201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with N


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with N, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with N with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with N

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Names Origin Meaning
Nikson English The medical practitioner in the armed forces.
Nile English Victor, winner, defeater, titleholder.
Nilson English The born son of the winner or conqueror or victor.
Nimkeek English An optimistic and healthy human
Ninadha English An understanding and happy individual
Ninel English Name of a saint; imaginative and fertile
Nionne English One who is the Greek God of wine
Nireekshat English The procedure of doing something
Nirek English Who hails from the northern region
Niren English The person who comes along from northern part.
Nirgranth English One who is coming from the northern part of the nation.
Nirgun English From the northern face.
Nirguna English Comes from the North region
Niria English The person of the north.
Nirijhar English Mankind from the north side.
Nirjarini English A person from the north side.
Nirjhar English Northside human being.
Nirjis English One of the main directions, north.
Nirjvar English Coming from the North direction.
Nirlep English Residing at the northern part.
Nirlepa English One who dwells in the north face.
Nirlipth English One who is staying at the North part.
Nirlobh English Native from northern cliff.
Nirlobha English Living on the north side.
Nirmada English One person hailing from the northern part
Nirmail English One who owns a farm in north part.
Nirmal English The one who dwells in the north side farmhouse.
Nirmala English The proprietor of the north farmhouse.
Nirmalan English Wood from the northern forests
Nirmalbir English The farmhouse which is situated in the northern part.
Nirmalcheet English The one who found good to settle in north part.
Nirmalchit English A town or village in Northern part
Nirmaldeep English A village located in northern region
Nirmaljog English Staying in the north face.
Nirmalkaram English The one closer to the heart from the north side.
Nirmalpreet English A very close companion
Nirmalprem English Close buddy from the north face.
Nirmalsev English A protector who comes from the north cliff.
Nirmaltek English Water falling in the spring season in the north part.
Nirmalya English One of the climate seasons that comes from the north side.
Nirmama English Timber or lumber from the north part.
Nirman English Loving mate who resides in north part.
Nirmantu English Close chum who lives on the northern cliff.
Nirmanyu English The soldier at the northern entrance.
Nirmay English Good companion from the north part.
Nirmayi English A close mate from north part.
Nirmohi English Person from the northern section
Nirmol English Person residing in the north section.
Nirmolak English A wolf from the northern areas
Nisa English Harbour or bay situated in the woodland.
Naaib African A representative or a leader.
Naaji African A valuable or favorable person
Naashaad African The one who is unfortunate and depressed.
Naasi African Person who is understandable or unmistakable.
Nabeh African The person who is honourable and extraordinary.
Naeem African The person who is cheerfulness and well being.
Naiser African One who is a founder of belief
Nanji African Shelter, shield, safeguard.
Naserian African The lucky one. A fateful person
Nasha African In Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge
Nathaar African The scattered tiny pieces of something
Natine African The person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.
Natori African Bird
Natoya African Dance, or the one who can dance
Ndamukong African A house to keep or store spears
Ndwiga African Kenyan word for giraffe.
Neo African The talented one or skilled one.
Ngozi African Dedication, benediction, dedication, consecration.
Nnamdi African My father still abides.
Nuru African Light
Nyack African The Facial expression in anger, displeasure, sadness or worry by the lord.
Nzinga African Beloved person who came from the river
Natale French Who was born on Jesus Christ’s birthday
Nathley French The birth-day of Jesus
Navarre French The land of plains, a plain-land
Nellee French The ultimate fact, extraordinary.
Nichol French The one who holds the winner title on behalf of his people.
Niles French The one who is very much attractive in talking.
Nirish Sanskrit A warden or custodian.
Nirmaljeev Sanskrit Living in the town which is situated in the northern part.
Nirmaljot Sanskrit Town that is situated in the north range.
Nirvikara Sanskrit Child was delivered on Christmas period.
Noe French Relaxation or harmony or concord.
Noel French The festival season of the year, Christmas.
Nohl French Christmas eve, a celebration of Christmas
Norris French A warden or custodian.
Norval French Living in the town which is situated in the northern part.
Norville French Town that is situated in the north range.
Nowel French Child was delivered during the Christmas period.
Napoleone Italian Resembles as fairy or dwarf.
Narciso Italian The sea, anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume
Nario Italian A cheerful person, always cheering
Natale Italian Who was born on Jesus Christ’s birthday
Natanaele Italian Provided by God.
Nazaire Italian An Italian Martyr, or a place where Christ spend his childhood
Nazario Italian Who belongs to Nazareth
Nello Italian Priceless or un-expected worth
Nero Italian The person who is demanding or tough in dealing with things.
Nestore Italian An explorer or a tourist
Nevio Italian A mole or a birth-mark
Newall Italian The black color birthmark.
Niccolo Italian The multitude of winning.
Nico Italian A deity of success or triumph.
Nicolas Italian The victor of the multitude.
Nino Italian Darling one to Amun.
Nuncio Italian The one who brings good news and messages.
Nunzio Italian The person who brings messages to various destinations.
Noah Irish Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
Nealon Irish Devotee, cup holder, conqueror, warrior.
Neil Irish Bank of cloud, adoring, defender.
Neille Irish The one who always wins the title winner.
Nelvin Irish The one who is most sacred and divine.
Nigellus Irish Winning person, overcomer, conqueror.
Ninion Irish The one who is in need of water.
Nivaan Irish A holy soul, saint
Njal Irish The one who wins the contest.
Nolan Irish well known, celebrity or legendary.
Noland Irish Remarkable, eminent, prominent.
Nasir Arabic One who gives victory
Na yab Arabic An uncommon or most treasurable.
Na’eem Arabic Gladness or well being, a caring person
Na’il Arabic A hard worker or self starter.
Naa’il Arabic The breadwinner, the one who acquires or earn.
Naabih Arabic well-known, celebrated, notable, bright.
Naadim Arabic A repentant or remorseful individual
Naadir Arabic A beloved or rare, a precious one.
Naail Arabic Wage earner, Receiver, Award, Capacity.
Naasik Arabic The one who is spiritual supporter, a pious person
Naasir Arabic The person who is assisting and caretaking others.
Naathim Arabic Performing as a controller or coordinator.
Naazeer Arabic An observer, a spectator, who observe a lot
Naazim Arabic The person who has the ability to establish everything.
Naazir Arabic The person who supervises an event.
Nabaha Arabic Celebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.
Nabeeh Arabic The person mentally quick and resourceful.
Nabeel Arabic The person who is having the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character.
Nabhan Arabic The person who is attentive, sleepless and mindful.
Nabiel Arabic The person who is belonging to the honour and titles.
Nabighah Arabic The person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.
Nabih Arabic The person who is concentrating, alert and watchful.
Nabil Arabic The person who is entitled to honour and respect.
Nabiullah Arabic The Holy Prophet of the Almighty. The nickname of the Prophet Nuh.
Nabiulmalhamsh Arabic The person who is foretelling the battle time.
Nabon Arabic The person who is from the north side overhang.
Nabor Arabic The shining nimble of the prophet.
Nacim Arabic The very first blowing.
Nacki Arabic Very well known and esteemed.
Nadeem Arabic The traveller who accompanies you.
Nader Arabic A dearest person, One who is most loved
Nadheer Arabic The one who gives a warning to others.
Nadheera Arabic who warn others of the danger
Nadhif Arabic Very well known and acceptable one.
Nadhifa Arabic Popular to others, widely acceptable
Nadhira Arabic The one who is treasurable and valuable.
Nadidah Arabic Giving equal respect to all.
Nadiha Arabic The one who is celebrated and esteemed.
Nadim Arabic The person who provides cooperation or assistance.
Nadqid Arabic The person who acts on behalf of his superior.
Nadr Arabic Decorating, displaying or curling.
Naeem Arabic The person who is cheerfulness and well being.
Naeemullah Arabic Mercy of Allah, heaven of Allah.
Naef Arabic Additional, spare, left over.
Naem Arabic A joyous person, always happy
Nafees Arabic Distinguished, unpolluted; optimal, wonderful
Nafis Arabic The one who is treasurable and valuable.
Nafiz Arabic From the marks of God.
Nafizur Arabic A valuable person, who is treasurable
Nagat Arabic Highpoint or exceptional or exquisite.
Nacho Spanish The person who is ignorance, especially of orthodox beliefs
Nacio Spanish Internal light
Nalda Spanish Capable of producing great physical force
Naldo Spanish A mighty person, a strong person
Nando Spanish A daring or a brave journey
Nardo Spanish Disposed to bestow favors.
Natalino Spanish Refers to the birthday of Jesus.
Natalio Spanish Came to this earth on Christmas day.
Navarone Spanish An island of Greece that was an army base
Navarro Spanish Someone belongs to the land of plains
Nelio Spanish The creation of a tough job.
Nemesio Spanish Righteousness, impartiality, honesty, uprightness
Neron Spanish The one who steady and firm.
Nevada Spanish White crystals of frozen water.
Nicabar Spanish Giveaway, bargain, take, steal, good deal.
Niguel Spanish Overcomer, victor, great warrior, hero.
Nilo Spanish The conquest or take over of the people.
Noa Spanish Undertaking or wave program or indication.
Nicolas Latin The victor of the multitude.
Nacek Latin Variation of Ignatius which means Fiery
Natas Latin A Christmas day born person
Neptune Latin The some of water, sea, lake, ocean.
Nero Latin The person who is demanding or tough in dealing with things.
Nethel Latin One which means low; nomenclature
Nety Latin Variation of Antonia which means Priceless one
Neven Latin The worker of the saint’s follower.
Nevin Latin The slave of the saint’s believer.
Nikk Latin The one who wins over all
Nikki Latin The spirit of triumph.
Nisang Latin A dark period of the gloomy and dusky night.
Noll Latin Resembles olive tree.
Nollie Latin The one who is closer to Oliver.
Nonnie Latin Who is like the creator of the world
Nox Latin Dark period or gloomy and dusky night.

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