11 Best World Book Day Costume Ideas for your Kids


World book day costumes for your kids are harry potter and its other characters, geronimo stilton and thea stilton, mowgli and other animal characters, alice in wonderland, disney princesses, sherlock holmes, peter pan and red riding hood.

World book day is coming soon, and all the parents are gearing up to decide from a wide range of ideas to choose from. Every year it is celebrated by all the United Nations Member states mark the importance of books. World book day is one of the best days to get ready in funny and mind-boggling costumes. When one thinks about books what comes to mind is novels of JK Rowling, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, Classics like Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, Jungle book, Gulliver’s travel and many more books that have been ruling the minds since centuries. Books are of infinite varieties and there is no end to the number of authors we have, But when deciding the costumes for World book day one should choose the most interesting, informative, attractive and colorful book and characters.  Here are 11 world book day costume ideas for your kids :

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11 Awesome World Book Day Costumes for Kids

world book day costumes

Harry potter and its other characters

Jk rowling’s harry potter was one of the best classics. It was her only novel which had such a large fan following. When it was converted into a movie people went mad over its characters and how interesting the story was. The magic and fantasy that the classic had today also capture infinite imaginations. One of the best costume for world book day can be harry potter, dumbledore, hermione granger and draco malfoy. These characters have a unique style and can be really attractive if chosen as a costume. Harry potter is a character on which kids go mad all the time.


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Geronimo stilton and thea stilton

Elisabetta demi’s series of geronimo stilton a mouse who along with his family members deal mysteries and adventures in his everyday life. He is a journalist but what attracts children are his adventures and colorful book series. Choosing geronimo stilton as a character to dress in the world book day can be a really exciting decision. Elisabetta demi had invented not only geronimo stilton but the other partner characters in the book are also really exciting to choose from. Geronimo’s sister thea stilton and nephew benjamin stilton are a great choice for world book day.


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Mowgli and other animal characters

Rudyard kipling’s jungle book is one of the best novels that attract children, a story of an indian boy and how he is raised by wild animals in southern india is really an exciting plot. Th character mowgli can be really interesting, baloo the bear, bagheera the black panther and sher khan the tiger are all exciting characters to choose from.


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Disney princesses

Every girl has a dream to be a princess like those which are shown in walt disney. Walt disney’s princesses are really the most attractive and elegant choice  as  costumes on world book day for girls. Boys can choose to be prince and beasts or even the frog prince.  The princesses that have the largest fan following are cinderella, ariel, snow white, sleeping beauty, bella, jasmine and rapunzel, these are the most beautiful princesses to choose as costume. Girls will look gorgeous and pretty adorned in the costumes of these beautiful princesses.


Alice in wonderland

Lewis caroll’s alice in wonderland has vibrant and exciting characters. The story of a girl named alice and how she goes to a different world and explores wonderful things. The characters of this book named alice, the hat men, the red queen and the white queen are really good for world book day costumes.


Sherlock holmes

Arthur conan doyle’s sherlock holmes is one of the most inquisitive novels made till now. The story of a detective who has supernatural powers and solves every case by hook or by crook. The character of sherlock is very interesting and full of curiosity. Choosing sherlock as the character for world book day costume can be really attractive as it will give the child a sense of a detective thus making world book day really exciting for that child.


Peter pan

J.m.barrie’s peter pan was a really interesting story. Later converted to movies, peter pan was a young and naughty boy who lives in a place called neverland, he can fly but never grows up. He is really an inquisitive idea for world book day costumes. The character’s outlook with a cap, a feather on it and the greenish clothes he wears makes him just perfect for world book day costumes.


Red riding hood

Charle’s perrault’s little red riding hood is also a really good character too. The story of a girl whose father gets eaten by a werewolf and how she takes the vengeance, makes her really powerful and responsible in the eyes of children. The character’s outlook is really attractive with a red dress and hoodie over her head makes her just perfect for little girls to choose as costumes for world book day.


Classic novels characters

The previous centuries had a wave of classic novels that taught people morals and many things about the condition of the society at that time. Classics are something that every adult, children and even old people are aware of. Many characters can be chosen from classics, that are really eye catchy for everyone. Ralph ellison’s invisible man, johanna spyri’s heidi, jonathan swift’s gulliver travels, c.s lewis’s narnia, roald dahl’s charlie and the chocolate factory, pinnochio and a.l mine’s winnie the pooh and many more classics yet to count which have the best characters and are just perfect for designing the world book day costume.


The wizard of oz. (dorothy)

L.frank barum’s had written this wonderful book called wizard of oz. It was written about 100 years ago, the character dorothy and the adventures she faces makes her a happy go lucky character. She is really a great option as a costume for world book day.


Oliver twist

Charles dicken’s oliver twist is just the character which one can dress as easily as possible. This novel is about a boy who was sold as a worker in medieval europe, it brings out the issues present at that time in society. It’s  the most simple character but has a deep meaning and attraction in him. Thus perfect for any child to convert it into a world book day costume.

There can be infinite ways to dress up for world book day and thousands of ideas, but these 11 characters are perfect for giving knowledge to the child, a feeling of excitement and a connection with the classic world of books and the ever lasting characters who have been living in the minds of the younger population since ages.