201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with P


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with P, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with P with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with P

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ParkA topographic name; one who lives near park
ParkaA variant of Parke which means Park Keeper; Keeper of the Park; Also a type of coat jacket
ParkarOne who is the keeper of the park
ParkerOne who is the keeper of the park; forest ranger
ParkereA forest ranger or a keeper of park
ParkerrA clever minded; keeper of park
ParkerreA gamekeeper; who is the keeper of park
ParkinA little rock; one who is obedient
ParkinsThe one who is the son of Parkin
ParkinsonThe son of Parkin
ParkkerOne who is the keeper of the farm
ParkusAn English Surname formed from habitational place
ParkyrKeeper of the farmland; wonderful
ParnallA little rock or a stone
ParnelA stable person; it is a nineteenth century name
ParnellOne who is appreciated and lovabe
ParrEnglish – Enclosure; From the Cattle Enclosure; A variant is Parre
ParrkerOne who is the keeper of the park
ParsonAn occupational name for a priest
ParsonsA name given to a servant in Parson’s house
PartyOne who is energetic and flexible
PasquereAn active, self controlled individual
PassaA person who loves harmony; little rock
PatA regal and noble individual
PatinA variant of Paton; hill and stream
PatsuquaOne who is entitled to all happiness
PatsyA variant of Patty; regal and noble
PattenOccupational name for the maker of clogs
PattersonOne who is the son of curly headed one
PattinOne who is from the warrior’s town
PattonHe belongs to warrior’s town
PaueeAn individual whose money is paid
PaulocOne with quick and clever mind; analytical
PaulsA small and little being
PaulsonFrom Paul; a little son
PavliniAn assertive and lonesome individual
PawelinusAn individual who is passionate and efficient
PaxonOne who is deeply quiet and understanding
PaxtenOne from the peaceful farm
PaxtinOld English – From the peaceful town; A variant of name Paxton
PaxtonThe one who is from a peaceful settlement
PaxtunA person who is from peaceful town
PaydenOne who is from fighter’s farm
PaysonEnglish Surname; Means Son of Pays; Pays is a form of Pax which means peace
PearrocOne who belongs to the forest
PearsA variant of Peter; piers
PechthelmAn easygoing, talented and casual being
PeckOne who dwells near the peak
PecthelmA trusting and humble being
PedrogOne who is born famous
PedtonName of a priest’s village
PeekiOne who is a peak or pointed hill
PeerlessEnglish – American: Incomparable; Unmatchable
PeersA Peter; a rock and a stone like person
PelhamOne which is derived from a place in Britain
PeliandisA diplomatic and systematic individual
PellOne who is the dealer of furs
PellogrisA versatile and quick minded individual
PelltunA person from the pool farm
PelsonA sensitive and idealistic natured
PeltonA name for a settlement
PemotaNative American – One who walks emotional spectrum
PemtonHabitational name for a hill
PharianceOne who is filled with fun and is expressive
PharienA strong and responsible individual
PhelpsOne who is born to love horses
PhibesA Surname of possibly from Italian or Eastern Europe Origin; Possibly derived from surname name Fabi or Fabe
PhileasAn affectionate and quick minded individual
PhillipusOne who has expressive and humble nature
PialyA sharp flash of light; candid and dual nature
PicaworthOne who belongs to woodcutter’s estate
PicelA restless person who seeks nature and peace
PickworthOne who is from Woodcutter’s estate
PiddaA reserved and serious minded individual; little rock
PierreOne who is tough as a rock
PierrelA little rock
PignoresOne who is sensitive and friendly person
PikeEnglish – A Spear; A derivative of Pike is Pyke
PilheardA name of the tribe in Midlands and North of England
PillainesOne who is capable and enthusiastic
PinelA man who is as tall as a pine tree, mostly used as a surname
PinnelAn English surname meaning little pine-tree
PinoYahweh will add another son
PiperelA musican playing the pipe
PitOne who comes from the pit
PitneyOne who comes from protected lands
PittA person who lived or worked near a hallow or a pit
PittmanA person who lives in a ditch
PittneyAn islnad that belongs to the stubborn one
PiudaOne with a wart or a blemish on the skin
PleghelmOne who is carefree, who has no worries
PlegmundName of the Archbishop of Canterbury
PlenoriusA male name of English origin
PlummerHe who lives near plum trees
PoatriAdmired; Praisable Man; A varaint spelling of Poetry
PocelOne who is like a little rock
PocgA person who is compared to a little rock
PoeA person who is like a peacock
PoggeA fish, also called an armed bullhead
PohhaHe is like a small rock
PohhelHe comes from the small rock
PoindexterEnglish name meaning right fist
PollardOne with a shorn head
PollockA pit or a small rock
PollyrdA small person
PoloniusA person who relates to Polland, a Polish man
PoolerAn old English surname, rarely used
PorivsAn English male name
PortOne who works or lives near a harbor
PoshaEnglish American – A fancy young woman; A variant of name Posh
PossA pet form of Peter, which means rock
PossaA small, little rock
PosselMostly used as a surname, means rock
PotterOne who makes storage and dringing vessels
PowersOne who is powerful, skillful, strong
PraenAn English baby Boy name
PrairieA person who comes from the flatlands
PrasutagusA name of the King of the British Celtic tribe
PrattA crafty, tricky person
PrenticeA pupil, a learner of the trade
PrentisAn apprentice of someone
PrentissA person who is a scholar, a learner
PreostcotOne who is from the dwelling of the Priest
PrescotUsed mainly as a surname, means the cottage of the Priest
PrescottThe cottage that belongs to the priest
PresleighThe meadow of the Priest
PresleyOne who lives in the Priest’s meadow
PreslyA grassy field the belongs to the priest
PressOne who is from the priest’s village
PressleeOne who is from the Priest’s meadow
PressleyTo come from the priest’s meadow
PressleylOne who is from the meadow of the priest
PrestanOne who is from the priest’s town
PrestcotTo be from the home of the priest
PrestcottTo come from the priest’s cottage
PrestinOne who is from the priest’s farm
PrestleyOne who lives on the meadow of the priest
PrestonOne who is from the priest’s settlement, town
PriadanA masculine name of English origin
PriestleyOne who resides in the priest’s meadow
PriestlyA resident of the priest’s meadow
PrimalA primeval a primary person
PrinceRoyal Son; Heir to Throne; Royal Descendant; Offspring of the Royal family
PrincetonOne who comes from the princely town
PriorOne who is the head of the monastery
ProbertSon of the renown, famous and bright one
ProctorOne who is a steward
ProfitA Scottish and English Surname; A variant spelling is Proffitt
ProtecOne who gives people protection, shelter
PubbaHe is like the small rock
PuckMischievous; A Shakespearean baby name; Name of a mischievous spirit in the English Legend
PudaOne who is like the little rock
PudelSplash; engraving on the pool
PullocOne who likes harmony and peace; idealistic
PunA play on words
PurcellAn occupational name for a swineherf
PurlA Boy who is like the pearl
PurvesOccupational name for one who obtains supplies for a monastery or manor haouse
PurvisOne who obtains supplies for the manor house or the monastery
PurvissOne who provides food for the manastery or the house
PutnamA kite’s homestead. Used as a surname
PybbaOne who is like a small rock
PybbiA person who is like the small stone
PyersOne who lives near a pier, near the boats
PyltaOne who is like a small stone
PylypOne who is a horse lover
PynOne who comes from the bunded area
PytA man from the pit
PyttaOne small rock
PyttelA hawk-like person
PacenSon of Peace; A variant form of name Payson
PachimaOne who belongs to the west town
PackstonOne who belongs to the peaceful farm
PaddingtonName of an Estate of Padda
PadenBald; A variant transcription of Patton
PaeccA confident and a born leader
PaeccaOne who is like a little rock
PaeccelAn idealistic and independent individual
PaecgaOne who is born with great abilities
PaegastunOne who belongs fighter’s farm
PaegnaA sensitive and refined individual; bridge
PaellaAn individual who is strong like a mantle
PaelliA self assured and confident individual
PaenA person born with expressive and patient nature
PaettelOne who is born to endure
PaettiA strong and extremely generous person
PagaOne whose eye is fixed on the land
PaigeOne who is a noble white boy or a helper
PaineA local villager or a rustic individual
PaitonOne who is villager or a warrior
PalamidesA deep, sensitive and bright individuals
PallmerOne who strong as the Palm tree
PallocA person who is secretive and sensitive
PalmarA Palm tree of the holy land
PalmerA Palm tree belonging to the holy tree
PalmereA Palm tree which grows in holy land
PalomidesThey are unchristened; they are having a desire for perfection
PampA person who is like a little rock
PanA shephard who is a care taker
PantelionA thrifty, logical and natty person
PapaharanaOne who is the destroyer of all evil
ParatylOne who is lighted like a flame
ParellaA clever and clear sighted person
ParhamHabitational name meaning a Pear farm
ParindOne who has a mind for personal gain
ParischA creative and practical person

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