Week 41 Of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week By Week


Being 41 weeks pregnant means that your official period is over but the baby is taking a little more time to get completely ready for delivery. The baby is like a watermelon, weighing nearly 8 pounds and a little more than 20 inches long. Kudos to you for holding on for so long. Just a little bit more to go, and you’ll be relieved of this heaviness inside your body!

41 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pelvic pressure

At 41 weeks pregnant, the almost ready to be born baby is putting more and more pressure on your pelvis each day. The baby is descending towards the opening while it is getting ready to be pushed out. Thus, your cervix and pelvis are more prone to aches and sudden cramps.

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Increased frequency in urination

At this moment, the baby is putting more pressure on your bladder than ever before! This is bound to result in an increase in the urge to urinate.

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Once again, sorry, but the blame is on your child! The 41 weeks foetus is resting its body on your internal organs, especially on the excretory system. This makes it difficult for you to pass stool smoothly. At times the pressure can also result in varicose veins in the rectum, and hence cause hemorrhoids. Drink lots of water to keep the internal walls of your intestines lubricated, so that the friction due to stool passage is slightly reduced.


41 week

Trouble sleeping

Lots of factors are likely to affect your sleep when you’re 41 weeks pregnant. Your hormones are rushing and your nerves are tingling. Thanks to your anxiety at this stage. This adds to the night-time sleeplessness. Try to get some sleep in the form of naps throughout the day. Read a book or listen to soft music before going to bed at night.

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Braxton Hicks contractions

At 41 weeks pregnant, you will face increased contractions inside the stomach, because the baby is literally practising the mechanisms of coming out! Your abdominal and pubic muscles are toning up for the delivery which probably is due in a few days. Stick to mild exercises and drink ample water.

Dry and itchy belly

As your stomach has increased to its maximum point, the skin has also stretched and developed freckles. It is likely that the skin is dry at this stage. You should keep your skin moisturised by applying cream and drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water each day.

Pregnant Belly & Signs of Labour

A 41 weeks pregnant belly is no different from how it was since a couple of weeks ago. At this point, there is no further expansion in the circumference of your belly. It is high time that you are on the constant lookout for the palpable signs of labour. The most common and obvious signs are:

  • Leaking vagina – signifying that your water has broken
  • Painful contractions that refuse to mellow down or stop
  • Increase in the quantity of mucus secreted from the vagina – mostly in the form of dollops
  • Bloody secretion from the vagina, accompanied by pain

Acute back aches

41 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

The 41 week foetus now has longer nails and hair, which are growing at a rather fast rate than earlier. Although there’s not much to do during this week, your gynaecologist might recommend a non-stress test along with a pregnancy ultrasound, just to make sure that everything is okay inside. Depending on the situation, the doctor might advice an artificial induction of labour if need be.

Inducing Labour

As odd as it might sound, some of the most common and easy ways to induce labour are to eat spicy foods, walk long distances, and try acupuncture!

However, medically inducing labour involves the following methods:

  • Stripping membranes: The doctor will insert their fingers inside the amniotic sac and separate the membranes to release the hormones that induce labour.
  • Artificial rupture of membranes: Your water can be broken by using a medically certified and sterilised thin plastic hook.
  • Medications: A prostaglandin suppository is inserted inside the vaginal opening for cervical dilation. Moreover, an IV version of oxytocin might be administered to start muscle contractions.

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Dos and Don’ts During Week 41of Pregnancy

Dos –

Exercise: Don’t stop exercising even though you’re in a position in which labour pains might knock on your door any time. Exercises keep your muscles toned and accustomed to contractions and expansions.


Try to induce labour naturally: At 41 weeks pregnant, if you are still not seeing any sign of labour, it is advisable that you start looking for ways to naturally induce labour. However, it is better that you consult your doctor on this matter and get medically induced labour cramps.

Sleep on a waterproof mattress: At 41 weeks pregnant, you don’t know when your water might burst. It is better to be prepared for the moment, and save your bed sheets from getting wet or stained.

Have liquid foods: Stick to liquid-based foods for a few more days as the heartburn will remain till right before delivery. Liquids are easier to digest and keep your interiors lubricated.

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Don’ts –

Stay alone: As you are at the brink of delivering the baby, staying alone is strictly forbidden. Should a emergency arise when you’re alone, the situation might turn fatal if you are not attended to immediately. Keep a helper or ask your partner to stay at home as much as possible.

Reduce your water intake: At 41 weeks pregnant, the baby is crowding your excretory system organs and depriving you of peaceful and painless passage of stool. Water keeps the interiors lubricated to a certain extent and helps prevent further damage leading to hemorrhoids.


Stress or panic: Stress is inevitable at this stage, but too much of it might lead to unnecessary nausea, dizziness, mood swings, and cramps. Just relax and wait for your labour to kick in. Or else, consult your doctor without delay.

Relaxing your mind and body is the key to a successful 41st week! While you are excited and anxious at the same time, remember to eat, sleep, and exercise well. Leave the rest to your biological call.