11 Ways to Decode Fertility Issues in Women


To become a Mother is the dream of every woman. But lack of knowledge is the stone obstructing our path. We are in the 21st century, where there is a solution to almost every problem, there is a solution to infertility too. The actual problem occurs, when women don’t identify that they are having fertility issues. So, here are 11 ways to identify fertility issues in women:-

11 Ways To Identify Fertility Issues in Women

  • Inability to achieve pregnancy

 This is the most easily identifiable problem. Though the couple has not planned about pregnancy but even after trying for years, if they are unable to conceive, then the question, “Is something wrong with my body?” should hit her head and she should immediately see a doctor. Timely diagnosis and treatment can help overcome this.

When your menstruation begins, having irregular cycle is quite normal, because the body takes some time to adapt to this change. But once you have crossed your teenage, and still having irregular cycle then consult a doctor once. If a women’s cycle is irregular there occurs difficulty while trying to conceive. Painful menstruation(Dysmennorhea), short(cycle of less than 21 days) or long (more than 35 days) and if menstruation is totally absent , then fertility issues will occur in future. To avoid this, consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible.

Fertility Issues

  • Over the Age of 35

Getting pregnant after 35 is a bit difficult than at age 25. It is not impossible but there are many complications which come in your way. Complications such as:-

a. Miscarriage rate increases over 35. Women aged 35-45 have a 20-35% chances of miscarriage.


b. Fluid in the cervix may decrease.

c. Changes can occur even in menstrual cycle affecting ovulation.

d. Foetus may have developmental abnormalities.

So, learn about the consequences and plan accordingly.

  • Previous Fertility Related Diagnosis

If the first pregnancy was not a success and you discovered fertility issues, they can hinder even second time.

 Some of them are:-


1. PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome):

It is a hormonal disorder. Symptoms are- Irregular Menstrual cycle, excess male hormones, ovaries may develop cysts etc. The exact cause is unknown. Early diagnosis and treatment is the only source to reduce the risk of further complications. Women should see a doctor if you experience irregular periods or excessive hair growth, acne or male pattern baldness.

2. STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases):

STDs can cause infertility silently. They can affect female reproductive organs i.e. fallopian tubes, uterus and surrounding tissues even, leading to infertility. Women should visit their doctor for routine checkups even after they are cured for the disease.

  • Severe Acne(suddenly developed)

When suddenly you notice changes in your skin , like onset of adult acne, it’s an alarm, to make you aware that your hormone levels are not in balance. It can be a sign, indicating  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, that you are suffering from. Acne is caused by androgens (male sex hormones). They stimulate the skin to an increased oil production, which can infect the pores and cause inflammation.

  • Pain during Sex

Either your periods are very painful or you experience pain every time you have an intercourse. These can be signs indicating that you have fertility problems. Visit a doctor for treatment, don’t feel shy to talk, because only he can cure you.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

An irregular menstrual cycle may be a sign of hormonal imbalance or other more serious fertility issues. If any of the following hormones i.e. estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, prolactin etc. are not at correct levels they may affect your health. Hormonal Imbalance may cause a variety of health problems such as thinning hair, heart palpitations and even depression.


Weight plays a major role in your fertility. Being overweight or underweight can lead to problems while trying to conceive. If you are obese,  losing some weight can help you achieve your goal. A balanced diet, fruits, nutritional supplements can help you to be healthy and prevent you from becoming weak and workouts can help you reduce the extra kgs, but if you can’t manage yourself, consult a physician.

Miscarriage leading to Infertility is not that common but some women are affected by it. Women who experience recurrent miscarriages can face difficulty while conceiving. Only 1% of women will miscarry 3 pregnancies in a row. If this has happened to you, consult your doctor and he will help you.

  • Chronic Illness

  Chronic diseases, as well as their treatments, can lead to fertility problems. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or thyroid diseases can increase your risk for infertility. All this can lead to irregular cycles, causing infertility.

In women, smoking can speed up ovarian aging, bringing on earlier menopause. Excessive drinking has been linked to decreased fertility. So, dropping the habit can reverse some of the effects. If you are planning pregnancy quit smoking and drinking, to have a healthy foetus.

These were the 11 ways to identify fertility issues in women . Knowledge is of no value unless it is implemented. Proper diagnosis, treatment, and some lifestyle changes can help women to fulfill her desire of becoming a Mother.

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