11 Facts About Baby Kicking During Pregnancy


Just like the feeling of being a mom, there are also many exciting facts about your baby’s kicks inside the womb. Your baby can rather be restless and active in this time. However, as they grow in the body, the lack of space will limit their freedom to move. But still don’t expect your baby to stay quite after this. Prepare yourself for enormous activities this time also.

Let’s find out some interesting facts about your baby kicking inside the womb.

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11 Amazing Facts about Baby Kicking During Pregnancy

baby kicking

Indicates development and growth of the baby

The first kick of the baby in the uterus indicates their age and growth and their motility. And it also indicates that the baby is being active. More to know, when the baby stretches out their tiny hands and legs during the starting phase of pregnancy, you will be able to feel tiny tickly movements in your womb.

Indicates your baby’s response to the environment

It’s quite natural to observe that you will be able to feel your baby’s movements when you make any physical movement. The baby may move or stretch inside the womb as a response to noise around you, to food that you may eat. This is normal way of development for the baby and is there is nothing to worry about.


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Increased frequency of kicks while lying on your left side

When the mother rests or lies on the left side of her body, she may feel an increased number of kicks in the womb. This is due to the fact that lying on the left side increases blood supply into the foetus, which in turn increase the baby’s movements. So while you rest on the left side and experience an increase in the kicks, don’t panic. This behaviour of the baby is not indicating that it is under any stress, but rather, it is an outcome of increasing energy.

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Kicks are also indicative of future behaviour

Your baby’s kicks in the womb also indicate of their behaviour in the future. For suppose, your baby who is extremely active during the pregnancy indicate that you will have to look after their mischieves during their early years of growth. Research in the recent years has also shown that baby’s kick in the womb is a key to their brain development.

Kicks start almost after you step into nine weeks

While it’s normal to experience kicks any time after nine weeks. So if you experience the tickling before 16 weeks, it is clearly normal and nothing is there to worry about. After 24 weeks of being pregnant, you will feel the kicks in the womb quite often in a day.

Reduced kicking at end of the pregnancy indicates the baby’s distress

If the baby’s kick reduce after you step into 28 weeks of pregnancy then you should consult a doctor immediately as a matter of concern. Reduced kicks can be a sign that the baby maybe experiencing some or the other kind of stress and if this happens, then you should watch the time taken for 10 kicks. It can also mean that there is reduced or insufficient supply of oxygen to the developing baby or a sudden change in the mother’s sugar levels beyond normal.


Incase if you are not able to feel any foetal movement or kicks then you should have a glass of cold water and take a walk around. If the baby does not kick or shows movements for say 10 times in two hours, then you should consult a doctor and go for an ultrasound. If the doctor finds any problem, you may have to undergo an emergency surgery.

Reduction in kicks after entering into 36 weeks is no worry

If your baby’s kicks are reduced after you step into the 36 week of pregnancy, then there is clearly no reason to worry. This is because your baby will not move too much inside the womb and you may only feel the kick in your ribs.

It is adviced to Track Baby Kicks

Doctors suggest that expecting moms should keep a track of their baby’s movements to see all is well with the baby. You do not have to do this repeatedly. You can change a certain time of the day, when you take out a little time to simply observe the movements of your baby in the womb. Make a record if you wish to, and observe how often the baby kicks in a certain amount of time. Although there may be changes over the day, this should help you manage a pattern to determine when your baby is active and when he is sleeping or resting.

Kicks can be more vigorous during the night

One of the questions that many expecting women ask their doctors is why the kicks are more during the night? Many mothers lose their sleep due to this continuous activity of their babies in the womb at night. The reason for this is quite clear that your baby tends to be alert and active when you are actually totally resting and there aren’t much activities going on around you. It is also because of the fact that you may not clearly notice the baby’s movements during the day, when you yourself are active and busy. However, the movements are more noticeable during the night when your body is in rest.

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Baby kicks can be felt sooner in your second pregnancy

The fact is that the mothers expecting for the second time usually find it easier than first-timers to notice the baby movements. Since their body adjusts to this coming pregnancy better, it is also obvious that you identify your baby’s movements earlier than in the first pregnancy. But, this also depends on the activity levels of your baby each time.


Your partner will be able to feel the kicks by the third trimester

What begins as tiny movements in your womb will soon become often and obvious signs that your baby is active. As your pregnancy precedes into third trimester, the baby’s movements can even be visible from the outside. It won’t be long before someone who places their hand on your stomach can feel the baby moving in you.



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