7 Benefits of Having A Baby Nursery Humidifier


Are you planning to set up a new nursery for your newly born? Well, you sure must be aware of some of the most important things you require for a nursery. But did you even think of getting a humidifier for your little one? Many of us still do not realise the importance of getting one for our baby and blame ourselves when things get deteriorate. So here, let us focus on some of the benefits of a humidifier:

7 Benefits of Having A Baby Nursery Humidifier

1. Prevents Dry Skin

Dry climate can irritate the baby’s skin which can result in itchiness, dry patches and sore and chapped lips. Not only this, but it can also lead to chronic skin conditions, for instance eczema. But this can be prevented with added moisture in the air which can lead to a reduction in eczema flair ups and will keep your baby’s skin soft.

2. Eases cold symptoms

We can all understand how painful it is to watch your child suffering from cold and there can be nothing more frustrating than this. It is highly recommended not to give cold medication to children younger than 2, which is also advised by FOOD and Drug Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, the warm air produced by a humidifier will help to clear the nasal passages. If your doctor agrees, you can also add a few drops of symptom soothing inhalant such as VapoSteam, menthol or natural eucalyptus oil.

Baby Nursery Humidifier

3. Better Sleep

Congestion in the nasal passages which leads to cough and cold in babies can make it almost impossible for them to sleep at night. Humidifiers will thus help your baby to breath and consequently lead to better sleep. But in any case, you can also use these humidifiers in general, which means that your baby doesn’t have to fall sick to enjoy its benefits.

4. Keeps the tiny nose happy

Dry air causes stuffed up feeling in babies because it dries out the sinuses. The tiny nasal passages can fill up quickly and can lead to soreness in the nose, which further makes it troublesome for a baby to breath comfortably. For this, moist air is must. Moisturiser will make it easier for your baby to breath and also break up the congestion in nasal passages.


5. A Must Have

Humidifiers are on the top of the list when we discuss of  must have nursery gadgets. And why wouldn’t it be? It is beneficial to your baby in so many ways, be it your baby’s skin, better breathing, a good night’s sleep and there is so much more. Recapitulating, it is  a good investment.

6. Keeps them comfortable

Since these little cute babies can not tell us about what is actually troubling them, so it then becomes our responsibility to understand them in a better way. Humidifiers will help the baby to keep them comfortable and fight off anything that has been bringing them down.

7. Feels home

The comforting and rhythmic hum sounds created by a humidifier is pretty much similar to the ones our baby heard in the womb. So, it actually feels like home to your baby which is why your baby sleeps peacefully when you use a humidifier. Moreover, all the unnecessary noises can then be avoided and will not be heard by your baby.