Week 24 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


At 24 weeks, your baby is working hard on developing the tools for survival in the outer world! The 24 week foetus is now nearly as long as a full corn cob measuring about 11.8 inches. The baby weighs approximately 1.3 pounds during by this time. Now you have officially entered the full-fledged fifth month of pregnancy and your body is providing you an overview of the later stages of this journey.

24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

week 24 of pregnancy

Back aches

As the uterus expands, it pulls your back muscles and presses against your spine, causing irritation and pain. Make sure that you exercise well to keep those muscles toned enough to bear with this situation.

Leg cramps

As the foetus grows in size, it puts more weight on your legs. Hence, you are likely to experience occasional cramps in the legs. Another reason for increase in these cramps is dehydration and lack of mineral intake. Make sure that you keep yourself nourished and maintain a regular schedule of exercise to keep your muscles active.

Occasionally blurred vision

At 24 weeks pregnant, the hormonal change affects the shape of your eyes and also results in excess water retention. Water retention affects the thickness of the cornea. All these changes leave you blurry sighted for occasional spells of time.

Constipation and piles

Increasing pressure in the abdominal area causes compressions in the large intestines and enlarged veins in the rectum. You are likely to face difficulty in passing stool as the interiors of your excretory system are distorted. Keep yourself hydrated because moisture helps passage of stool.


Round ligament pain

The ligaments that hold your belly in place stretch while the uterus expands. This causes pain and cramps around your belly. This is expected to continue till the time of delivery. If the pain becomes unbearable, consult your gynaecologist.

Spotted skin

At week 24 of pregnancy, your skin goes through changes in colour and texture due to the frequently changing hormonal balance. Dark circles and spots may appear around your eyes, arms, legs, and stomach. These patches will eventually disappear post-delivery.

Pregnant Belly

A 24 weeks pregnant belly has a well protruding navel that is pushed out completely by the growing foetus inside the simultaneously expanding uterus. By this time, you will have gained approximately 15 pounds. If you are carrying twins, you will have gained 24 pounds by now. You can frequently feel the internal kicks of the baby during this week. The kicks have become so strong due to the growth of the foetus that even when someone touches your belly, they can feel the same! Let your belly breathe by wearing light and flowing gown-like dresses.

24 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At the 24 weeks ultrasound session, you can see that your baby’s translucent skin is gradually turning opaque and becoming thicker. The formation of tiny capillaries has provided the baby’s skin with a fresh glow of pinkish texture. The eyes are completely developed by now, just waiting to open soon after delivery!

Your gynaecologist might take you through a “Glucose Challenge Screening Test” to check whether there’s a risk of gestational diabetes. For this test you will have to drink a glass of “glucola”, which is a sweet liquid. After an hour the doctor will draw your blood and test how much of the sugar your body has processed. You will also be briefed by your doctor on how to stay healthy.

week 24 pregnancy ultrasound


Dos and Don’ts During Week 24 of Pregnancy

Dos –

Eat lots of greens

At 24 weeks pregnant, you must see that your body receives all the essential nutrients and minerals for the growth of the foetus. Leafy greens are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and iron. They also regulate the sugar level, thereby preventing gestational diabetes that might negatively affect the baby.


Exercise regularly! Low intensity workouts like walking, stretching, and pelvic swinging are highly recommended for the muscles to adapt to the body’s changing condition. These moves also help your uterine muscles grow stronger. Exercise also helps cure constipation.


Meditation is a great way of relaxing a troubled mind and body. Anxiety at 24 weeks pregnant is a common occurrence. Treat yourself to a session of meditation with soothing music in the background followed by a warm bath. This way you can send positive vibes to the 24 week foetus.

Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself hydrated is vital during this period. Keep a bottle of water handy in case you forget or feel lazy to walk the distance to fetch one. Water lubricates the interiors of the excretory system and helps passage of stool.

Don’ts –

Sit on hard surfaces for long

Sit on surfaces that are cushioned and soft. A hard surface only adds up to the already existing backache and pain in the anus due to piles. Increased backaches can lead to painful cramps.

Use laxatives without the doctor’s prescription

While it is understandable that internal haemorrhoids are painful and demand immediate action, using random laxatives off the counter is dangerous. If you face chronic constipation and painful passage of stool, consult your gynaecologist on the remedies. Unknown medicines may have negative effects on the child.


Ignore blood coming out of the anal region

It is common to see blood coming out of your anus when you’re suffering from piles or fissures. However, don’t hesitate to call your doctor when you see blood, even when you know that it is because of piles. At 24 weeks pregnant, anything might become critical if not attended to. Loss of blood at this stage is not advisable.

Hold back the urge to poop

It is indeed irritating to visit the bathroom at regular intervals, to finish off one task! However, never hold back the urge to pass stool. Since you are likely to suffer from constipation now, you might face regular spells of urge to visit the washroom. Don’t hesitate even when the feeling is at its minimum. Always try to cleanse your bowel, even if it is in brief slots throughout the day. This will reduce backaches and cramps as well.

Week 24 of pregnancy is officially the period from which the preliminary round of experiencing advanced pregnancy symptoms begins. Be sure to consult your gynaecologist or OB for every little doubt that you have, instead of diagnosing things on your own. Enjoy the journey and learn new things along the way, yet be careful of everything that you do!