OnaThis name means “sweetness.”
PuaPua is a word that means “flower.”
UrimaThis name means “the fruit of the earth.”
WaiolaA Hawaiian version of Viola, the protagonist of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, meaning “violet flower.”
AkelaMeaning “graceful and noble,” this name is the Hawaiian version of Adela and Asher.
AlohaAloha, a word synonymous with Hawaii, means “loving or kindhearted.”
HealaniOriginally from Hawaii, this name means “haze from heavens.”
KahulaAn older name that means “dancing.”
KaiWhile it is currently more popular for baby boys, this unisex name means “from the sea.”
KaluaThis could be perfect for your second baby, since the name translates to “the second child.”
KawaiAnother aquatic named, this means “coming from water.”
KeaoThis name means “the light of day.”
LanakilaThis name originated from the Hawaiian language meaning “victory.”
LeialohaThis name means “darling child.”
LonoNamed after the Hawaiian god of agriculture and rainfall.
MakaniA traditional Hawaiian name meaning “wind.”
MoaniCurrently more popular for girls, this name means “breezes of scent.”
NoheaThis name means “beautiful.”
PauahiThe name of a crater located on the Big Island of Hawaii meaning “fire is over.”
UlaniStemming from the Hawaiian language, this name means “cheerful.”


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