201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with C


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with C, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with C with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with C

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ChaplinA Clergyman
ChapmanName of a merchant
ChappyA trader
CharitonPeasant; filled with kindness
CharleMan; a youth and a free man
CharletonA strong and kind man; settlement
CharlieOne having full rights
CharliesNickname of Charles
CharltonEnglish settlement
CharsA manly farmer
CharseyA brave human being
ChathamSoldier’s land
ChatwinFriend; warlike
ChatwynThe friend who is warlike
ChaucerThe one who makes breeches
ChaunceAn officer holder who has a good fortune
ChauncelerA Chancellor; the one who keeps records
ChayseA hunter
ChazzA man; farmer
ChecoA small child
CheloneThe one resembling a flowering plant
ChelsaA port for limestone
CheltonA variant of Chilton; a farm near well
ChesClearing camp
ChessSoldier’s camp
ChesterA fortified place
ChestonCamping; an activity
ChetA fortress
ChicanePiece of road
ChildersChildren’s house
ChilesThe first born child
ChillRelaxed one; town by the River
ChiltonSettlement; place where people reside
Chipchipping off
ChistoferusStrong willed
ChrestaFollower of Lord Jesus, the son of God
ChrisFollower of Lord Jesus, the son of God
ChristThe Annointed; blessed by God himself
ChristanOne who is a Christianity by religion and believes that Jesus is the son of God
CarstenHe is a follower of Christ
CarstonA town of the Christ’s followers
CarswellHe is from the place of the watercress
CarsynA son of the man who lives in the forth
CartOne who is from the mossy place
CartereA man who uses the cart
CartlandHe comes from the land that is between the streams
CartwrightA man who builds carts
CarvayA man who sculptors wood
CarverAn occupational name, meaning a wood carver
CarylOne who is very much a man
CaryllHe is free
CascadeTo fall, a cascade
CascaidaA falling, descending land
CaseyA descendant of the vigilante man
CashTo come from the hollow
CashtonOne who is from the hollow town
CasonAn invented name with no meaning
CasselOne who owns many castles
CassielGod’s speed
CassioA man who is empty because of his vanity
CassiusHis vanity made him empty
CastelA castle. One who lives in a castel
CasterA man from the Roman camp
CastielA God’s shield
CastinA good natured, energetic, sensitive, emotional and able person
CastleHe is from a castle
CasukhelaName of son of Cadan; youthful and brave fighter
CaswellOne who is from watercress stream
CaswynA friend from the well
CatacvsEnglish male name
CatelA warrior with eagle helmet
CatellA warrior that wears the eagle helmet
CatenA wise and knowledgable man
CaterOne who works as a caterer
CatgenAffectionate, emotional and clever individual
CatgualOne who has a imaginative and creative mind; interesting being
CatguareA capable, resourceful, practical and versatile being
CatguaretA respectful, cool headed and unsophisticated, capable being
ChancellerThe one having good luck
ChancellorA gamble; fortunate
ChanceyLast name; a chancellor
ChandonA type of Parrot
ChanlanHigh-spirited, alluring boy
ChannOfficer of Church; also a young Wolf
ChanneA young Wolf
ChannerA wise and charming being
ChanningMember of the Church
ChanseA great fortune holder
ChapA born trader or the one who is a businessman
CalumA dove-like person
CalvertA person who is a herdsman
CalvexA man who is a shepard
CalvinA hairless, bald man
CamberlieOne who comes from Camberly
CambridgeA King
CamdenOne from the winding valley
CameronHe has a crooked nose
CamilloA noble-born person
CamiloA child that is free-born
CamlachAn english Boy
CampuHe comes from the field
CamulorixA male English name
CanaA jealous, possessive man
CanandaHe comes from a village
CandidOne who shines britht white
CandorAn honest, candor person
CanneOne who is from the valley of the deep
CantonA place name. One who comes from Canton
CantwineLike a Cantonian wine
CapricornA zodiac sigh, a goat
CaptainOne who is a chief
CaracyA well spoken, truthful and kind hearted person
CaradosA legendary ancestor to Gwent kings
CarberryOne who comes from the tree hedge
CarbryHe is from the tree’s hedge
CardaOne with a teasle head
CardenHe who cards wood
CardiffA place name, one who is from Cardiff
CardwellOne who comes from the cold stream
CaristonA modern, but rare English name
CarlA mainly free man
CarlatunOne who comes from the farm of Clarl
CarlayHe is a men’s man
CarletonA peasant’s town
CarlisleA man who comes from the protected, walled city
CarlsonA town of free men
CarltonA free men’s town
CarlusOne who comes from the tower of fre men
CarmelOne who does the harvest
CarmelideAn Arthurian name. A name of Guinevere’s father
CarmichaelA surname. One who comes from the Michael’s fort
CarnellHe who defends the castle
CarolA hymn or a song
CarollHe is a manly one
CarreeHe is manly
CarringtonA person from the Marsh town
CarrollA mainly champion, a man
CarrowThe rock or the spur of a hill
CarsciA fighter and a brave warrior; passionate individual
CaddaTo be at war with someone
CaddahamOne who comes from the land of the warrior
CaddamOne from the warrior’s land
CaddaricA leader in the battle
CaddarikHe who leads in the battle
CaddawycHe is from the warrior’s town
CadorA name of the King Arthur’s nephew
CadwallonA king’s name
CadwaredAn English Boy name
CaedmonOne who fights in the battle
CaedwallaA name of the King Arthur’s nephew
CaedynA round man
CaefcaA Boy name of English origin
CaegelAn independent, self assured and confident individual
CaegiAn English name for Boys
CaeginAn English Boy name
CaeglaAn old English name
CaelicHeavenly man
CaelinHe who is like heaven
CaeliusA person from heaven
CaerdinOne who is a wood carder
CaersewiellaOne who lives at the watercress spring
CaerwynOne from the white fortress
CageA vonfiding space
CaiBrother of King Arthur
CaidenA son of Cadan
CaidenceA cadence, rhythm
CailaeA strongfold, a fort
CaillouA bald headed man
CainHe who is good with the spear
CainanHe who possesses and purchases things
CairoOne who is victrious
CaironA man from Cairo
CalahanOne who loves churches and temploms
CalbertHe who herds cows
CalbexHe who is a shepard
CalderOne who comes from the river of stone
CaldreOne who comes from the stony river
CaldwellA man from the cold springs
CaleA bold man. It’s a surname
CalebOne faithful as a dog
CaledonA tough person
CalemHe is like a dove
CalemundA dove-like man
Calfhierdene who herds sheeps
CaliburnA variation of the King Arthur’s sword name
CalixA chalice, a grail
CallaghanA son of a content man
CallesOne who is like a stone
CallisterHe is Alister’s son
CarterA person who uses a cart
ChristianFollower of Jesus Christ
ColtonFrom a dusky, dark village, where there is no light
CabeHe who is a ropemaker
CabellA name of a ropemaker
CableA person who makes ropes
CactusA desert plant
CacumattusA very old and rare name
CadaAn animal who is an orphan
CadabyrA person who comes from the warrior’s town
CadbyHe comes from the settlement of the warrior

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