11 Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd Juice


Bitter gourd improves digestion, fights acne, helps in maintaining weight, enhances vision, improves immune function, prevents skin infections and promotes healthy hair.

Bitter Gourd is commonly known as a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit. It is not highly liked by people because of its bitterness which hides behind it a lot of nutritional benefits.  Bitter Gourd’s Juice is known to be one of the most advantageous drinks to promote overall health.

bitter gourd juice


To know more about the diverse range of benefits it reaps, we will look through the following points:

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11 Amazing Health Benefits of the Juice
Recipe for Bitter Gourd Juice
How much to reduce the bitterness of Bitter Gourd?
Side effects of Bitter Gourd Juice
Facts about Bitter Gourd


11 Amazing Health Benefits of the Juice

Blood Purification

Bitter Gourd is enriched with antioxidant properties which are evident in drawing out toxins from the blood. This purifies the blood which heals the body overall treating skin and blood disorders and improving its circulation. It also increases the production of fighter cells which deregulates the growth of cancer cells.

Enriched with Nutritional Benefits

Bitter Gourd Juice is a rich source of a variety of minerals and vitamins including Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Vitamins A and C. It is also a storehouse of many anti-inflammatory elements which reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good one. Minerals and Vitamins present in it enhances the immune system.

Maintains Weight

The juice is low in fatty elements like carbohydrates, fats, and calories which helps in managing the weight. It is sufficient for the stomach and thus, one can avoid over-eating. It metabolizes fats in the body due to the bile acid secretion by the liver. Bitter Gourd is a suppressant of hunger as it contains higher water content.


Improves Digestion

It is a great source of dietary fibers which helps in relieving constipation and indigestion. It also keeps the gut healthy and kills the bacteria due to the bitterness. The juice also helps in nutrient absorption and improves digestion.


Great for Diabetes

The juice contains an insulin-like protein called Polypeptide P. It imitates the role of insulin in managing the blood sugar by lowering it in diabetic patients. It is highly effective for Type-2 diabetes patients.

Fighting Acne

Consuming Bitter Gourd Juice can help one get rid of acne and improve the skin type by making it clear and blemish free. Its bitterness cleanses the body from within by purifying the blood. It imparts healthy and glowing skin.

Enhances Vision

Bitter Gourd is high in beta-carotene which enhances the vision and protects the eyes from any kind of complications. Having Bitter Gourd juice thrice a week can help in improving the eye-sight.

Preventing Skin Infections

Regular consumption of Bitter Gourd juice can help keep the skin healthy by fighting various skin infections like Eczema and Psoriasis. Several Fungal infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm can be cured.

Promotes Healthy Hair

Bitter Gourd juice can help treat hair loss when applied with sugar mixed in it. It is a useful remedy for oily hair as well when applied with apple cider vinegar mixed. Dandruff can also be prevented by applying a mixture of Juice and mashed banana which treats hair dryness.

Relief from Asthma

Bitter Gourd has antihistamine and anti-viral properties. Both of these maintain respiratory health and cures asthma and other related health issues.


Improves Immune Functioning

Bitter Gourd is a great source of vitamin C which promotes good gut activity and therefore, improves immune functioning due to antiviral property.

Recipe for Bitter Gourd Juice


  • 1 cup of Chopped Bitter Gourd pieces
  • Half cup of chopped ginger
  • 2 cups of Water
  • A pinch of Salt
  • Half spoon of lemon juice
  • Pepper and chaat masala (optional)


  • Chop the bitter gourd and ginger. Blend it with water and add salt to it.
  • After blending the ingredients, strain the juice and add lemon to it.
  • One can also add chaat masala or pepper powder to the juice to make it tastier.

Fact- Bitterness is an indicator of juice being healthier.


How to Reduce the Bitterness of Bitter Gourd?

  • Sprinkle salt over the bitter gourd pieces and let it rest for 10 minutes. This will make it more palatable.
  • Soak the pieces of bitter gourd in tamarind juice for 15-20 minutes.
  • Saute the pieces of bitter gourd in olive oil.

Side Effects of Bitter Gourd Juice

Irregularity of heart rhythm

An annual report was published in 2010 after a 22 years old man died by consuming half a cup of bitter gourd juice. The diagnostic reports stated that he did not show any abnormal heart rhythm irregularities. Bitter gourd juice can have if this side effects if consumed in larger amounts. Thus, medical advice should be undertaken.

Effect on Liver

Bitter Gourd juice intake if prolonged to control diabetes may induce liver inflammation. This may result in a condition called atherosclerosis.   In this condition, the arteries get hardened due to the increase in liver enzymes.

Hypoglycaemic Coma

It is a condition in which coma is caused due to increased dosage of insulin. In such a situation blood sugar levels might decrease. Several reports have pointed out that the onset of abnormal heart rhythm and Hypoglycaemic Coma are both linked to Bitter Gourd juice intake.

Can lead to Miscarriage

Bitter Gourds increase the menstrual inflow, especially in pregnant women and this may have abortion-causing side-effects. The fruit can also trigger contractions which might turn out to be dangerous for both the baby and the mother.


Facts about Bitter Gourd

  • Bitter Gourd has its history dating back to 600 years. It emerged out of Native Africa and China as a beneficial fruit for medicinal purposes. It was then used as a means of traditional medicine for curing asthma, tumors, skin infections, hypertension, etc.
  • Bitter Gourd contains the alkaloid elements which may be the cause of intolerance in some people. The symptoms include increased salivation, nausea, fatigue, skin redness, vomiting, muscle weakness, etc.
  • Several tests suggest that certain chemicals found in Bitter gourd juice may be effective in HIV infection.
  • Certain regions around the world including Eastern Africa, practice the consumption of tea made from bitter gourd.

Instead of relying upon the medicines and advanced scientific therapies, one should also look at traditional and more natural methods for healing the body. Such ancient means are effective in the treatment and prevention by targeting the body as a whole.




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