11 Best Apps to Track Your Period Menstrual Cycle


Menstruation is one of the most natural body process and an experience that may be smooth for one but irritating and painful for the other. It is a monthly cycle that brings along with it a plethora of questions for parents and teenagers, from which sanitary napkin to use to the solution to pain and estimation of the next date. It is a known fact that children between the ages of 10-14years witness the onset of the menstrual cycle. It is not easy for everyone to keep a track of the monthly cycle due to our busy schedules and routine. Period tracking helps identify any change in the menstrual cycle and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. To simplify this process many companies have launched android apps to assist people keep a track it. Some of the best apps available are;

Period Menstrual Cycle: 11 Best Period Tracker Apps

Apps to Track Your Period Menstrual Cycle

Flo Period Tracker

Flo Period tracker is a simple and effective way to keep a check on the date of the start and completion of your ovulation and menstrual cycle. Flo is an easily available app free for android and iPhone readily available in the play store and app store respectively. Flo uses machine technology to accurately estimate dates correctly. The calendar installed in the app can also be employed to predict the sleep, water and physical activity of individuals.

My Calendar

It is a customized and elegant period tracker often ranked amongst the top 10. My calendar specializes in dealing with irregular menstrual cycles, blood flow, weight and physical activity. The app is available for android and iPhone users without any delay. The app has the facility to get access to essential health information duly protected by pre-installed password technology.

Period Calendar

Available in all forms of mobile stores, period calendar is a constantly high rated app that has not only bagged good reviews but also delivered satisfying and relevant results. It is a multi-tasking app that not only predicts period dates and ovulation but also shows the ovulation cycle and the dates when your chances of pregnancy are at the peak. It monitors daily health as well as cycle history.

Period Diary

It is another effective monitoring app providing a similar range of services with more accurateness and responsibility. The users can maintain logs and take notes in the app making it high on market demand. With 4.4 out of 5 rating the app shares positive reviews with a satisfied customer base. The designing creativity of the app suggests the diligent effort put in to make it user friendly.


Clue- Period and Health Tracker

Clue period tracking app breaks all set standard with its research partners as oxford Stanford and Columbia. It is currently ranked as the leading app by multiple users and gynaecologist for its accuracy. Clue uses the advances made in science to discover period patterns and recognize symptoms if any. Clue makes the theory of health understandable to all. It has a meter that indicated the expected dates as well as track emotions, medications and sex ratio o determine the chances of pregnancy.

Life- Period Tracker Calendar

Life does not only excel in tracking periods and monitoring the ovulation cycle but along with it. It avails the service of reminders to the users helping to prevent any possible embarrassing situations. It is equipped with all nine trackers in regards with periods, sex, fitness, medicines, sleep, weight, nutrition and what not.  Life provides a proper cycle history after every month to understand the pattern of menstruation and mood cycles as well.  It is a personalized diary for the users that completely removes the problem of forgetting. The app also excels in privacy and women’s other health related issues. The app is essential for college and school going kids to keep a track of their regular cycles.


Available in both android and iPhones, Glow is a powerful and reliable app for observing period cycles. It makes the use of a data driven calculator that helps in keeping a track of what is effective and what not. It helps women keep track of their reproductive health along with personal hygiene and sanitary care. Glow predicts periods and assists people trying to conceive as well as people who are avoiding pregnancy. The app keeps a log of fertility data, birth control information and to interpret health signs in each individual. The app also gives a chance to unlock health advisory and premium articles on various health moderating topics.

My cycles

My cycle is a free app available to all mobile users. Regardless of the choice of the user the app gives complete information of the pregnancy dates and the monthly ovulation cycle. It not only records the current period cycle but also predicts future ones. Medication, mood and symptoms tracking is the forte of the app. The feature of ready to read calendar projects the multiple cycles in a glance which simplify any visit to the gynaecologist.


It is a simple fertility and period monitoring app that not only predicts expectant dates but also study irregular period patterns and maintain essential records to help during check-ups. The app allows the users to invite respective spouses for better monitoring and to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the couple. It is proven that this app has a 95% accuracy rate in predicting fertility thus making it a relevant option for users.

Period Plus

The app helps keep in touch with the duration of menstrual cycles and guide you till the next one arrives. It sends regular reminders and estimate fertility window. It helps avoid unwanted pregnancies and plan ahead to understand the intensity of cramps, sensitivity and tenderness. Prediction helps plan a happy vacation without the stress of unannounced cycles.


iPeriod Period Tracker-Menstrual Calendar

The app is acclaimed to have the best ratings and the most accurate predictions based on monthly cycles. It has a personalized calendar and customizable icons with reminders of routinely check-ups that reduce the risk of ailments or diseases. The email alert is an attractive feature that increases the market value of the app.

Thus with the advancement in technology the capability of predicting periods accurately has improved by leaps and bounds making life more comfortable for users.