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51 Best Toys for 3 Years Old


Now that your little one is growing older day by day, it is important to teach them a few things and increase their knowledge but in a fun manner. Not all games and activities have to be educational but we have got a few of them which will be productive. Read below to find both fun as well as educational games that you can get for your little one.

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51 Best Toys for Your 3 Years Old

best toys for 3 years old

  1. Smart Watch

smart watchThis watch has it all. From games to a calculator, a calendar a step counter, a built in camera and some added fun effects for their captured photos.

  1. Toddler golf set

        This includes three different types of golf set and five balls along wwith two practice holes. Moreover, they are made of plastic which makes it pretty much safe for the kids.

toddler golf set

  1. Disney princess

        This is like a dream come true for all those pretty little girls who dream of becoming a princess. This toy has endless number of dresses and hairstyles that they can give to their dolls. This one is prefect.

disney princessRead More: 11 Most Popular Summer Toysv

  1. Paper Bag Monsters

        This consists of stickers , paper shapes, a glue stick . All the instructions are thereby provided.

paper bag monsters

  1. Parking garage

        For all those who love to keep endless number of remote control or normal car tpoys. This also comes with a car wash and even with an elevator which most sets do not have.

parking garage

  1. A wooden doll

        This comes with 5-6 outfits and few accessories too.

wooden doll

  1. Play-Doh

        There are so many things that one can create with it. You can also add tools to it.

play doh

  1. A doll house

       What can be more better to provide your little one with a doll house for their pretty tall dolls.

  1. Craft material

        Cardboard shapes, tissue paper squares, pipe cleaners, crayons and safety scissors all are stored in a cute suitcase.


craft material

  1. Butterflies matching game

        A memory game where you have to match similar butterflies.

butterflies matching game

  1. Playhouse

       A place that they can call their own that resembles an igloo.


  1. Doctor’s kit

        It consists of a Reusable bandage, stethoscope and a fake thermometer and many other tools.


doctor's kit

  1. Alphabets help

        This comes as alphabets and animals scripted on a board altogether.

alphabets help

  1. Scooter

        Three wheels make it more stable and safe for you child.

scooter toy

  1. Message books

        This will help your child to gain pre – school knowledge.


message books for kids

  1. Floor Puzzle

        A circular floor puzzle that comes with 48 pieces.

floor puzzle

  1. Outdoor present

        Get a number of tools for your kid when he/she wishes to play outdoor.

outdoor present

  1. Kid magazine

        This consists of games, crafts, rhymes and much more.


kid magazine

  1. Vacuum cleaner playset

        Let them realize the importance of keeping their rooms kempt.

vacuum cleaner playset

  1. A stuffed toy

        You can get different animals, cartoon characters and in different colors.

stuffed toys

  1. Juice bottles for dolls

        When your little one wants to pamper her doll.


juice bottles

  1. Doll care accessories

        You can get many makeup products, bags, comb and much more for your doll.

doll care accessories

  1. Talking action figure

         What can be more fun to watch your kid talking to an action figure.

talking action figure

  1. Hot wheels

        Get a number of different colored cars


hot wheels

  1. Disney toddler bed

        When your toddler is a huge disney fan, there can be nothing better than this.

disney toddler bed

  1. Multi Bin Toy Organizer

        Keep all your toys organized at one place.


  1. A mermaid doll

        This is quite different from a normal wooden doll with rainbow lights on it.

mermaid doll

  1. A basketball set

        Teach them how to throw the ball exactly in the basket.

basketball set

  1. A bouncy unicorn

         You can make your little one sit on a unicorn and make them feel like a ride.

bouncy unicorn

  1. Baby bunk beds

        This consists of three beds that are orderly arranged for your dolls to sleep in peace.

baby bunk bed

  1. School bus vehicle

        Make the figures come in and out of the bus.

school bus vehicle

  1. Girls bike with doll seat

        You can get it in different colors which also consists of a basket for keeping your doll.

girls bike with doll seat

  1. Dinner play set

        This consists of utensils and a food bucket.

dinner playset

  1. Railway set

        You will get a track, be it circular or a straight one along with a train.

railway set


  1. Magnetic letters set

        This will be of much benefit for teaching your kid alphabets.

magnetic letters set

  1. Farm animals

        Get a number of different farm animals.

farm animals

  1. Animals farm playset

        Get a playset for the farm animals that is available in a number of options.

animal farm playset

  1. Plane

        You can get different colors and sizes.

toy plane

  1. Touch laptop toy

        This features A-Z keyboard and number buttons along with music and games.

touch laptop toy

  1. Palace playset

        Get a disney playset for your kid’s princess.

palace playset

  1. Remote control train set

               You will be provided with a remote that will automatically control the train.


  1. Sweet seats

               Get this for your baby in the shape of different animals like an elephant seat, bunny seat etc.

sweet seats

  1. Jungle explorer pack

                Get a number of vehicles that are found in the forest and create your own collection.


  1. Train set with table

                In this, you will not only get a train and a track but will also get a table to create a proper scenaa view.

train set with table

  1. Tower set

                A perfect vantage point for your child to view the entire city.

tower set

  1. Beach ball

                In a number of colors.


beach ball

  1. Woody action figure

               The best part about the figure is that it also interacts with your child, which means that it can also talk.

woody action figure

  1. Picnic playset

                 Get a number of tables and chairs for your dolls and plan their own picnic.

picnic playset

  1. Cookware playset

                Get a number of cookware and utensils and watch your kids pretending to cook.


cookware playset

  1. Waterpark set

               Take all your toys to a waterpark and let them have all the fun.

waterpark playset

  1. 51. Baby book

               Make them learn a few easy words.

baby bookHope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!

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