15 Delightful Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls


Have you ever been in a dilemma about what birthday gift to buy for a teenage girl? Well, teenage is itself very much challenging for an individual to deal with a lot such as physical changes. More than that, it is challenging for friends, family members, and relatives around the teenager as most personality changes begin by this time. It is always easy to buy a gift for a child as they are happy with everything. However, when that child turns into a teenager it is very difficult to figure them out and get them something of their choice.

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15 Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls


Often we have seen kids, especially girls, copy their mother by holding a purse and acting like their mother. For every teenage girl, a purse is a declaration of them being old enough to take care of themselves and carry their belongings. So it is considered a perfect birthday gift for them.

Makeup kit

Maximum girls are very fond of makeup and this is the typical age of them trying different makeup stuff to look prettier and stand out. Makeup kits contain everything needed by a woman to change her whole look. It contains eye liner, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, lip loss, etc.


This is a gift that is very common as it is not gender-based. Every gender enjoys having perfume and trying different types of smells. Gifting a pleasant fragrant perfume will make her shine whenever she uses it. Moreover, everyone likes it when they smell good, it gives a different type of positivity in oneself.

Pen set with a pen stand

Teenage is a complicated age. Besides physical changes, teens get into a higher level of education as well and have a lot to learn for a bright future. Thus, a pen along with the pen stand will be a great birthday gift. Attaching a motivational quote as well will keep them motivated for studying hard and doing something great in life.


Jewelry box

Girls are fond of jewelry, whether that be earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles and more. However, a lot of girls worry about losing stuff very easily as they can’t remember where they last kept their jewelry. So, gifting them a jewelry box will always be an amazing idea as it is budget-friendly and will be loved by them. It will help them keep their stuff sorted and quickly find jewelry for their own fun birthday party!

Leather backpack

Leather backpack is a future investment for teenage girls. They can use it when they are in college or if they go for a picnic as well.

Bluetooth headphone

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing music? Music is a life saver to many and today’s generation totally relies on it. Gifting a teenager a Bluetooth headphone will obviously make her the happiest. Moreover, it will help her relax and enjoy in her own zone without disturbing any other member of the family.


Girls have this tendency of wearing something on their wrists. In one they wear watches and on the other, they can wear a beautiful silver bracelet with a beautiful message written on it.


Girls often like growing their hair long and doing different types of experiments with it. Straightener is an amazing tool for girls with which they can try almost every type of hairstyles.


In this generation, very few bookworms are left due to increasing dependency on electronic gadgets. But the essence of a phone in comparison to a book is nothing. So if you are thinking of a birthday gift, gift her a book on teenage life, struggles, or some motivational book that will make her seek for her dream.



Girls really adore compliments. Thus, gifting her a mirror and saying that she is the most beautiful girl you’ve seen will make her extra happy.


As mentioned before, girls are fond of jewelry. So gifting earrings is a great idea.


Sweatshirts are one of the most comfortable dresses for any girl to wear and thus a great birthday gift.

Fujifilm camera

This is an amazing instant picture clicking camera. Sometimes we think of making memories and somewhere it keeps on going down and down on your phone memory. Moreover, if the phone is gone so do the memories. Thus, this camera will help save the moment in a form which you can either stick in your diary or wall.


A plant is an amazing gift of growth and prosperity. It is a way of asking someone to keep growing, stay healthy, and keep smiling just like the plant does. And also take care of the plant and oneself as both will be growing in the same way.


All these are amazing ideas that will make any teenage girl happy. Regardless, birthdays are always special and gifts are always nice no matter what they are!