30 Home Remedies to Heal Stretch Marks Fast


Some of the home remedies to get rid of stretch marks include massage with castor oil, aloe vera application, sugar, lemon juice, diet rich in vitamin k, drinking lot of water, rubbing coco butter and vicks vaporub,apricots, glycerine, namely.

What are Stretch Marks?

As we age or go through pregnancies, weight loss or weight gain, the skin stretches, showing up ugly stretch marks. It’s natural, after all, the body experiences so many changes that evidence of it will always be there. However, we women want to retain our youthful complexion. Do stretch marks mean the end of our youth? Will we always have to live with such ugliness?

Oh no, not only are there OTC treatments for stretch marks, but also home remedies that actually work. Your doctor can give you medicines for this, but before that why not try home remedies that have always given good results with stretch marks? Here are some that will take them away:

How to Get Did of Stretch Marks: 30 Home Remedies 

  1. Castor Oil: Castor oil is known to have many beneficial effects on the skin, so you can safely use it to get rid of your stretch marks. Warm this oil and massage it gently for about 15 minutes, forming circles on your skin and then wrap the area in thin cotton. Apply a little heat to this area for about 30 minutes. Do this for a month for maximum results.
  2. Aloe Vera: One of the most effective among home remedies for stretch marks, aloe vera can be applied directly on your stretch marks. Wash it off after a few minutes using warm water. Else, combine 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel with five capsules of Vitamin A and 10 capsules of Vitamin E. Apply this mixture on your stretch marks till the skin completely absorbs it. Do this every day until you see results.
  3. Sugar: Being a natural exfoliant for the skin, sugar can be relied upon to get rid of stretch marks. In fact, it is one of the best home remedies for stretch marks removal. You can get the best out of sugar for your stretch marks by combining one tablespoon of sugar with a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil and rub the solution directly onto your stretch marks. Do this for a month and you will see the marks fading away.
  4. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is very effective in removing or reducing stretch marks. This is because the acid contained in lemons aids the fading of stretch marks, skin injuries and acne scars. By massaging lemon juice for about 10 minutes on the affected area in circular motions, you can get rid of your stretch marks. After waiting for 10 minutes, wash it off using warm water. You can also add some lemon juice to cucumber juice and apply it directly on to the stretch marks. Doing this regularly can help to reduce stretch marks.
  5. Potato Juice: Potatoes are abundant in vitamins and minerals. In fact, they also stimulate the growth and replenishment of skin cells. To use potato juice for eliminating stretch marks, make thick slices of a potato and rub them gently onto your stretch marks for a few minutes. Wait till the juice dries on the marks and then wash it off with tepid water.
  6. Vitamins E, K and C and Folic Acid: By eating a diet rich in Vitamin K such as spring onions, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, papaya, guava, broccoli, kale, spinach, kiwi and black pepper, your stretch marks can fade.
  7. Water: Skin problems like stretch marks can fade if you drink a lot of water every day. By doing this, you allow water to carry oxygen and essential nutrients to different parts of the body. Besides, hydration also results in detoxifying the skin pores which can facilitate quick fading of stretch marks. For this, it is necessary to drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.
  8. Olive Oil: To get rid of stretch marks, warm olive oil and rub it on the affected body parts. Since olive oil has an abundance of antioxidants and essential nutrients, it works wonders on stretch marks.
  9. Egg Whites: The amino acid and protein content of eggs render it effective for stretch marks treatment. Take the whites of two eggs and whisk it. Once the affected area is kept clean, apply a thick layer of the mixture. Allow it to dry and then wash it with cold water. When dry, moisturize the area with some olive oil. Repeat daily for 15 days.
  10. Cocoa Butter: Rub in cocoa butter on to the stretch marks twice a day. Do this for two months for completely fading stretch marks scars.
  11. Vicks Vaporub: Vicks Vaporub is made up of cedar leaf oil, eucalyptus oil and turpentine oil, apart from camphor and petrolatum. These ingredients helped moisturize the skin and make it supple. To use it, apply Vicks Vaporub on the stretch marks and massage it for a couple of minutes. Then, cover it with cling wrap and leave it overnight. Do this each night till the marks fade away.how to get rid of stretch marks
  12. Apricots: Grind apricots and make a paste of it with water. Apply it directly on to the stretch marks and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then, wash it in lukewarm water. Do this for one month to see some positive results.
  13. Glycerine and lemon: Pour a couple of drops of glycerine on a slice of lemon slice and rub it onto your stretch marks. By moisturizing the skin, your stretch marks will fade away.
  14. Oats: Grind oats and add water to it to make a thick paste. Put it on your stretch marks and watch how your stretch marks reduce.
  15. Turmeric and sandalwood: Both turmeric and sandalwood are known to remove stretch marks over time. To use this, make a paste of sandalwood and crush a two-inch piece of fresh turmeric root to make a paste. Combine the two ingredients and apply it on your stretch marks. Let it become semi-dry and then scrub the area with the pack till it is completely dry and drops off naturally. Repeat this every day for six months and you will see visible results.

With so many time-tested home remedies before you, you needn’t worry about having to live with your stretch marks forever. Try any one of them today and see the difference.

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